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The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine 

Summer 1990 Vol. 104 No. 4 


Sue Farrell Supple 

Art Director 

Susan Deig 

Associate Editor 
Bryn Millholland 

The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine 
(ISSN 0746-3529) is published quar¬ 
terly Autumn, Winter, Spring and 
Summer by Kappa Alpha Theta Fra¬ 
ternity for Women, 8740 Founders 
Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Sec¬ 
ond-class postage paid at Indianapo¬ 
lis, Ind. and additional mailing 
offices. Yearly subscription $ 1. 

Send copy and correspondence to: 

Sue Supple 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
8740 Founders Road 
Indianapolis, IN 46268 

Send notices of deaths and all name and 
address changes to: 

Kappa Alpha Theta 
8740 Founders Road 
Indianapolis, IN 46268 

Copy deadlines: 

Spring November 15 

Summer February 1 

Autumn June 1 

Winter August 15 

Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, 
founded at Indiana Asbury College 
(DePauw University) Greencastle, 
Ind., Jan. 27, 1870. The first Greek 
letter fraternity known among 

Over the Desktop 

have always thought Theta 
jobs were the most satisfying, 
the most fun. But I’ve dis¬ 
covered a better one. What could be 
more satisfying than knowing you 
were making a difference in the lives 
of young people, and what could be 
more fun than getting to snuggle up 
to Snuffleupagus whenever you 
pleased! I can’t complain however. 

It was a Theta job that made it pos¬ 
sible for me to interview the person 
who has that job, Theta Joan Ganz 
Cooney, the creator of the Chil¬ 
dren’s Television Workshop. (See In¬ 
terview, page 18.) 

Talking to her about “Sesame 
Street” brought back many happy 
memories of sitting in front of the 
television set with my three children 
watching Big Bird and his friends. 
Snuffleupagus wasn’t around then. 

In fact, watching the show recently, 

I noticed that there were several 
new characters since the ’60s, but 
the reaction of the children hasn’t 

I called 5-year-old Kate Holloway, 
former editor Susan Holloway’s 
daughter and a “Sesame Street” fan, 
to talk to her about the show. She 
said they had to watch it from the 
beginning because Curt (her 3-year- 
old brother) wants to see the dog 
that comes on first. Says Kate, “Big 
Bird is my favorite character. Ernie 
made a big mess, and Bert didn’t 
want him to live there any more. 

Bert got sad and went out looking 
for Big Bird to make him happy.” 

We can all use someone to make us 
happy when we are sad. 

Talking to Cooney about the 
women’s movement, values and suc¬ 
cess made me realize again how for¬ 
tunate we are to belong to an 
organization like Theta, one that 
was founded on independence, high 
expectations and risk taking. Zara 
Rolfes, Alpha Chi/Purdue, (featured 
in the Profile on page 38) is a young 
woman exhibiting all of these quali¬ 
ties. She and Cooney would be great 

The number one best-selling book 
on college campuses according to 
the most recent survey by The 
Chronicle of Higher Education is All 
I Really Need to Know I Learned in 
Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum. 

It’s interesting to note that in this 
age of falling governments, 
telescopes that will enable us to 
study stars more than 14 billion 
light years away, and Donald Trump 
and Marla Maples, kindergarten 
rules and “Sesame Street” still 
maintain relevancy and value. 

Maybe things aren’t so bad after all. 





Theta Profile/38 

Alpha Chi Chapter alumna Zara 
Rolfes has made a name for herself 
as a top-level engineer with GM. 


Theta storms through the south, as 
Zeta Kappa and Zeta Lambda chap¬ 
ters are installed in South Carolina. 

Theta Wants 

Alumnae can play a vital role in a 
successful Theta rush campaign. 
Membership Recommendation 

FIPG: Managing 
Risk/ 10 

As men’s fraternities work to reduce 
liability, Theta joins the effort. 

Joan Ganz 

When she started the Children’s 
Television Workshop and “Sesame 
Street” 20 years ago, this Theta 
alumna pioneered the use of 
television as an educator. 

Theta’s Most 
Wanted/ 8 

Introducing the 1990-91 Chapter 

Rush Directory/°20 

Legacy Introduction Form 
Pull out and keep this insert for fu¬ 
ture reference. 

Educational pages funded by 
the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation 


Over the Desktop/2 
Message from the President/4 
Taking Note/6 

Theta Connection Program/l3 
Fraternity FYl/29 
In Memoriam/30 
Foundation /33 

Cover photo: Joan Ganz Cooney and Snuffleupagus, courtesy of Children’s Television Workshop. 

Message from the President 

appa Alpha Theta wants you! 
She wants your loyalty. She 
wants your dedication to our 
ideals. She wants your continued 

As pledges, we began by stating 
our belief in the true worth and 
merit of Kappa Alpha Theta. We 
promised to be earnest, faithful and 
enthusiastic workers 
for her advancement 
and welfare. This 
promise did not stop 
at the end of our 
college years. It was 
a commitment every 
member made to en¬ 
sure a strong Kappa 
Alpha Theta for gen¬ 
erations to come. 

The Greek system 
faces many chal¬ 
lenges, and Theta 
must be ready to 
meet them. Our collegiate chapters 
need the support of full advisory 
and house corporation boards and 
of the local alumnae chapters and 
clubs to give them the guidance to 
successfully meet these challenges. 
Our most successful college chapters 
tend to be those with interested, in¬ 
volved alumnae. But sadly, there are 
chapters functioning on their own 
because local alumnae aren’t 
involved and don’t seem to be 
interested. Involvement is a respon¬ 
sibility of every member of Kappa 
Alpha Theta. 

We are all aware that the volun¬ 
teer pool is shrinking, as careers and 
family obligations demand much of 
our time. Kappa Alpha Theta must 
look for ways to make our volunteer 
positions manageable for members 
with jobs outside the home. One so¬ 

lution lies in the use of more Theta 
volunteers to take the responsibili¬ 
ties formerly done by a single offi¬ 
cer. If every member would keep in 
touch with Theta and be willing to 
give her time and talents to the de¬ 
gree she is able during each phase of 
her life, our resources for advisory 
boards, house corporations and in¬ 
ternational officers would be vast. If 
every Theta member would honor 
the commitment made at pledging, 
we could make the volunteer re¬ 
sponsibilities more manageable for 
today’s busy women. 

Kappa Alpha Theta wants you! 
Here’s how you can make a differ¬ 

• Use the directory in this issue to 
contact the college and alumnae 
district presidents in your district 
or the Director of Personnel to 
ask how you can become more 

• Contact your alumnae district 
president to locate other Thetas 
in your area to organize a new 
alumnae club or chapter. 

• Challenge the members of your 
local alumnae group to take a 
stronger interest in all the chap¬ 
ters in the district. Communicate 
with the collegians; congratulate 
them on their successes; encour¬ 
age them as they strive to be 

Whatever your talent or available 
time, Theta has a place for you. 
Theta wants you; Theta needs you! 

Janet Paine Peters 

Grand President 



Magazine Does 
Good Job 

Spring break last week afforded me 
the opportunity to briefly wade 
through the pile of fraternity and so¬ 
rority magazines in my reading bin 
and, as always. The Kappa Alpha 
Theta Magazine was one of the 
most enjoyable and educational 
publications. I was particularly 
pleased to see the article entitled 
“The College Woman of the ’90s” 
and have filed it for use in future 

Your comments in “Over the 
Desktop” were very appropriate. In 
all aspects of Greek life we need to 
be creating our future, rather than 
letting it happen to us. 

Congratulations on such a consis¬ 
tently high-quality publication and 
on addressing issues relevant to 
both collegians and alumnae in this 
new decade. I will continue to look 
forward to what innovations your 
editorship brings to the magazine. 

Jeff Cufaude 

Greek Affairs Coordinator 
Iowa State University 
Editor, AFA 

Friendship Fund Brings 
More Than Money 

I recently experienced an accident 
that will require months of recovery 
for me and my family. Yesterday, I 
was feeling particularly low and 
frustrated. In the mail, came a beau¬ 
tiful letter and a check from our 
Friendship Fund. It brought tears of 
joy and a warmth of caring that will 
sustain me for a long time. I know I 
am not alone and this gives me 
strength. Thank you dear friends. 


Editor's note: Friendship Fund gifts 
are made anonymously, and the re¬ 
cipient never knows who requested 
the gift for her. If you know of some 
Theta in need of the special help the 
Friendship Fund can bring, send 
two letters written on her behalf to 
Janet Peters c/o Central Office. 

More On Campus 

God bless Theta for running an ar¬ 
ticle that was right on target about 
campus safety. When I arrived at 

the University of North Carolina as 
a collegian in the fall of 1985, the 
University police assured me and 
my freshman cohorts of the low 
crime rate in our sleepy little college 
town. Through my volunteer work 
as a counselor at the local rape crisis 
center, I discovered that the image 
of serenity was blatantly false. I 
learned that rape and violence hap¬ 
pen to women from all walks of life, 
although more advantaged women 
often feel themselves immune. Un¬ 
fortunately, attackers give no regard 
to the social status of their victims. 

To Theta collegians, I say, “Be 
brave.” Many times during my col¬ 
lege years, I was called “paranoid” 
or “silly,” even by the best of 
friends, simply for sticking up for 
my own safety — for not being na¬ 
ive enough to think crime couldn’t 
happen to me. It’s too bad that 
some college women still cannot see 
self-protection as something they 
owe themselves. I know that Thetas, 
armed with knowledge and self- 
respect, will make the choice to 
listen to their gut reactions and, 
perhaps, to save their lives. 

Kathy Peters 

Delta Xi/North Carolina 

Would you like to: 

• Reduce your current income tax liability; 

• Provide greater financial security for your family; 

• Avoid or minimize probate costs and 

• Dramatically reduce estate and inheritance taxes? 

If you do, then you want a copy of “The Use of Trusts 
in Estate Planning.” Please wiite or call the Foundation 
office for a copy of this helpful brochure. 

Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation • 8740 Founders Road • Indpls., IN 46268 


SUMMER 1990 5 

Taking Note 


Alpha Upsilon/ 
Washburn alumna 
Barbara King Wil¬ 
son was recog¬ 
nized for her 
commitment to 
the Kansas State 
University Foun¬ 
dation in December. KSU Founda¬ 
tion’s newsletter highlighted 
Wilson’s involvement with the orga¬ 
nization’s Board of Trustees and Ex¬ 
ecutive Committee. She also serves 
on the Board of Trustees and 
Alumni Association of her alma ma¬ 
ter. Washburn awarded Wilson and 
her late husband the Distinguished 
Service Award in 1978. 

President Bush appointed Jane 
Bergman Artist, Beta Gamma/ 
Colorado State, director for Region 
VIII of the Department of Health 
and Human Services. Artist is the 
First woman to hold the position. 

Mary C. Carruthers, Delta Omicron/ 
Alabama, was elected to the Board 
of Directors of the Insurors of 
Memphis for a two-year term in 
January. Carruthers also recently re¬ 
ceived the designations CIC (Certi¬ 
fied Insurance Counselor) and 
CPIW (Certified Professional Insur¬ 
ance Woman) after an education 
program sponsored by the Society of 
Certified Insurance Counselors. 

Thekla Reese Shackelford, Beta Tau/ 
Denison, was honored with the 
Christine Conaway Award for Edu¬ 
cation from the Columbus YWCA 
in January. Shackelford received the 
award as one of the group’s 1990 
Women of Achievement. 

Beta Lambda/William & Mary and Epsilon 
Psi/Richmond collegians haul a new roll of 
carpet into a house they are helping to 
renovate for an underprivileged family in 


Catherine Tillotson McCord and 
Margaret Emily McGaughey Stoner, 
Alpha/DePauw, have been friends 
for many years and travel compan¬ 
ions for the past eight or nine years. 
Stoner is a 50-year Theta, and Mc¬ 
Cord received her 75-year pin this 
year. Their travels have taken them 
to China, Korea, South America, the 
Balkans and Iceland. Last fall they 
took a cruise on the Nile. The 92 
year-old McCord said, “I was crazy 
about it!” 

Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan 
alumna Ula McNamara Watts wrote 
and directed “Celebrate Follies!,” 
the 20th anniversary show to benefit 
the Marion, Ohio, Junior Service 
Guild last fall. The show, presented 
in November, was the latest effort 
in Watts’ successful career as a stage 
director in Marion. The 77-year-old 
alumna’s community theatrical pro¬ 
ductions include such hits as “An¬ 
nie,” “Hello, Dolly,” “Oklahoma,” 
“The King and I” and others. 


Chapter President Mary Sowden 
and the rest of Omicron Chapter/ 
USC have developed an innovative, 
positive plan called “The Four-Point 
Program,” which helps chapter 
members focus on four commit¬ 
ments: the earth, the community, 
the school and the chapter. As part 
of this program, the chapter has 
adopted a whale and is involved in 
local child abuse prevention pro¬ 

For two years, Beta Xi/UCLA Chap¬ 
ter member Celeste Murphy has 
been encouraging UCLA’s Greek 
chapters to recycle aluminum cans 
and newspapers. Murphy founded a 
campus program, S.A.F.F.T.E. (So¬ 
rorities and Fraternities for the En¬ 
vironment), in 1988, which works 
with the Los Angeles Conservation 
Corps in collecting recyclable goods. 
S.A.F.F.T.E. also plans to encourage 
Greeks to recycle glass and plastic 
bottles and to use fewer disposable 
plastic, paper and styrofoam plates 
and cups. 

Catherine McCord, 
right, and Margaret 
Emily Stoner, Alpha/ 
DePauw, friends and 
traveling companions 
for many years, get 
a taste of the local 
transportation on 
their trip to Egypt 
last fall. 

Tau Chapter/Northwestern joined 
the Greek Alumni, Interfraternity 
and Panhellenic Councils in opposi¬ 
tion to a University decision to 
move rush from fall to winter quar¬ 
ter. Lisa Bainbridge was instrumen¬ 
tal in founding SORR (Students 
Opposing Rush Restrictions). 
SORR’s objections were social limi¬ 
tations placed on freshmen, finan¬ 
cial problems for all Greek chapters 
and possible negative repercussions 
for the entire system. To demon¬ 
strate these concerns, SORR entered 
a float in the annual homecoming 
parade. Theta Kelly Kalich was 
chairman of the entry, “Save the 
Wildlife,” which won first place. 

Five Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan col¬ 
legians receive special honor pins at the 
chapter’s Founders Day celebration. From 
left are Marcia Kessinger, Eli Mixon, Katy 
Corns, Stacey McKune and Evelyn Jones. 

Collegians from Beta Lambda/Wil¬ 
liam & Mary and Epsilon Psi/Rich- 
mond combined efforts for a 
weekend of repairing houses for the 
underprivileged in October. The 
Thetas worked with Housing Pro¬ 
jects, Inc., which rehabilitates dilap¬ 
idated and unsafe homes for 
families in three southeastern Vir¬ 
ginia counties. In one day, they re¬ 
built a front porch, built stairs, 
painted an entire house and re¬ 
paired roofing and a kitchen floor. 
According to the organization’s co¬ 
ordinator, “Through the efforts of 
Kappa Alpha Theta, we were able to 
accomplish more in one day than 
we often can in a month.’’ 

Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan 
recognized five members with spe¬ 
cial award pins during the chapter’s 
Founders Day celebration in Janu¬ 
ary. Marcia Kessinger, Chapter Pres¬ 
ident Eli Mixon, Katy Corns, Stacey 
McKune and Panhellenic President 
Evelyn Jones received pins. 

When the Centre College women’s 
basketball team made it to the Final 
Four of the NCAA Division III 
tournament in March, the eyes of 
Epsilon Eta Chapter were on the 
Lady Colonels. Every member of the 
20th-ranked Centre team, including 
the manager, is a Theta. This was 
the second consecutive trip to the 
Final Four for the team, which fin¬ 
ished the season with a 22-8 record. 

Epsilon Eta Chapter/Centre College Lady 
Colonels team members, from left: front 
row—Michelle Vaughn, Susan Yates, Nell 
Tarter, Lydia Wright, Lisle Fouts, Kimey 
Kyker, Roxanne Ahrens. Back row— 
Kathleen Wooldridge, Deborah Moss, 
Sheila Lloyd, Teri Hartlage. Manager Julie 
Wedge, Epsilon Eta, is pictured back row, 
second from left. 

Theta Authors 

Barbara Braham, Kappa/Kansas, 
CALM Down: How to Manage 
Stress at Work , (Scott, Foresman 
and Co., 1990). A description of 
concrete ways to manage stress 
through CaLm, a four-step process. 

Katherine Gentry Bushman, Alpha 

Mu/Missouri, Registers of Free 
Blacks of Augusta County and the 
City of Staunton , Virginia , 
1810-1864, (Mid-Valley Press, 

1989). A record of free blacks in the 
area, taken directly from Augusta 
county records. 

Patricia Lounsbury Bliss, Beta 
Omicron/Iowa, Christian Petersen 
Remembered , (Iowa State University 
Press, 1989). A biography of the 
Danish-American sculptor, who be¬ 
gan his 20-year career during the 
Great Depression, and who set 
trends in mid-20th century Ameri¬ 
can art. 

continued on page 37 

Theta’s Ten Most Wanted 


Lindy Hardin 

Amy Mitchell 

Chapter Consultants 1990-91 

Lindy Hardin, Epsilon Eta/Centre, 
English major with minor in art his¬ 
tory; chapter consultant 1989-90, 
chapter rush chairman, alumnae re¬ 
lations secretary and historian; var¬ 
sity field hockey team captain. 
Student Congress secretary. Public¬ 
ity Committee chairman. Centre ad¬ 
missions representative; volunteer 
for Kentucky School for the Deaf; 
intern. Women’s Sports Foundation, 
New York, NY 

Amy Mitchell, Gamma Phi/Texas 
Tech, elementary education major 
with minor in reading specializa¬ 
tion; chapter consultant 1989-90, 
chapter president and deputy vice- 
president efficiency; Texas Tech 
President’s hostess. Mortar Board, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of 
Omega, Cardinal Key honoraries; 
volunteer for American Diabetes As¬ 
sociation, Lubbock Food Bank, Big 
Brothers/Big Sisters, Texas Tech 
reading lab 

Julie Bennett, Kappa/Kansas, com¬ 
munications major; chapter house 
manager, deputy finance officer and 
rush day chairman; KU Student 
Senate, Panhellenic Risk Manage¬ 
ment Committee; volunteer for 
Habitat for Humanity, Salvation 
Army, Harvester’s Food Drive; 
Sunday school teacher 

Farrell Binder, Epsilon Xi/Villa- 
nova, political science major with 
minor in Russian studies; chapter 
vice-president efficiency, marshal 
and public relations chairman; Pi 
Sigma Alpha honorary. Prelaw Soci¬ 
ety, Russian Club; Panhellenic Phi¬ 
lanthropy Committee, intramurals, 
yearbook; volunteer for Special 
Olympics, St. Ann’s infant home; 
intern, U.S. Department of Justice 

Whether they are based at a new chapter or colony or are constantly on 
the road making visits. Theta’s ten chapter consultants bring with them a 
detailed knowledge about Fraternity policies and programs, chapter orga¬ 
nization, the rush process, the Panhellenic system and college-alumnae in¬ 
teraction. But most importantly, they bring a wealth of new ideas to share 
with the chapter, everything from new themes for OTW to rush skits and 
Theta songs. Consultants are valuable links of support between the Frater¬ 
nity and the individual chapters. 

Jennifer Beardsley 

Jennifer Beardsley, Beta Iota/Colo¬ 
rado, psychology major; chapter 
vice-president efficiency; house 
manager and sophomore class presi¬ 
dent; peer adviser for psychology 
department; volunteer for Univer¬ 
sity Hill Elementary School; camp 

Julie Bennett 

Ann Reidy, Beta lota/Colorado, 
marketing major with tourism and 
recreation minor; chapter vice-presi¬ 
dent pledge education; International 
Association of Students in Econom¬ 
ics and Business Management, in¬ 
tramurals; volunteer for Boulder 
County Safehouse 


Wanted for: 

• Conspiracy to bring fresh ideas to Theta college chapters. 

• Crossing state and national boundaries with excessive amounts of 
knowledge about the Fraternity. 

• Attempting to strengthen Fraternity support of Theta chapters. 

• Conspiracy to develop programs, work with advisers and encouraging 
cohesive pledge classes for new Theta colonies and chapters. 

• Considered to be heavily armed with notebooks and luggage, consid¬ 
ered highly creative. 

Kathy Linenberger, Delta Eta/ 
Kansas State, biochemistry and pre¬ 
medicine major; chapter vice-presi¬ 
dent pledge education, assistant 
scholarship chairman and pledge 
class president; Order of Omega, 
Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Kappa 
Phi, SPURS honoraries. Society of 
Women Engineers; volunteer with 
St. Isidore’s Catholic Student Cen¬ 
ter, St. Mary’s Hospital, volunteer 
softball and volleyball coach for area 
youth, assistant softball coach at 
Manhattan High School 

Ann Gibbons, Beta/Indiana, journal¬ 
ism and speech communication ma¬ 
jor; chapter chaplain and fraternity 
education chairman; Student 
Alumni Council newsletter director, 
Student Athletic Board, Indiana 
University Student Foundation; 
public relations intern with Bloom¬ 
ington Community Arts Council; 
Sunday school teacher’s assistant 

Ann Gibbons 

Sarah Galusha, Delta Zeta/Emory, 
psychology and art history major; 
chapter rush chairman, standards 
chairman, assistant marshal and 
rush day chairman; Emory Univer¬ 
sity tour guide; Student Admissions 
Association; Rho Lambda honorary; 
research assistant for Emory Clas¬ 
sics Department 

Sarah Spillman, Iota/Cornell, gov¬ 
ernment major; president, rush 
chairman; Order of Omega honor¬ 
ary; Arts and Sciences ambassador, 
Cornell Health Services peer sexual¬ 
ity educator; congressional intern 
for Transportation Subcommittee; 
research assistant 

SUMMER 1990 9 

Theta Joins FIPG 

rand Council is pleased to 
announce that Theta has 
joined the Fraternity Insur¬ 
ance Purchasing Group, Inc., better 
known as FIPG. FIPG is an exten¬ 
sive risk management policy in the 
areas of alcohol, hazing, sexual 
abuse and chapter health and safety. 
It was developed by the Fraternity 
Executives Association in 1987 for 
men’s fraternities at a time when 
many were having difficulty finding 
liability coverage. 

Delta Gamma, Alpha Chi Omega 
and Theta are the First women’s fra¬ 
ternities to join the group. While 
Finding insurance has not been as 
great a problem for women’s organi¬ 
zations, insurance costs have risen 
substantially in the past few years. 
Men’s and women’s fraternities 
share liability and risk management 
concerns and are looking for ways to 
cooperate in reducing risk. 

By adhering to the risk manage¬ 
ment provisions. Theta not only in¬ 
creases its defensibility in the case 
of a lawsuit but also supports the 
men’s groups, which have instigated 
these efforts to encourage respon¬ 
sible behavior. 

The provisions are binding on all 
member fraternities. Many of the 
provisions have long been part of 
Theta’s risk management proce¬ 
dures. In cases where Theta policies 
are more stringent, they will take 
precedence. The College Committee 
will work with collegiate chapters to 
help implement the changes that 
will occur in their party planning as 
a result of FIPG. 

The men’s groups have been criti¬ 
cal of the women in the past, charg¬ 
ing that fraternities have been 
forced to host most of the parties on 
their premises and that women 
guests contribute to the atmosphere 
of irresponsible party behavior. On 
the other hand, the women have 
criticized the men for not having 
more stringent alcohol policies. By 
subscribing to the same risk man¬ 
agement procedures, both groups 
join in a spirit of cooperation to fos¬ 
ter responsible behavior. 

Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group 
Risk Management Policy 

The Risk Management Policy of the Fraternity Insurance Purchas¬ 
ing Group includes the provisions which follow and shall apply to all 

fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership. 

Alcohol and Drugs 

1. The possession, use and/or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEV¬ 
ERAGES. while on Chapter premises, during an official frater¬ 
nity event, or in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the 
Chapter, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws 
of the state, province, county, city and university. 

2. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through the Chapter 
treasury nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be 
undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of or on 
behalf of the Chapter. The purchase and/or use of a bulk quan¬ 
tity of such alcoholic beverage, i.e., kegs, is prohibited. 

3. No Chapter members, collectively or individually, shall purchase 
for. serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e.. those 
under legal “drinking age”). 

4. The possession, sale and/or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or 
CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES at any Chapter house, sponsored 
event or at any event that an observer would associate with the 
fraternity, is strictly forbidden. 

5. No Chapter may co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor, 
charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establish¬ 
ment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alco¬ 
hol) where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to 
those present. 

6. No Chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alco¬ 
hol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups or organiza¬ 

7. All rush activities associated with any Chapter will be DRY rush 

8. OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access by non¬ 
members of the fraternity, without specific invitation, where al¬ 
cohol is present, shall be prohibited. 

9. No member shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in 
“drinking games.” 

10. No alcohol shall be present at any pledge/associate member/nov¬ 
ice program or activity of the Chapter. 

Fire, Health and Safety 

1. All Chapter houses shall, prior to, during and following occu¬ 
pancy, meet all local fire and health codes and standards. 

2. All chapters must have posted by common phones, emergency 
numbers for fire, police and ambulance and must have posted 
evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room. 

3. All Chapters shall comply with engineering recommendations as 
reported by the insurance company. 


FEA Ads Attempt to 
Improve Greek Image 


No Chapter shall conduct hazing 
activities. Hazing activities are de¬ 
fined as: 

“Any action taken or situation 
created, intentionally, whether on 
or off fraternity premises, to pro¬ 
duce mental or physical discom¬ 
fort. embarrassment, harassment 
or ridicule. Such activities may 
include but are not limited to the 
following: use of alcohol; pad¬ 
dling in any form; creation of 
excessive fatigue: physical and 
psychological shocks; quests, 
treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, 
road trips or any other such 
activities carried on outside or 
inside of the confines of the 
Chapter house: wearing of public 
apparel which is conspicuous and 
not normally in good taste; en¬ 
gaging in public stunts and buf¬ 
foonery; morally degrading or hu¬ 
miliating games and activities; 
and any other activities which are 
not consistent with fraternal law, 
ritual or policy, or the regulations 
and of the educational institu¬ 

Sexual Abuse 

The fraternity will not tolerate or 
condone any form of sexually abu¬ 
sive behavior on the part of its 
members, whether physical, mental 
or emotional. This is to include any 
actions which are demeaning to 
women including but not limited 
to date rape, gang rape or verbal 


Each student member, associate 
member and pledge shall be in¬ 
structed annually on the Risk Man¬ 
agement Policy of the Fraternity 
Insurance Purchasing Group. 

he advertisement below is 
one in a series of four com¬ 
missioned by the Fraternity 
Executives Association. FEA hired a 
public relations firm to study and 
analyze the issues facing men’s fra¬ 
ternities. Not surprisingly, the firm 
identified the same four major 
problems recognized by national of¬ 
ficers of both men’s and women’s 
organizations: alcohol abuse, racism, 
sexism and hazing. Ads were devel¬ 
oped to address each of the topics to 
demonstrate that the fraternities rec¬ 
ognize and accept responsibility for 
the problems. 

Mo Littlefield, Executive Director 
of Sigma Nu and President of FEA, 
is quick to point out, however, that 
fraternities are not the only ones 

who are accountable for these 
problems. Society, parents, elemen¬ 
tary and secondary school teachers 
and university faculty members all 
share in the responsibility to de¬ 
velop appropriate attitudes in young 
people, attitudes which lead to re¬ 
sponsible behavior. Nor is it only 
the Greek students who have these 
problems. Littlefield says, “We are 
alert, aware, acutely aware, of the 
problems. We like to think that we 
(the fraternity system) stand as a 
haven in opposition to these 

Because the primary target for the 
PR campaign was faculty members 
and university administrators, the 
ads, requiring three full pages, were 
placed in The Chronicle of Higher 

Why join a 
that won't 
let you rape 
your date? 

SUMMER 1990 1 1 

because ALL Fraternities 
oppose date rape! 

Dale Rape has nothing to do with the frater¬ 
nity experience. 

It is the most blatant form of sexual harass¬ 
ment that demeans both men and women. 

We. the men's general fraternities united in the 
National Interfratemity Conference, are dedi¬ 
cated and determined to deal with dale rape. 

We stand united in our affirmation of basic 
standards of human behavior. 

We instill the principles of diligence, honor, 
integrity, virtue, duly and respect for human 

Consider these facts: 

A reported rape happens every six minutes in 
the United Stales. 

More than half of the rapes occur berween 
people who have met before: so-called “date 

Women are most vulnerable for rape during 
the first year of college and one in five will he 
the victim of sexual assault by someone she 
knows during her college years. 

In a I9H5 study one in 12 college men admit¬ 
ted they had forced—or tried to force — a 
woman to have sex. 

The same study reported that one in eight 
women on campus had been raped 

This is what we're doing about it: 

■ Fraternities are dedicated to developing 
healthy lifelong relationships built on mutual 
respect and high regard The ideals of 
brotherhood demand respect for human dignity 
— both male and female 

Fraternity members do not condone date rape 
They condemn it. 

Many high school students are sexually active 
when they enter college but have had little or 
no guidance on what is acceptable sexual 
behavior. Fraternities are providing a safe 
and attractive environment for young people. 
We help instill responsible attitudes that will 
affect their adult behavior for the rest of their 

Violation of our standards leads to swift and 
certain sanctions: ranging from directives to 
probation to suspension to expulsion — even to 
revocation of charter and dissolution of chapter. 
We're serious about Date Rape and we think 
you ought to know it. 

If you think you have to demonstrate your 
virility or prove your manhood through sexual 
harassment or forced sex. don’t waste your time 
on fraternities. But if you're interested in find¬ 
ing out how the leaders of tomorrow can experi¬ 
ence the joy of mature relationships with respect 
for individual dignity then write to us at the 
Fraternity Executives Association. 3901 W. 

86th St. Suite 390. Indianapolis. IN 46268. 

We’re in the business of developing leaders 
with integrity: brotherhood is an essential ingre¬ 



M Developing Integrity In Leadership " 

Education. They were also distrib¬ 
uted to all fraternity chapters and 
appeared in most fraternity maga¬ 
zines for the benefit of alumni 
members. Feedback from the college 
chapters and Greek advisors has 
been very positive, according to Lit¬ 
tlefield, but response from faculty 
has been neutral. Sid Dunn, Execu¬ 

tive Director of Alpha Epsilon Pi 
and President-Elect of FEA, says, 
“We were unable to do a market 
survey of our targeted audience be¬ 
cause The Chronicle does not have 
the appropriate lists. It has been 
very frustrating.” 

Kappa Alpha Theta applauds the 
initiative of FEA in addressing these 

critical areas of concern for the en¬ 
tire Greek system, and we are 
pleased to call this effort to your 
attention. However, Dunn says, 
“We’re just not sure of the overall 
impact. The daily negative articles 
reporting the behavior of our chap¬ 
ters are the ultimate public relations 


Theta Connection Program 

Have You Connected? 

The Theta Connection Program 
(TCP), established in 1982, is a ca¬ 
reer resource network that connects 
job-seeking Thetas with professional 
Thetas. We now have the career in¬ 
formation of more than 2,000 The¬ 
tas listed in the international career 
data bank at Kappa Alpha Theta 
Central Office. 

Theta Connection 
Program Directory 

Theta sisters of all ages who are 
entering the job market or moving 
to new locales can use the TCP Di¬ 
rectory as a networking resource. A 
new feature in this 1990 edition is 
called TCP Home Base — another 
program aimed at helping job-seek¬ 
ing Thetas. 

Please keep in mind that TCP is 
not a job placement service, nor is it 
an advertising vehicle for individual 
Thetas’ businesses. TCP is a career 
resource network designed to put 
Thetas in personal contact with 
other Thetas. It is one more link in 
the chain of sisterhood. 

A Reminder 

Theta Bylaws prohibit use of 
Theta lists for commercial purposes. 
The women listed in the TCP Direc¬ 
tory have submitted information 
voluntarily to help other Thetas. It 
is very important that this service 
not be misused. It must not be used 
“for commercial purposes, for non- 
fraternal charitable appeals, for fra¬ 
ternal appeals or for the advocacy of 
personal opinions” (Rule XI, Sec¬ 
tion 1). 

The TCP Directory 

Professional Listings 

Names are grouped by Occupa¬ 
tion Categories. Each listing begins 
with the Theta’s member number, 
followed by the college chapter 
name. The next lines contain her 
full name and address, followed by 
the job title provided by the indi¬ 
vidual on the Career Data Form. In 
many cases, the Theta’s business ad¬ 
dress is listed as well. Within each 
category, listings are clustered by zip 

After finding desirable listings, it 
is up to you to make the connection 
with a personal letter. We advise 
you to also send a resume if you 
have one. A sample letter and sug¬ 
gestions for making successful 
connections are included in the 

Career Connectors 
A local Career Connector in an 
alumnae chapter or club can pro¬ 
vide personal contact in a specific 
locale. Her copy of the Directory 
may have additional listings. She 
can provide information about the 
local alumnae organization and its 
activities for professionals. She can 
help define metropolitan regions. 
Remember, it is not her role to find 
jobs but to provide contacts and in¬ 

TCP Home Base 
TCP Home Base is a new feature 
premiering in this edition. Career 
Connectors who are also willing to 
help job-seekers find a place to stay 
overnight are listed. Full instruc¬ 
tions on how to use this program 
are included. 

1990 TCP Directory Order Form 

Please send me _copies of the TCP Directory at $5 each (postage included). 

Enclosed is my check for $_, payable to Kappa Alpha Theta. 











College Chapter/School_ 

Clip this form and mail with payment to: TCP, Kappa Alpha Theta, 8740 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268. 

SUMMER 1990 1 3 


Zeta Kappa Chapter 
Installed at USC 

s the performers in the final 
act exited the stage, the mas¬ 
ter of ceremonies stepped to 
the microphone and began, “The 
competition was very tough.” A 
large group of supporters, clutching 
black and gold balloons, huddled to¬ 
gether and crossed their fingers. The 
emcee continued, “After much con¬ 
sideration, the judges have made a 
decision. First place goes to the Zeta 
Kappa colony of Kappa Alpha 

The emcee was talking about the 
Homecoming skit competition, but 
the competition had been tough 
from the beginning, as Theta joined 
ten other women’s sororities at the 
University of South Carolina last 
fall. It didn’t take long for the 123 
women, Theta’s largest pledge class 
ever, to establish their mark. 

One month after pledging, they 
entered the Cockfest skit competi¬ 
tion: the Homecoming pep rally for 
the fighting Gamecocks and one of 
the largest Greek competitions of 
the year. In fact, it is the largest pep 
rally in the state. Theta’s win over 
the other more experienced sorori¬ 
ties made the campus sit up and 
take notice. 

But the colony didn’t stop there. 
They built a Homecoming float, 
won events in the Derby Days com¬ 
petitions and participated in numer¬ 
ous service activities — all while 
trying to get to know their new sis¬ 
ters. “The pledge activities were the 
best,” declared sophomore Lisa Jen¬ 
nings. “We went on a pledge retreat 
to Lake Murray, had a picnic on 
campus together and had a different 
Kite Pal each week. It really helped 
us meet everyone.” 

The group also organized activi¬ 
ties with alumnae. On the day of the 
Clemson/Carolina football game. 
South Carolina’s biggest game of the 
season, the USC Thetas held a re¬ 
ception for Clemson Thetas and 
alumnae. During December, they in¬ 
vited area alumnae to a Winter 
Warming Christmas party with 

Zeta Kappa Chapter’s 94 charter members celebrate Theta’s past and its future, with 
Founders Day and installation at the University of South Carolina in January. 

Chapter Consultant Lynda Fairman 
serving as Santa Claus. 

The busy colony also found time 
for a variety of social functions with 
non-Thetas. In addition to a number 
of activities with other USC Greeks, 
the energetic group sponsored a 
non-alcoholic Halloween masquer¬ 
ade ball for the entire campus. Be¬ 
fore Christmas, they held a Kite and 
Key semi-formal with Kappa Kappa 

With all these activities, however, 
academics were not forgotten. Lynne 
Bolt and Emmie Wyatt received 4.0 
grade point averages, and 18 women 
made the Dean’s list, which requires 
a 3.5 or better. Forty-four members 
made over a 3.0 GPA. 

The week before installation the 
women met for lunch each day and 
gathered for the much-studied-for 
pledge test. Later in the week they 
celebrated their birthday. After all, 
they were zero years old! On Thurs¬ 
day night at a fireside, they reflected 
on their approaching initiation. 

Grand President Janet Peters and 
the installation team led the initia¬ 
tion and charter services January 
27-29, 1990, assisted by the women 
of Delta Phi/Clemson. In addition 
to Grand President Peters, the in¬ 
stallation team included Grand 
Vice-President Sue Blair-Sheets; 

Grand Vice-President Alumnae Jane 
Hedges; College Regional Director 
Carol McPadden; Director 
of Colonizations and Installations 
Marilyn Lynch; Alumnae District 
President Gay Brown; Chapter Con¬ 
sultants Lynda Fairman, LynnAnn 
Baldwin and Katie Bax; and Central 
Office staff members Kelley Gal- 
breath, Paige Thompson and Susan 

The weekend began with the Loy¬ 
alty Service at the historic Rutledge 
Chapel on campus. On Saturday, 
Kappa Alpha Theta’s Founders Day, 
colony members were initiated, 120 
years after Bettie Locke Hamilton 
initiated the Fraternity’s founding 
members. That evening a dessert re¬ 
ception was held at the Columbia 
Museum of Art, where Kappa Alpha 
Theta sponsored an exhibit entitled, 
“Images of Women.” The exhibit, 
drawn entirely from the collection 
of the Museum, acknowledged the 
importance of women to art as 
artists and as subjects of creative 

The new initiates gathered Sunday 
morning at the Marriott Hotel for 
the charter service, conducted by 
Grand President Peters, followed by 
a model chapter meeting and instal¬ 
lation of officers. Afterward the 
women joined over 300 friends, 


family members and USC digni¬ 
taries for a luncheon banquet in 
the hotel’s ballroom. 

Zeta Kappa President Anastasia 
Medes summed up her feelings in 
her banquet speech, “We had to 
work very hard to get to know each 
other, plan and carry out activities 
and become recognized as an out¬ 
standing organization on this cam¬ 
pus, but it’s all been worth it. Right 
now, I am so proud to be a Theta.” 
Yes, the competition was tough, but 
Zeta Kappa met the test with flying 

By Lynda Fairman 

Chapter Consultant 

Flash: Zeta Kappa’s winning 
streak is still in place as they won 
Greek Week, the second major 
Greek competition at South Caro¬ 
lina. The chapter placed second in 
the Greek Games and won the 
Shield and Crest Drawing Contest 
and Gong Show, making them the 
overall women’s champion. On the 
same night, the Order of Omega in¬ 
ducted Sharon Ratcliff, the current 
chapter president, and Debbie 
Drucker into membership and an¬ 
nounced that Advisory Board Chair¬ 
man Helen Summer was the 
Chapter Adviser of the Year. 

Three of Zeta Kappa’s 94 charter members receive welcoming notes from members of the 
chapter’s advisory board and from other Theta chapters. The installation weekend was rich 
in Theta tradition, as the chapter and guests also observed Founders Day. 

Zeta Kappa Charter Members 

Page Adams, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 
Kim Alexander, Greenville, SC 
Lydia Baker, Aiken, SC 
Elizabeth Anne Baldauf, Columbia, SC 
Tara Banks, Ninety Six, SC 
Jessica Batson, Greenville, SC 
Stephanie Bayle, Metairie, LA 
Melissa Begley, Ramsey, NJ 
Wendy Bell, Newburg, NY 
Tara Bento, Newburgh, NY 
Tracie Berry, Blythwood, SC 
Lynne Bolt, Walhalla, SC 
Leslie Bomar, Greer, SC 
Kimberly Braddy, Belvedere, SC 
Lyn Bremanis, Cincinnati, OH 
Gina Burns, Vidalia, GA 
Mary Ann Cate, Rock Hill, SC 
Kelly Chappell, Columbia, SC 
Lisa Chappell, Greenville, SC 
Aimee Cheves, Walterboro, SC 
Caroline Coffman, Frankfort, KY 
Robin Cowie, Poolesville, MD 
Kelley Anne Crews, Ballentine, SC 
Pamela Deafenbaugh, Madison, CT 
Dana Derrickson, Lexington, KY 
Cheryl Dix, Burke, VA 
Deborah Drucker, Spartanburg, SC 
Karen Eide, Hamilton Square, NJ 
Lori Elam, Hilton Head, SC 
Alyson Ellis, Hampton, SC 
Jennifer Embriano, Flushing, NY 
Kimberly Everitt, Crofton, MD 
Keely Fagen, Spartanburg, SC 
Linda Folmar, Advance, NC 
Margaret Ford, Camden, SC 
Melissa Ann Fricker, Columbia, SC 
Tracey Gaines, Inman, SC 
Erin K. Gallagher, Eden, NC 
Dana Garcia, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Martha Goldman, Richmond, SC 
Sherri Gray, Walhalla, SC 
Diane Grubowski, Holmdel, NJ 
Jennifer Harders, Fairfax Station, VA 
Eliza Harris, Deltona, FL 
Kerry Helwig, McLean, VA 
Billie Jo Hiller, Little Mountain, SC 
Michele Hobart, Hamburg, NY 
Stephanie Holloman, Aiken, SC 

Rebecca House, Greenville, TN 
Susan Hunter, Salem, SC 
Lisa Jennings, Simpsonville, SC 
Dana Keeler, Greenville, SC 
Rachel Kelley, Seneca, SC 
Kimberly Kennedy, Dunwoody, GA 
Jennifer Laackman, Huntington Valley, 

Diane Langston, Charleston, SC 
Kathy Leaphart, Summerville, SC 
Rae Leigh, Timmonsville, SC 
Christi Liebelt, Ormond Beach, FL 
Chrissy Ludwig, Columbia, SC 
Susan Mathis, Union, SC 
Donna Mayfield, Taylors, SC 
Kristine McCoy, Greensboro, NC 
Laurie McDill, Beaufort, SC 
Anastasia Medes, Columbia, SC 
Alison Dewitt Merritt, Rock Hill, SC 
Susan Morawski, Madison, CT 
Leslie Morgan, Harrisburg, PA 
Sheila Mundy, Abbeville, SC 
Lori Nelson, Fort Mill, SC 
Leigh Newton, Charleston, SC 
Chandra Nix, Seneca, SC 
Kelly Partyka, Hamilton Square, NJ 
Charlene Pasker, Montgomery, AL 
Sandra Pellegrino, East Seatauket, NY 
Tammy Pluckter, Lakewood, NJ 
Sharon Ratcliff, Columbia, SC 
Tammy Reed, Lilburn, GA 
Anna Rushing, Marshville, NC 
Anna Shulman, Pittsburgh, PA 
Tracey Smith, Tega Cay, SC 
Diana Spahr, Pittsburgh, PA 
Stephanie Stone, Florence, SC 
Deidre Terry, Taylors, SC 
Elizabeth Thames, Florence, SC 
Christy Ann Tinnes, Aiken, SC 
Claire Veber, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Paige Vishton, Media, PA 
Kristin Watson, Malverne, NY 
Ursula Williams, Boulder, CO 
Jan Wilson, Charleston, SC 
Emma Wyatt, Werst Union, SC 
Jessica Young, Darien, CT 
Julia Young, Spartanburg, SC 

SUMMER 1990 1 5 


Kappa Alpha Theta Takes 
Charleston by Storm 

appa Alpha Theta talked of 
taking Charleston by storm, 
but no one thought that 
Mother Nature would take us liter¬ 
ally! Colonization activities were 
scheduled for September 24 - 27, 
1989. Hurricane Hugo struck on 
September 21. The city of Charles¬ 
ton was devastated; Theta would 
have to wait. So while South Caro¬ 
lina was putting the pieces back to¬ 
gether, Theta planned for a January 
colonization at the College of 

January arrived peacefully, with 
no natural disasters. On the 24th, 
Zeta Lambda became Theta’s new¬ 
est colony. The spotlight that eve¬ 
ning was not focused on the 
colonization team (Grand Vice-Pres¬ 
ident Development Sue Blair-Sheets, 
Grand Vice-President Alumnae Jane 
Hedges, Director of Colonizations 
and Installations Marilyn Lynch, 
College Regional Director Carol 
McPadden, Director of Rush Devel¬ 
opment Anne Payne, Alumnae 
District President Gaye Brown, Di¬ 
rector of Chapter Services Betsy 
Sierk, Editor Sue Supple and Chap¬ 
ter Consultants Katie Bax and 
LynnAnn Baldwin), but instead on 
the 95 young women gathered in the 
ballroom of the Student Center. 
These women were strangers for the 
most part, about to begin sharing a 
bond called Kappa Alpha Theta. 

From left, Laura Jennings, Michelle Lilly, 
Kelsy Smith, Nan Anderson and Megan 
McKee are all smiles as they participate in 
Zeta Lambda’s installation. 

Laura Jennings, left, Zeta Lambda corresponding secretary, and Michelle Lilly, rush chair¬ 
man, share ideas in preparation for next year’s rush. The Zeta Lambda Thetas’ innovative 
ideas have already made them a positive force on the Charleston campus. 

But at that point the only thing any¬ 
one thought they had in common 
was wearing a little black and gold 
pledge pin and learning songs about 
kites. As the next two months un¬ 
folded, things became a bit more 
serious as each woman began to re¬ 
alize the challenge she had under¬ 

The first step was to elect officers 
and start planning service, scholar¬ 
ship and educational programs. 
Through all of these programs, the 
secret to what Theta is about began 
to unravel little by little. One impor¬ 
tant ideal of Theta is to recognize a 
person’s individuality, encourage it 
and watch it grow. Zeta Lambda 
Chapter has exemplified that in ev¬ 
ery way by supporting each other’s 
ideas and programs, including par¬ 
ticipation in Special Olympics, the 
March of Dimes “Walk America,” 
the People Against Rape march 
“Take Back the Night,” and the Col¬ 
lege’s Homecoming, Greek Day and 
Songfest. The social agenda has in¬ 
cluded functions with many of the 
other Greek organizations on cam¬ 
pus. The enthusiasm was over¬ 

The Zeta Lambda Chapter does 
not consist of passive women who 
are willing to sit and let others do 
the work. These women are filled 
with innovative ideas and high- 
aiming goals for the future. They are 
ready to act and make their dreams 
a reality. College of Charleston stu¬ 
dents have complimented the The¬ 
tas on their powerful presence and 
the positive impression they con¬ 
tinue to leave in their path. 

Grand President Janet Peters and 
the installation team led the initia¬ 
tion and charter services on March 
23 - 25, 1990. The installation team 
consisted of Peters, Hedges, Brown, 
Bax and Chapter Consultants Tracy 
Bartels and Lynda Fairman, and 
Central Office staff members, Kelley 
Galbreath, Susan Kiley and Paige 

With installation behind them, 
Zeta Lambda is ready to work even 
harder in future activities. The Fra¬ 
ternity has a tradition of focusing 
on the future, and Zeta Lambda in¬ 
tends to make sure that it will play a 
positive and active role in the future 
of the College of Charleston as well 
as in the Charleston community. 



“The women of Zeta Lambda 
want every member to be viewed as 
an individual and respected for who 
she is. We want to create an envi¬ 
ronment where all kinds of mem¬ 
bers can put differences aside, come 
together and learn from one an¬ 
other’s experiences in life. Our pride 
in what we stand for is shown in 
what we do e very day—from wear¬ 
ing our letters to the support we 
give to each individual member,” 
says President Liz Murphy. 

Zeta Lambda 
Charter Members 

Leigh Alverson, Moore, SC 
Nan Anderson, Howe, IN 
Wyndi Anderson, Spartanburg, SC 
Heather Baars, Charleston, SC 
Cristy Beckett, Walterboro, SC 
Jennifer Bettini, Clifton, VA 
Jennifer Billingham, Orlando, FL 
Elizabeth Blackmon, Atlanta, GA 
Cristina Bouchard, Fairfax, VA 
Laura Bradham, Cheraw, SC 
Sharon Bressoud, Sarasota, FL 
Candace Bridges, Pendergrass, GA 
Ami Brown, Easley, SC 
Cassie Brown, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Jennifer Brumgardt, Charleston, SC 
Frances Cahill, Myrtle Beach, SC 
Jill Cary, Riverside, CA 
Tena Caston, McBee, SC 
Laura Cazallis, Roebuck, SC 
Edna Coker, Clemson, SC 
Keri Cuthbertson, Huntington, NY 
Elizabeth Davis, Surfside Beach, SC 
Shawna Davis, Round O, SC 
Lee Dawson, Atlanta, GA 
Gail Dempster, S. Ponte Vedra Bch, FL 
Kathy Driscoll, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Jennifer Fisher, Chattanooga, TN 
Amy Floyd, Lake City, SC 
Kellee Franklin, Fairfax Station, VA 
Caryn Gardner, Columbia, SC 
Jennifer Gruszczynski, Schenectady, NY 
Kimberly Hair, Augusta, GA 
Beth Hamrick, Augusta, GA 
Maureen Hanna, Atlanta, GA 
Patricia Hazelrigs, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Ashley Hudson, Walterboro, SC 
Laura Jennings, Charleston, WV 
Joan Johnson, Spartanburg, SC 
Nell Johnson, Charleston, SC 
Deborah Jones, Mauldin, SC 
Mary Frances Jones, Simpsonville, SC 
Valerie Kinard, Ehrhardt, SC 
Jennifer Kranz, Atlanta, GA 

Bid night seems a long time ago. 
There is no longer a room full of 
strangers. The chapter is a closely 
knit group of women whose lives 
are forever interwoven by Kappa 
Alpha Theta. One has to say that 
nothing can stop the bright future 
of Theta—not even a hurricane! 

By Katie Bax 

Chapter Consultant 

Liz Murphy 


Christina Lawkins, Charleston, SC 
Michelle Lilly, Beckley, WV • 

Natalie Lohman, Myrtle Beach, SC 
Jaye Lowenthal, Lexington, KY 
Stefania MacFarlane, Paris, France 
Megan McKee, Alexandria, VA 
Rachel McKinney, Herndon, VA 
Elizabeth McKoy, Sumter, SC 
Carla Medlin, Columbia, SC 
Michele Miller, Estill, SC 
Robin Miller, Columbia, SC 
Sandra Millican, Isle of Palms, SC 
Stewart Morrison, Charlotte, NC 
Krista Morton, Albemarle, NC 
Elizabeth Murphy, Fairfax Station, VA 
Ann Nichols, Richmond, VA 
Beth Peeples, Estill, SC 
Leslie Perry, Irmo, SC 
Mary Dee Petty, Spartanburg, SC 
Amanda Pope, Richmond, VA 
Margaret Scott, McClellanville, SC 
Rachel Secrest, Springfield, VA 
Stacey Sheppard, Brunson, SC 
Caryn Siegfried, Columbia, SC 

Enthusiastic Zeta Lambda charter members 
proudly show off their new Theta badges 
after the chapter’s installation. Since bid 
night in January, the group has grown 
closer as they discovered what Theta is all 

Kelsy Smith, Atlanta, GA 
Paige Spaulding, Summerville, SC 
Angie Stadtmiller, N. Augusta, SC 
Milissa Stansell, Taylors, SC 
Sandy Strong, Marlow, OK 
Dana Sykes, Manning, SC 
Melissa Tarte, Florence, SC 
Deana Toner, Aiken, SC 
Amy Traub, Spartanburg, SC 
Lesley Tynes, Summerville, SC 
Jennifer VanCulin, Fort Pierce, FL 
Carman Wagers, Leesville, SC 
Kristin Walker, Charleston, SC 
Melanie Whelan, Macon, GA 
Jacqueline Winkler, Gainesville, GA 
Courtney Wiseman, Irmo, SC 
Michele Wolsefer, Winter Springs, FL 
Ruthanne Woodard, Blackville, SC 
Theresa Woodrum, Summerville, SC 
Branna Woodward, Barnwell, SC 
Beth Worley, Roanoke, VA 
Angie Wright, Florence, SC 
Michelle Zapanta, Charleston, SC 

Charleston area alumnae support the new chapter as members of Zeta Lambda’s advisory 
board. Local alumnae also assisted the colonization and installation teams during the rush 
party, interviews and initiation. 




oan Ganz Cooney, Beta 
Delta/Arizona, set out to 
change the world, and she 
did! Twenty-one years ago she 
started a show that revolutionized 
television. “Sesame Street,” named 
after the Arabian Nights story 
“Open Sesame,” opened the eyes of 
the world to the educational oppor¬ 
tunities TV has to offer young chil¬ 
dren. Today, 

Children's Televi¬ 
sion Workshop, 
the company she 
started with a 
good deal of help 
from the Carnegie 
Corporation, sells 
its programming 
to more than 300 
stations and 
cable outlets, 
is viewed in 80 countries, has been 
translated into seven foreign lan¬ 
guages and has an annual budget of 
$88 million. 

Cooney is quick to point out that 
the idea for “Sesame Street” was 
not hers alone. “The creation of the 
workshop at ‘Sesame Street’ was al¬ 
ways a joint process. There were 
always others involved who have 
not gotten nearly as much credit as 
they should.” But without Cooney, 
one wonders how far it might have 

Seeing herself as an idealist. 

As The Count passionately counts ev¬ 
erything he can find, children learn 
early math skills. 

Cooney attributes her desire to go 
into television to Father Keller of 
the Christopher movement (a move¬ 
ment with no organizational struc¬ 
ture, founded in the U.S. in 1946 to 
bring Christian principles to Ameri¬ 
can public and private life). Cooney 
says, “Father Keller was very force¬ 
ful in his belief that idealists should 
go into the government or into mass 
media, because 
that was where 
the greatest influ¬ 
ence was 

Cooney was 
also strongly in¬ 
fluenced by her 
Theta sisters. 

Joan Ganz trans¬ 
ferred to the Uni¬ 
versity of Arizona 
and was initiated into Beta Delta 
Chapter in 1949. She developed 
strong friendships with five or six 
chapter members who shared her 
idealism, friendships that remain 
strong today. These sisters encour¬ 
aged the idea that one should do 
good in life. 

After graduation in 1951, “doing 
good” meant reporting for her home 
town newspaper, The Arizona Re¬ 
public. She then moved to New 
York City to work as a publicist for 
NBC and “The U.S. Steel Hour,” a 
highly acclaimed CBS drama series. 


contribution to the world, Joan Ganz Cooney, 

In her quest to make 

Beta Delta/Arizona, has introduced young children in the U.S. and throughout 
the world to a host of “Sesame Street” characters, like Mr. Snuffelupagus, who 

mnlcp Ipnrmnn fun. & 

SUMMER 1990 


Later, Cooney’s good works 
meant producing documentaries for 
WNET, New York City’s educa¬ 
tional TV station. A three-hour 
documentary titled “Poverty, Anti- 
Poverty and the Poor, ” led to an 
Emmy Award for Cooney in 1966. 
She was deeply involved in the civil 
rights movement and in all kinds of 
anti-poverty programs that were the 
start of the Great Society projects in 
Washington, D.C. 

It was this involvement that led to 
an offer from the Carnegie Corpora¬ 
tion to conduct a study on the 
potential uses of television in pre¬ 
school education. The study turned 
into a grant proposal to Carnegie, 
and the Children’s Television Work¬ 
shop (CTW) was created. Listening 
to children singing beer commer¬ 
cials, Cooney realized that television 
was teaching, whether intentionally 
or not, so why not use commercial 

techniques to teach letters and num¬ 
bers. Eighteen months later, using 
puppets, animation, live action, 
color and music, “Sesame Street” 
was on the air, followed by “The 
Electric Company” and “3-2-1 

In spite of the almost instant suc¬ 
cess of the shows, there were finan¬ 
cial problems, and Cooney had to 
take time away from programming 
to develop an organization that 
could sustain itself over the long 
run. This meant licensing toys, 
books and other products, which to¬ 
day produces two-thirds of CTW’s 
income. The future looks bright for 
CTW. At the forefront of children’s 
television, Cooney and CTW are 
sure to play an important role as 
America increases its focus on edu¬ 
cation in the next decade. 

Cooney lives in New York with 
husband Peter G. Peterson, former 

“ . . . I had become ob¬ 
sessed with . . . doing 
something to make a 
difference in the lives of 
the poor, and particularly 
poor children.” 

U.S. Secretary of Commerce. She 
sits on a number of corporate 
boards in addition to WNET/Chan- 
nel 13: Chase Manhattan Bank and 
Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Com¬ 
pany and Xerox Corporation. She 
also serves on the National Child 
Labor Committee and Council on 
Foreign Relations. 

She has received numerous 
awards including the National Asso¬ 
ciation of School Administrators 
Gold Key Award; the Society for the 
Family of Man Award for Excellence 
in the Field of Education; the La¬ 
dies Home Journal Women of the 
Decade Award and its One of the 25 
Most Important Women in Ameri¬ 
can History Award; the National 
Education Association’s Friend of 
Education Award; the National 
Academy of Television Arts & Sci¬ 
ences Lifetime Achievement Award 
for Daytime Television and most re¬ 
cently has been inducted into the 
Television Academy’s Hall of Fame. 
She has received honorary degrees 
from many colleges and universities, 
including Princeton, Georgetown, 
Harvard, Notre Dame, Brown and 

In a telephone interview, Cooney 
shared her thoughts on sororities, 
CTW, the women’s movement and 

How do you feel about sororities? 

I’ve done the same kind of thing 
in my thinking about them that 
America has done. They went out of 


College Chapter Rush Information.R1 

Rush Recommendation Board Personnel.R6 

Alumnae Chapters.. R17 

Alumnae Clubs...... , . . R1 ^ 

Permanent Alumnae Secretaries.R23 

State Chairmen.R26 

District Directory... . R27 

Legacy Introduction Form.R30 


College Chapter Rush Information 

Alabama/Delta Omicron (1967) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box 6629 Univ. of 
Alabama, University, AL 35486 
President: Shannon Farley 
Rush Dates: 8/15-8/20 

R.C.: Karen Campesi, P.O. Box 6629, Tusca¬ 
loosa, AL 35486 


Alberta/Beta Chi (1931) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 10958 85th Avenue, Ed¬ 
monton, Alberta, Canada T6G 0W4 
President: Chana Martineau 
Rush Dates: 9/10-9/17 

R.C.: Kari Erickson, 10958 85th Avenue, Ed¬ 
monton, Alberta, Canada T6G 1A4 
R.A.: Elsa Rice, 10941 90th Avenue, Edmon¬ 
ton, Alberta, Canada T6G 1A4 

Albion/Pi (1887) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1109 E. Cass Street, Al¬ 
bion, Ml 49224 
President: Becky Russell 
Rush Dates: 1/12-1/20, 1991 
R.C.: Jennifer Brouwer, 4433 Timberlane, 
Kalamazoo, MI 49008 

R.A.: Jennifer Agnew, 514 1/2 E. Erie Street, 
Albion, Ml 49224 

Allegheny/Mu (1876) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 178, Allegheny Col¬ 
lege, Meadville, PA 16335 
President: Amy Hartzell 
Rush Dates: 

R.C.: Jen Metzger, 22 Jerome Ave., Bloom¬ 
field, CT 06002 


Arizona/Beta Delta (1917) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1050 N. Mountain Ave., 
Tucson, AZ 85719 
President: Stephanie Walker 
Rush Dates: 8/10-8/18 

R.C.: Carolynne Chaconas, 25 Valley Drive, 
Olinda, CA 94563 

R.A.: Mary Cambridge Nichols, 12301 East 
Sutter Mill Street, Tucson, AZ 85749 

Arizona State/Delta Epsilon (1959) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 340 E. University Box 
218, Tempe, AZ 85281 
President: Shawn Whalen 
Rush Dates: 8/12-8/19 

R.C.: Tracey McKinney, 5625 N. Palo Christi, 
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 
R.A.: Jamie Modlin Pickering, 6602 E Beverly 
Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 

Auburn/Gamma Omega (1957) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Dorm Z, Aurburn Univ., 
Auburn, AL 36830 
President: Sage Singleton 
Rush Dates: 9/16-9/22 

R.C.: Lea Kennedy, 1005B Crossland Downs, 
Auburn, AL 36830 

R.A.: Susan McIntosh Housel, 1970 Canary 
Drive, Auburn, AL 36830 

Ball State/Delta Sigma (1970) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Tichenor Hall Box 83, 
Muncie, IN 47306 
President: Alyssa Maynard 
Rush Dates: 9/7-9/17 

R.C.: Corilynn Hirt, 1906 Maya Lane, Mt. 
Prospect, IL 60056 

R.A.: Nora Pcolinski Bammann, 8138 North 
Baccus Court, Indianapolis, IN 46268 


Baylor/Epsilon Epsilon (1976) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, BU Box 5615, Waco, TX 

President: Amy Winston 
Rush Dates: 1/91 

R.C.: Lori Thompson, 16519 Clearcrest 
Drive, Houston, TX 77059 
R.A.: Sarah Bracken. 5000 Ridgeview, Waco, 
TX 76710 

Brown/Alpha Epsilon (1897) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box 1168 Brown 
Univ., Providence, RI 02912 
President: Jennifer Jurgens 
Rush Dates: 2/91 

R.C.: Susan Smith, RFD #1, Box 1335, 
Corinna, ME 04928 

R.A.: Sarah Miller, 19 Peach Street, Walpole, 
MA 02081 

Bucknell/Epsilon Pi (1984) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box C-2859, Lewis- 
burg, PA 17837 
President: Jen Albright 
Rush Dates: 2/91 

R.C.: Lisa Resotro, 184 Patriots Rd., Morris 
Plains, NJ 07950 

R.A.: Patricia Driscoll Ackerman, Rd. #4, Box 
2800, Danville, PA 17821 

Butler/Gamma (1874) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 825 W. Hampton Dr., In¬ 
dianapolis, IN 46208 
President: Deanna Fairbank 
Rush Dates: 8/19-8/25 

R.C.: Betsy Merrill, 3729 W. 106th St., Car¬ 
mel, IN 46032 

R.A.: Sharon Mears Townsend, 10439 North 
Delaware, Indianapolis, IN 46280 

Cal Poly Technical/Zeta Theta (1988) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 180 California Blvd., San 
Luis Obispo, CA 93401 
President: Audrey Hubbard 
Rush Dates: 9/14-9/17 

R.C.: Jackie Jones, 180 California Blvd., San 
Luis Obispo, CA 93405 
R.A.: Nancy Plocar Gerrish, 823 Plata Road, 
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 

Carnegie-Mellon/Gamma Theta (1944) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 986, 5115 Margaret 
Morrison St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Mona Pappafava, 91 Unity Square Dr., 
Greensburg, PA 15601 

Centre College/Epsilon Eta (1980) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 824, Danville, KY 

President: Linda Bemado 
Rush Dates: 11/8-11/11 
R.C.: Dana Newsome, 815 Siesta Ave., Lex¬ 
ington, KY 40502 

R.A.: Yvonne York Morley, 1094 Glendive 
Court, Danville, KY 40422 

Chicago/Epsilon Phi (1986) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 955 E. 54th Place, #3, 
Chicago, IL 60615 
President: Cecilia Burgin 
Rush Dates: 1/5/91 

R.C.: Anna Maria Turano, 7600 W. Strong, 
Harwood Heights, IL 60656 

R.A.: Gerri Cooper Wiley, 221 Central Park 
Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091 

Cincinnati/Alpha Tau (1913) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 2711 Clifton Ave., Cin¬ 
cinnati, OH 45220 
President: Amy Stevens 
Rush Dates: 9/22-9/28 

R.C.: Jolie Yockey, 2201 Wheeler Ave., Apt. 

#4, Cincinnati, OH 45219 
R.A.: Jean Morgan, 10872 Ponds Lane, Cin¬ 
cinnati, OH 45242 

Clemson/Delta Phi (1972) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 5454 Clemson Uni¬ 
versity, Clemson, SC 29632 
President: Mary Gue 
Rush Dates: 8/19-8/26 

R.C.: Cori Koleszar, 152 Woodridge Road, 
Greenwood, SC 29646 

R.A.: Pamela Lorentz, 100 Blackberry Ct. #7, 
Taylors, SC 29687 

Colgate/Zeta Zeta (1988) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 40 Broad St., Hamilton, 
NY 13346 

President: Cynthia Westervelt 
Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Barbara McCutchen Houze, 40 Sullivan 
St., Cazenovia, NY 13035 

College of Charleston/Zeta Lambda 


Kappa Alpha Theta c/o Katie Bax, 119 Smith 
St., Apt.D, Charleston, SC 29403 
President: Elizabeth Murphy 
Rush Dates: 8/19-8/26 

R.A.: Cynthia West Infinger, 158 Wainwright 
Manor, Summerville, SC 29483 

Colorado/Beta Iota (1921) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1333 University Ave., 
Boulder, CO 80302 
President: Susan Nolan 
Rush Dates: 8/26-9/3 

R.C.: Ilene Steinberg, 2137 Sandy Lane, Wil¬ 
mette, IL 60091 

R.A.: Lisa Treadwell, 2641 S. Wadsworth 
Blvd., Lakewood, CO 80227 

Colorado College/Beta Omega (1932) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Worner 1125, 14 E. 
Cache La Poudre, Colorado Springs, CO 

President: Stephanie Feistner 
Rush Dates: 10/24-10/30 
R.C.: Gayle Reichert, 17 Texas Lane, Long¬ 
mont, CO 80501 

R.A.: Kanda Gaba Pullara, 3103 Spring- 
meadow Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 

Colorado State/Beta Gamma (1917) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 638 S. Sherwood, Ft. Col¬ 
lins, CO 80521 
President: Marcie Bradley 
Rush Dates: 8/22 

R.C.: Niki Papedo, 4183 S. Syracuse St., Den¬ 
ver, CO 80237 

R.A.: Stephanie Miller, 931 Kremmling Lane, 
Ft. Collins, CO 80526 

Columbia/Epsilon Upsilon (1986) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 1187, Barnard Col- 

lege, New York, NY 10027 


Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Tracy Recker, 126 14th Street, Cresskill, 
NJ 07626 

Connecticut/Gamma Zeta (1942) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 10 Willowbrook Road, 
Storrs, CT 06268 
President: Stacey Krauss 
Rush Dates: 9/10-9/16 

R.C.: Dana Tamoczy, 9 Middlefield Rd., W. 
Haven, CT 06516 

R.A.: Roseann McGarvey, 120 Gifford Lane, 
Bozrah, CT 06334' 

Connecticut Wesleyan/Xi (1883) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Wesleyan Station #6175, 
Middletown, CT 06457 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Margaret Reilly Quiros, 111 Bloomfield 
Ave, Hartford, CT 06105 

Cornell/lota (1881) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 519 Stewart Ave., Ithaca, 
NY 14850 


Rush Dates: 1/91 

R.A.: Melanie Smith, 210 Pleasant St., Ithaca, 
NY 14850 

Dartmouth/Epsilon Kappa (1982) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Hinman Box 5075 Dart¬ 
mouth, Hanover, NH 03755 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Roberta Miller Cowan, O’Leary Avenue, 
Hanover, NH 03755 

Denison/Beta Tau (1929) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 200 N. Mulberry St., 
Granville, OH 43032 
President: Elizabeth Olt 
Rush Dates: 10/17-11/4 
R.C.: Lisa Tate, 5 Woodhill Rd., Louisville, 
KY 40207 

R.A.: Susan Smith Ditty, 4433 Ravine Drive, 
Westerville, OH 43081 

DePauw/Alpha (1870) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 904 South College, 
Greencastle, IN 46135 
President: Kaarin Anderson 
Rush Dates: 10/11-10/14 
R.C.: Chris Kiel, 9378 W. Mirror Rd., Colum¬ 
bus, IN 47201 

R.A.: Sandra Wuest Luce, 5501 Primrose Ave¬ 
nue, Indianapolis, IN 46220 

Dickinson/Epsilon Lambda (1982) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, H.U.B. Box 981 Dickin¬ 
son College, Carlisle, PA 17013 
President: Jennifer Stelle 
Rush Dates: September 

R.A.: Kelly Wilson, 371 B Pineview Dr., Rd. 1 
Box 37IB, Palmyra, PA 17078 

Drake/Beta Kappa (1921) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1335 34th Street, Des 
Moines, IA 50311 
President: Robin Pious 
Rush Dates: 9/1 

R.C.: Robin Costello, 3668 N. Shore Dr., 
Clear Lake, IA 50428 


Duke/Beta Rho(1928) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box 4068 Duke Sta¬ 
tion, Durham, NC 27706 
President: Jennifer Tangora 
Rush Dates: 1/91 

R.C.: Fletcher Timmerman, 1614 Cleveland 
St., Greenville, SC 29607 


Eastern Kentucky/Delta Upsilon (1972) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 128 Powell Building 
EKU, Richmond, KY 40475 
President: Vickie Thompson 
Rush Dates: 8/21-8/26 

R.C.: Margaret Cioler, 115 Allen Doughlas 
Dr., Richmond, KY 40475 
R.A.: April Perry, 1300 Cooperfield Ct., Lex¬ 
ington, KY 40514 

Emory/Delta Zeta (1959) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Drawer MM Emory Uni¬ 
versity, Atlanta, GA 30322 

Rush Dates: 1/91 

R.A.: Patti Westerman, 2109-B Powers Ferry 
Rd., Marietta, GA 30067 

Florida/Delta Theta (1962) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 715 S.W. 10th Street, 
Gainesville, FL 32601 
President: Amanda Reller 
Rush Dates: 8/19 

R.C.: Jennifer Lofland, 205 S.E. 16th Ave., 
#17A, Gainesville, FL 32601 
R.A.: Kara Mort, 4469 Otega Forest Dr., Jack¬ 
sonville, FL 32210 

Florida State/Beta Nu (1924) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 510 W. Park Avenue, Tal¬ 
lahassee, FL 32301 
President: Krista Haughton 
Rush Dates: 8/20-8/26 

R.C.: Rachelle McBride, 1111 High Road, 
Apt. 1-307, Tallahassee, FL 32304 
R.A.: Barbara Beals Raehn, 3084 Ironwood 
Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32308 

Fresno State/Gamma Chi (1953) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 5317 N. Millbrook Ave¬ 
nue, Fresno, CA 93710 
President: Kris Deutschman 
Rush Dates: 8/26 

R.C.: Natalie Teague, 6585 N. Haslam, 
Fresno, CA 93711 

R.A.: Jennifer Winn, 4083 N. Peach, #236, 
Fresno, CA 93727 

Georgia/Gamma Delta (1937) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 338 S. Milledge Avenue, 
Athens, GA 30609 
President: Ellen Rossiter 
Rush Dates: 9/7-9/16 

R.C.: Tanya Andrews, 455 Renee Circle, Ros¬ 
well, GA 30075 

R.A.: Sheryl Holland McGarity, 1125 Cross¬ 
bow Cr., Winterville, GA 30683 

Guelph/Epsilon Chi (1986) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box 156, Guelph, 
Ontario, Canada N1H 6J9 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Jennifer Meekison Cormil, 55 Belsize 
Dr. Apt. #1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
M4S 1L3 

Hanover/Nu (1882) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 10 Campus Dr. Hanover 
College, Hanover, IN 47243 

President: Rebecca Macy 

Rush Dates: 

R.C.: Krissi Ritenmeyer 
R.A.: E. Paige Thompson, 5833 Chensford, 
#1-C, Indianapolis, IN 46226 

Illinois/Delta (1895) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 611 East Daniel, Cham¬ 
paign, IL 61820 
President: Karen Zawadzki 
Rush Dates: 8/18 

R.C.: Heather Baptist, 10 Havendale Ct., 
Jacksonville, FL 62650 
R.A.: Suzanne Egan, 903 S. First St., #320, 
Champaign, IL 61820 

Indiana/Beta (1870) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 441 North Woodlawn, 
Bloomington, IN 47401 
President: Laura Linduff 
Rush Dates: 10/19-1/5 

R.C.: Kristie McCoy, W297 N850 Kingsway, 
Waukesha, WI 53188 

R.A.: Bonnie Blakely Sperry, 1303 Matlock 
Rd., Bloomington, IN 47401 

Iowa/Beta Omicron (1926) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 823 E. Burlington Ave., 
Iowa City, IA 52240 
President: Lisa Carstensen 
Rush Dates: 8/15-8/21 

R.C.: Jennifer Hoppenstedt, 220 E. Elm St., 
Wheaton, IL 60187 

R.A.: Patricia Sangster Grabinski, 2703 Hick¬ 
ory Trail, Iowa City, IA 52240 

Iowa State/Gamma Pi (1948) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 2239 Knapp Street, 
Ames, IA 50010 
President: Jodi Richard 
Rush Dates: 8/20 

R.C.: Tammy Negley, 7204 Forest Ct., Des 
Moines, IA 50322 

R.A.: Mary McAnly Kitchell, 3122 Kingman 
Rd, Ames, IA 50010 

Kansas/Kappa (1881) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1433 Tennessee, Law¬ 
rence, KS 66044 
President: Jill Fritzemeyer 
Rush Dates: 8/15-8/22 

R.C.: Molly Morrison, 210 Greenway Rd., Sa- 
lina, KS 67401 

R.A.: Sarah Hannah Stanton, 5331 W. 100th 
Street, Overland Park, KS 66207 

Kansas State/Delta Eta (1961) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1517 McCain Lane, Man¬ 
hattan, KS 66502 
President: Darcy Stephenson 
Rush Dates: 8/15 

R.C.: Tish Gilpin, 1517 McCain Ln., Manhat¬ 
tan, KS 66502 

R.A.: Pat Parker, 2909 Hickory Ct., Manhat¬ 
tan, KS 66502 

Kentucky/Gamma Iota (1945) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 329 Columbia Terrace, 
Lexington, KY 40508 
President: Christine Goedel 
Rush Dates: 8/11-8/17 

R.C.: Jennifer Smith, 3105 Warrenwood 
Wind, Lexington, KY 40502 
R.A.: Sharon Hamilton Betts, 704 Lori Lane, 
Lexington, KY 40503 

Lawrence/Alpha Psi (1915) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Coleman Hall 307 E. 

Lawrence St., Appleton, WI 54911 
President: Sara Mladejovsky 
Rush Dates: January 1991 


R.C.: Amy Hockenberger 
R.A.: Carol Koch Christenson, 2821 S. Car¬ 
penter, Appleton, WI 54915 

Lehigh/Epsilon Rho (1984) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Box F38 Lehigh Univer¬ 
sity, Bethlehem, PA 18015 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Ginger Lehman Godley, Rd 4, Saucon 
Valley Road, Bethlehem, PA 18015 

Louisiana State/Delta Kappa (1963) 
Kappa Alpha Theta LSU, P.O. Box 17620-A, 
Baton Rouge, LA 70893 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Melani Simoneaux Goudelocke, 209 
Ducharme Lane, Lafayette, LA 70503 

Maryland/Gamma Mu (1947) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, #8 Fraternity Row, Col¬ 
lege Park, MD 20740 
President: Jennifer Weigel 
Rush Dates: 9/4-9/17 

R.C.: Jennifer Bramen, 13118 Buccaneer Rd., 
Silver Spring, MD 20904 
R.A.: Allison Ginda Cramer, 135 Westway, 
Greenbelt, MD 20770 

McGill/Beta Psi (1932) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 526 Milton #1, Montreal, 
Quebec, Canada H2X 1W4 
President: Chris Taylor 
Rush Dates: September 
R.C.: Tamsin Eames, 526 Milton #1, Mon¬ 
treal, Quebec, Canada H2X 1W4 
R.A.: Marilyn Broad, 2462 Robichaud St., St. 
Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4K 1T3 

Miami University/Gamma Upsilon 


Kappa Alpha Theta, 109 McCracken Hall Mi¬ 
ami Univ., Oxford, OH 45056 
President: Cynthia Fisher 
Rush Dates: 8/19-9/1 

R.C.: Lori Coffman, 5435 Nelsonia Place, Co¬ 
lumbus, OH 43213 

R.A.: Patricia Wood Enyart, 609 Kings Cross 
Court, Dayton, OH 45449 

Michigan/Eta (1879) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1414 Washtenaw Ave., 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 
President: Laura Hollister 
Rush Dates: 9/8 

R.C.: Amy Ames, 2563 Dustin Road, Oke- 
mos, Ml 48864 

R.A.: Kelly O’Hara Nagle, 1284 S. Bates, 
Birmingham, MI 48009 

Michigan State/Beta Pi (1926) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 303 Oakhill Ave., East 
Lansing, MI 48823 
President: Polly Hawkins 
Rush Dates: 9/14-9/27 

R.C.: Debbie Estee, 1616 Wood Street, 
Lansing, MI 48912 

R.A.: Karen Weil, 2445 E. Burnt Tree, Apt. 
#8, E. Lansing, MI 48823 

Minnesota/Upsilon (1889) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1012 5th Street S.E., 
Minneapolis, MN 55414 
President: Kari Paulson 
Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Carol Olson Larsen, 6101 Olinger Blvd, 
Minneapolis, MN 55436 


Mississippi/Epsilon Zeta (1979) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, #3 Rebel Drive, Univer¬ 
sity, MS 38677 
President: Jennifer Cadle 
Rush Dates: 8/19-8/24 

R.C.: Leigh Harrington, P.O. Box 1745, Uni¬ 
versity, MS 38677 

R.A.: Courtney Busch Dickinson, 4002 Birch 
Glen, Memphis, TN 38115 

Missouri/Alpha Mu (1909) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 603 Kentucky Ave., Co¬ 
lumbia, MO 65201 
President: Angela Del Pizzo 
Rush Dates: 8/19-8/24 

R.C.: Robin Wennerer, 2314 Bluff Blvd., Co¬ 
lumbia, MO 65201 

R.A.: Jerry Harris, 2505 E. Broadway St., Co¬ 
lumbia, MO 65201 

Montana/Alpha Nu (1909) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1020 Gerald Ave., Mis¬ 
soula, MT 59801 
President: Kathy Hertz 
Rush Dates: 9/15-9/19 

R.C.: Jennifer Waddell, 877 Evans, Missoula, 
MT 59801 

R.A.: Marjorie Knight Wallinder, 5604 Bridger 
Court Apt. 5, Missoula, MT 59803 

Nebraska/Rho (1887) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1545 “S” Street, Lincoln, 
NE 68508 

President: Nancy Kamopp 
Rush Dates: 

R.C.: Colleen Ogden, 3500 Poplar Place, Lin¬ 
coln, NE 68506 

R.A.: Gina Sherwood, 328 S. 28th, #2, Lin¬ 
coln, NE 68510 

Nevada/Beta Mu (1922) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 863 N. Sierra Street, 
Reno, NV 89503 
President: Tracy Dunklee 
Rush Dates: 8/20-8/25 

R.C.: Lorrine Solaegvi, 435 Omni Dr., Sparks, 
NV 89436 

R.A.: Deborah Ogorman Jacques, 1545 Akard 
Drive, Reno, NV 89503 

Newcomb-Tulane/Alpha Phi (1914) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 928 Broadway, New Or¬ 
leans, LA 70118 
President: Michele Moisey 
Rush Dates: September 
R.C.: Elizabeth Schecter, 6235 Los Altos, El 
Paso, TX 79912 

R.A.: Mary Kay Molbert, 6566 Louisville, 
New Orleans, LA 70124 

North Carolina/Delta Xi (1966) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 227 E. Rosemary Street, 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
President: Sandra Schue 
Rush Dates: 9/6-9/15 

R.C.: Susan Henson, 113 Betly Ave., Mt. Airy, 
NC 27030 

R.A.: Nancy Johns, 2507 Fairview Rd., Ra¬ 
leigh, NC 27608 

North Dakota/Alpha Pi (1911) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 2500 University Ave., 
Grand Forks, ND 58203 
President: Susan Sando 
Rush Dates: 8/21-8/26 

R.C.: Elaine Bykonen, 1916 23rd Ave. S., 
Grand Forks, ND 58201 
R.A.: Pamela Erbes Hilber, 1962 23rd Ave. S., 
Grand Forks, ND 58201 

North Dakota State/Gamma Nu (1947) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1262 12th Street North, 
Fargo, ND 58102 
President: Danielle Freadhoff 
Rush Dates: 9/16-9/21 

R.C.: Krystal Satran, 1125 19th St. N. #5, 
Fargo, ND 58102 

R.A.: Donna Galitz, 3522 N. 2nd St. #29, 
Fargo, ND 58102 

Northwestern/Tau (1887) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 619 University Place, Ev¬ 
anston, IL 60201 
President: Kelly Kalich 
Rush Dates: January 1991 
R.C.: Alisa Regas, 1424 S. Western Ave., Park 
Ridge, IL 60068 

R.A.: Jane Raveret Shores, 824 Judson Ave. 
#1, Evanston, IL 60202 

Ohio State/Alpha Gamma (1892) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1861 Indianola Ave., Co¬ 
lumbus, OH 43201 
President: Elizabeth Dooley 
Rush Dates: 9/17-9/25 

R.C.: Shelly Overmyer, 2480 Stonehaven 
Place, Columbus, OH 43220 
R.A.: Anne Taylor Risch, 8919 Ravine Ave¬ 
nue, Pickerington, OH 43147 

Ohio Wesleyan/Gamma deuteron (1881) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 179 W. Winter Street, 
Delaware, OH 43015 
President: Elizabeth Mixon 
Rush Dates: September 
R.C.: Lauren Lockwood, 740 Michigan, Ev¬ 
anston, IL 60202 
R.A.: Marivi Soto 

Oklahoma/Alpha Omicron (1909) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 845 Chautauqua St., Nor¬ 
man, OK 73069 
President: Jill McKenzie 
Rush Dates: 8/16-8/21 

R.C.: Cindy Primrose, 1736 Bryant, Norman, 
OK 73071 

R.A.: Adonna Meyer, 12412 Arrowhead Way, 
Oklahoma City, OK 73120 

Oklahoma State/Beta Zeta (1919) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1323 W. University Ave., 
Stillwater, OK 74074 
President: Dena Russell 
Rush Dates: 8/15 

R.C.: Tracy Schumacher, 2433 Tredington 
Way, Edmond, OK 73034 
R.A.: Patricia McGuire Fitzgerald, 2729 N.W. 
Ill, Oklahoma City, OK 73120 

Oregon/Alpha Xi (1909) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1850 Onyx, Eugene, OR 

President: Toril Milbrath 
Rush Dates: 9/15-9/21 

R.C.: Heidi Gisler, 1868 S.E. Powell’s Rd., 
Corvallis, OR 97333 

R.A.: Liz Chambers, 2283 Cal Young Rd., Eu¬ 
gene, OR 97401 

Oregon State/Beta Epsilon (1917) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 465 N.W. 23rd, Corvallis, 
OR 97330 

President: Christina Lichti 
Rush Dates: 9/16-9/23 

R.C.: Susan Sather, 3665 S.W. Olson Ct., Lake 
Oswego, OR 97034 

R.A.: Tamara Doty Wood, 2095 N.E. Merloy 
Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330 

Penn State/Beta Phi (1931) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Penn State Room 10 
Wolf Hall, University Park, PA 16802 

President: Anna Brown 
Rush Dates: 9/4-9/18 

R.C.: Elizabeth Tanda, P.O. Box 308, Brielle, 
NJ 08730 

R.A.: Eleanor Crowers Baker, 436 Orlando 
Ave., State College, PA 16801 

Pennsylvania/Beta Eta (1919) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 4039 Walnut Street, Phil¬ 
adelphia, PA 19104 
President: Amy Kontrick 
Rush Dates: 

R.C.: Averie LaRussa, 4011 Pine St., Philadel¬ 
phia, PA 19104 

R.A.: Carol Hartmann Brehman, 420 Waynes- 
brooke Rd., Berwyn, PA 19312 

Pittsburgh/Alpha Omega (1915) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 200 N. Bellefield Ave., 
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 
President: Kris Kardes 
Rush Dates: 9/7-9/12 

R.C.: Jennifer Taylor, 2375 Hancock Dr., Lan¬ 
caster, PA 17601 

R.A.: Barbara Meyer, 147 Seegar Rd., Pitts¬ 
burgh, PA 15241 

Princeton/Epsilon Mu (1983) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, PO. Box 257, Princeton, 
NJ 08542 

President: Alisa Jancu 
Rush Dates: October 

R.C.: Natasha Ovando, 1521 N. Orangewood, 
Mesa, AZ 85203 

R.A.: Linda Ewing Maiden, 2 Cotswold La Rd 
#2, Princeton, NJ 08540 

Puget Sound/Delta Iota (1963) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Schiff Hall, Univ. Puget 
Sound, Tacoma, WA 98416 
President: Nikki Cockle 
Rush Dates: Spring 1991 
R.C.: Sara Williams, 24050 Hutchinson Rd., 
Los Gatos, CA 95030 

R.A.: Corinne Bergmann, 2231 Franklin Ave. 
E, #205, Seattle, WA 98102 

Purdue/Alpha Chi (1915) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 607 Russell Street, West 
Lafayette, IN 47906 
President: Lori Lathrop 
Rush Dates: January 1991 
R.C.: Karen Swanson, 11102 Bedington Ct., 
Louisville, KY 40243 

R.A.: Marcia Erickson Weber, 1711 Redwood 
Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905 

Randolph-Macon/Epsilon Omicron 


Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 1505, Randolph- 
Macon Coll., Ashland, VA 23005 
President: Melinda Long 
Rush Dates: February 1991 
R.C.: Zonya Leary, 1914 Pender Ave., Peters¬ 
burg, VA 23803 

R.A.: Chele Taylor, 3501 Corum Dr. #1228, 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Richmond/Epsilon Psi (1987) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Tyler Haynes Con:!;:, U. 

Of R., Richmond, VA 23173 
President: Katharine Strandberg 
Rush Dates: 1/8-1/12/91 
R.C.: Amy Boldon, 1812 Newark Rd., Gran¬ 
ville, OH 43023 

R.A.: Kathy Lipke, 9300 Sandy Spring Cir. 
#0, Richmond, VA 23294 

Rollins/Gamma Gamma (1933) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 2484, Rollins Col¬ 
lege, Winter Park, FL 32789 

President: Jennifer Mazo 
Rush Dates: 2/23-3/3/91 
R.C.: Jennifer Mazo, P.O. Box 261, Fair 
Haven, NJ 07704 

R.A.: Leah Shepherd, 718 S. Summerlin Ave., 
Orlando, FL 32801 

San Diego State/Gamma Sigma (1951) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 5720 Montezuma Road, 
San Diego, CA 92115 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Tracy Brown Stickel, 50 Blue Anchor 
Cay, Coronado, CA 92118 

South Dakota/Alpha Rho (1912) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 725 E. Clark, Vermillion, 
SD 57069 

President: Carla Semmler 
Rush Dates: 9/11-9/14/91 
R.C.: Sandy Squillace, 2009 E. 52nd Sioux 
Falls, SD 57103 

R.A.: Treva Marks, 308 S. Lewis, Sioux Falls, 
SD 57103 

Southern Methodist/Beta Sigma (1929) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 3108 University, Dallas, 
TX 75205 

President: Stephanie Rushing 
Rush Dates: 1/8-1/12/91 
R.C.: Nancy Abbey, 4341 Fairfax, Dallas, TX 

R.A.: Margaret McWherter Payne, 4315 
Overhill, Dallas, TX 75205 

Stanford/Phi deuteron (1892) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box 3725, Stanford, 
CA 94309 

President: Melissa Buckley 
Rush Dates: April 1991 
R.C.: ATTN: Rush Rees, P.O. Box 3725, Stan¬ 
ford, CA 94309 

R.A.: Dee Beebee Cunningham, 24601 Sum- 
merhill Court, Los Altos Hills, CA 

Stetson/Epsilon Theta (1981) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Box 8201 Stetson Univ., 
Deland, FL 32720 
President: Sara White 
Rush Dates: 

R.C.: Liz Maurer 

R.A.: Deborah Bommann Allen, P.O. Box 
2932, Ormond Beach, FL 32175 

Syracuse/Chi (1889) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 306 Walnut Place, Syra¬ 
cuse, NY 13210 
President: Kelly Crabtree 
Rush Dates: 8/28 

R.C.: Leslie Spitzer, 108 Towne House Circle, 
Fayetteville, NY 13066 
R.A.: Judith Sobotka McGlynn, 648 Terry 
Road, Syracuse, NY 13219 

Texas/Alpha Theta (1904) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 2401 Pearl St., Austin, 
TX 78705 

President: Ashley Padon 
Rush Dates: 8/24-9/2 

R.C.: Charlotte Carothers, P.O. Box 5594, 
Austin, TX 78703 

R.A.: Martha Perry Mitchell, 4603 Laurel 
Canyon Drive, Austin, TX 78731 

Texas A&M/Delta Omega (1976) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 1503 Athens Drive, Col¬ 
lege Station, TX 77840 
President: Stacey Sanders 
Rush Dates: 8/20-8/26 

R.C.: Jenny Knapp, P.O. Box BN, College Sta¬ 
tion, TX 77840 

R.A.: Grace Moore Payne, 2903 Rustling 
Oaks Dr, Bryan, TX 77801 

Texas Christian/Gamma Psi (1955) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box 29692 TCU Sta¬ 
tion, Ft. Worth, TX 76129 
President: Erin Scott 
Rush Dates: 8/22-8/27 

R.C.: Amy Zinsmeyer, TCU P.O. Box 29496, 
Ft. Worth, TX 76129 

R.A.: Catherine Hurt Scheihing, 6313 Inca 
Rd, Ft. Worth, TX 76116 

Texas Tech/Gamma Phi (1953) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 19 Greek Circle, Lub¬ 
bock, TX 79416 
President: Shelly Owings 
Rush Dates: 8/19-8/26 

R.C.: Kim Phillips, 4617 8th St., Lubbock, 
TX 79416 

R.A.: Cheryl Shelton Owens, 3414 92 St., 
Lubbock, TX 79423 

Tulsa/Gamma Tau (1951) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 3210 East 5th Place, 
Tulsa, OK 74104 
President: Kristi McKnight 
Rush Dates: 8/19-8/23 

R.C.: Robin Waters, 12320 E. 16th St., Tulsa, 
OK 74128 

R.A.: Catherine Birchall Laird, 9912 S. 107 E. 
Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74133 

UC-Berkeley/Omega (1890) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 2723 Durant Ave., Berke¬ 
ley, CA 94704 

President: Esther Polchowski 
Rush Dates: 8/20 

R.C.: Barbara Luna, 2723 Durant Ave., Berke¬ 
ley, CA 94704 

R.A.: Deborah Cole Stoney, 6367 Ascot Dr., 
Oakland, CA 94611 

UC-Irvine/Epsilon Sigma (1985) 

Kappa Alpha Theta/Stud. Act., 102 University 
Center, Irvine, CA 92717 
President: Britta Bushnell 
Rush Dates: September 
R.C.: Lianne Parker 

R.A.: Diane Flannery Bower, 1532 La Loma, 
Santa Ana, CA 92705 

UC-Los Angeles/Beta Xi (1925) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 736 Hilgard Avenue, Los 
Angeles, CA 90024 
President: Darcy Krauter 
Rush Dates: 9/8-9/15 

R.C.: Alicia Loncar, 1327 Aldersgate Dr., La- 
veme, CA 91750 

R.A.: Laurie Wedemeyer, 2423 Rockville 
Road, Suisun, CA 94585 

UC-Riverside/Delta Psi (1976) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 3637 Canyon Crest Dr. 

V-409, Riverside, CA 92507 
President: Marcy Sagerman 
Rush Dates: 9/19-9/22 

R.C.: Nivin Joseph, 252 Quince St., Rialto, 
CA 92376 

R.A.: Nicole Mihara, 2981 B 7th Street, Riv¬ 
erside, CA 92507 

UC-Santa Barbara/Gamma Rho (1950) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 6551 El Colegio Road, 
Goleta, CA 93117 
President: Heather Haynes 
Rush Dates: 9/2-9/7 

R.C.: Allison Noland, 3116 Cascadia St., Seat¬ 
tle, WA 98144 


R.A.: Donna Riley Jones, 224 Cannon Green, 
Goleta, CA 93117 

USC/Omicron (1887) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 653 W. 28th Street, Los 
Angeles, CA 90007 
President: Janeen Luth 
Rush Dates: 8/29-9/3 

R.C.: Jennie Angelos, 2560 E. California 
Blvd., San Marino, CA 91108 
R.A.: Melanie Salta, 3100 Airway Ave., #124, 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 

Univ. of South Carolina/Zeta Kappa 


c/o Lynda Fairman, Off. of Greek Life, Russell 
House, Room 006-USC, Columbia, SC 

President: Sharon Ratcliff 

Rush Dates: 

R.C.: Beth Baldauf, 500 Harbison Blvd., Co¬ 
lumbia, SC 29212 

R.A.: Suzanne Lemay Howell, 212 St. Ste¬ 
phens East, Irmo, SC 29063 

University of Pacific/Phi (1889) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 637 President’s Drive, 
Stockton, CA 95211 
President: Tracy Carter 
Rush Dates: 1/16-1/19/91 
R.C.: Liz Reynolds, 7733 S. Western, Dallas, 
TX 75225 

R.A.: Jeanne Olsen Dewitt, 1801 Orchis Ct., 
Lodi, CA 95242 

Vanderbilt/Alpha Eta (1904) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 204 24th Ave. S., Nash¬ 
ville, TN 37212 
President: Susan Harrington 
Rush Dates: January 1991 
R.C.: Cara Kammerer, 1505 Woodstock, Day- 
ton, OH 45419 

R.A.: Ann Snell Bumstead, 2311 Woodmont 
Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37215 

Vermont/Lambda (1881) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 215 S. Prospect St., Bur¬ 
lington, VT 05401 
President: Lauren McBurney 
Rush Dates: 9/8-9/16 

R.C.: Melinda Moyer, 42 Garretson Rd., 
White Plains, NY 10604 
R.A.: Bethann Bell, 359 St. Paul Street, Apt. 4, 
Burlington, VT 05401 

Villanova/Epsilon Xi (1983) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Dougherty Hall, Villa- 
nova Univ., Villanova, PA 19085 
President: Koleen Morris 
Rush Dates: 1/25-2/3/91 
R.C.: Laurie Quigley, 1510 52nd St. W., Bra¬ 
denton, FL 34209 

R.A.: Monique Blank, 959 Penn Cir., #C-503, 
King of Prussia, PA 19406 

Virginia/Delta Chi (1976) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 127 Chancellor Street, 
Charlottesville, VA 22903 
President: Laurelyn Pratt 
Rush Dates: 1/13/91 

R.C.: Katie Potts, 210 Handley Blvd., Win¬ 
chester, VA 22601 

R.A.: Kathryn Baylor, 2003 A Lewis Mt. 
Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 

Virginia Tech/Epsilon Nu (1983) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Room #313 E. Eggleston, 
Blacksburg, VA 24061 
President: Susan Callis 
Rush Dates: 1/10/91 

R.A.: Hope Hartigan Miller, 209 Pine Drive, 
Blacksburg, VA 24060 

Washburn/Alpha Upsilon (1914) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 2001 Mac Vicar, Topeka, 
KS 66604 

President: Lori Myers 
Rush Dates: 8/10-8/13 

R.C.: Paige Strohson, 6033 N. 4th Place, 
Phoenix, AZ 85012 

R.A.: Mayre Macey Hoffman, 3029 S.W. Ran¬ 
dolph Ave. #D, Topeka, KS 66614 

Washington/Alpha Lambda (1908) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 4521 17th Ave. N.E., Se¬ 
attle, WA 98105 
President: Jane Broom 
Rush Dates: 9/19-9/26 

R.C.: Christan Smith, 1201 Pecks Canyon, 
Yakima, WA 98908 

R.A.: Sara Halin, 3217 Deer Island Dr. E., 
Sumner, WA 98390 

Washington & Jefferson/Epsilon Omega 


Kappa Alpha Theta, 308 East Beau Street, 
Washington, PA 15301 
President: Nancy Weaver 
Rush Dates: 2/91 

R.C.: Molly Moses, RD #3, Box 138, Rock- 
wood, PA 15557 

R.A.: Carolyn Dean Todd, 117 Yorktown Rd., 
Mcmurray, PA 15317 

Washington & Lee/Zeta Iota (1989) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 20 Wild Turkey Rd., Lex¬ 
ington, VA 24450 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Janeth Brown Saxman, 28 Fallon St., 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Washington State/Alpha Sigma (1913) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, N.E. 850 Monroe St., 
Pullman, WA 99163 
President: Georgia Yuill 
Rush Dates: 8/17-8/24 

R.C.: Becky Andahl, 4120 S. “M” St., Ta¬ 
coma, WA 98408 

R.A.: Ann Osweiler Brokaw, 37 W. 15th, Spo¬ 
kane, WA 99203 

Washington-St.Louis/Alpha Iota (1906) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Washington University, 
Box 1182 Women's Bldg., St. Louis, MO 

Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Cynthia Schukai Bambini, 126 East 
Sarah, St. Louis, MO 63122 

Western Ontario/Gamma Epsilon (1937) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 100 Cheapside Avenue, 
London, Ont., Canada N6A 1Z8 
President: Shelia Spence 
Rush Dates: 9/22-9/30 

R.C.: Ann Marie Hansen, 100 Cheapside 
Ave., London, Ont., Canada N6A 128 
R.A.: Beverly Wray, 700 Horizon Dr. Apt. 
1216, London, Ont., Canada N6H 4T2 

Westminster/Epsilon Iota (1982) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Westminster College, Box 
8441, Fulton, MO 65251 
President: Wendy Watkins 
Rush Dates: 8/31-9/2 

R.A.: Susan Gerhart, 615 Westview, Apt. 22, 
Fulton, MO 65251 

Whitman/Delta Delta (1957) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Whitman College, Walla 
Walla, WA 99362 
President: M. Elizabeth Corning 
Rush Dates: 


R.A.: Sydney Evans Rupar, Rt. 7 Box 1545, 
Walla Walla, WA 99362 

William & Mary/Beta Lambda (1922) 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 155 Richmond Road, 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 
President: Kerbi Waterfield 
Rush Dates: 9/6-9/16 

R.C.: Julie Smith, College Station Box 3018, 
Williamsburg, VA 23186 
R.A.: Ingrid Miller, 1223G Gaskins Rd., 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Wisconsin/Psi (1890) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, 108 Langdon St., Madi¬ 
son, WI 53703 

President: Candace Baumgarten 
Rush Dates: 8/26-9/5 

R.C.: Alexis Ellicott, 108 Langdon St., Madi¬ 
son, WI 53703 

R.A.: Pamela Jennerjohn Bach, 2817 Berkan 
St., Madison, WI 53711 

Wofford College/Zeta Eta (1988) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, CPO, Wofford College, 
Spartanburg, SC 29301 
President: Tina Erlhoff 
Rush Dates: 9/9-9/15 

R.C.: Susan Ryscavage, 153 Scott St., Oak¬ 
land, MD 21550 

R.A.: Georgianne Jarrard Pate, 907 Burkshire 
Court, Spartanburg, SC 29301 

Yale/Epsilon Tau (1986) 

Kappa Alpha Theta, P.O. Box 1555 Yale Sta¬ 
tion, New Haven, CT 06520 
President: Monica Spencer 
Rush Dates: 1/24-1/30/91 
R.C.: Julia Ernst, 401 W. State St., E. Tawas, 
MI 48730 

R.A.: Willa Ridinger, 15 N. Racebrook Road, 
Woodbridge, CT 06525 


Rush Recommendation Board Personnel 

Only current information is listed in order to be 
as accurate as possible. 


Anniston: Peg Caffey, Model City Travel 
Agency, 311 E. 11th Street, Anniston, AL 

Auburn, Opelika: Mrs. David Crouse, 1105 
Blackhawk Drive, Opelika, AL 36801 

Birmingham, Bessemer, Homewood, Vestavia, 
Mountainbrook, Leeds, Trussellville, Alabas¬ 
ter, Center Point, Fairfield, Forestdale, 
Gardendale, Helena, Hoover, Hueytown, 
Irondale, Montevallo, Pelham, Tarrant, Ves¬ 
tavia Hills: Leslie Etheredge, 1726 Teak- 
wood Lane, Birmingham, AL 35235 

Decatur, Hartselle, Moulton, Lawrence and 
Morgan Counties: Mrs. Michael Littrell, 512 
Jackson Ct., Moulton, AL 35650 

Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Bay Minette, 
Eastern Shore, Baldwin County: Connie 
West, 8 Ponce de Leon, Spanish Fort, AL 

Florence, Muscle Shoals: No listing. 

Gadsden, Attalla, Hokes Bluff, Glencoe, Ala¬ 
bama City, Rainbow City, Etowah County: 

Mrs. Paul Shultz, 1235 Sangster Rd., Gads¬ 
den, AL 35901 

Huntsville; Zips: 35801, 02, 03, 05, 06, 08, 10, 
11, 16; HS: Randolph, Sparkman, Butler, 
Grissom, Huntsville, Johnson, Lee, Madison 
Academy; Gurley County 35748, Hazel 
Green 35750, Madison 35758: Mrs. Frances 
MacMurdo, 715 Randolph Ave., Hunstville, 
AL 35801 

Montgomery, Prattville, Wetumpka, Tallassee, 
Holtbrook, Eclectic, Millbrook, Elmore, 
Autauga, Montgomery Counties: Anne 
Searcy, 2001 Rexford Road, Montgomery, 
AL 36116 

Phenix City: See Columbus, GA 

Tuscaloosa, Northport, Brookwood, Holt, Cot- 
tondale; HS: Central, Holt, Brookwood, Tus¬ 
caloosa County, Tuscaloosa Academy, West 
End Christial, Northside, Hillcrest: Mrs. 
Larry Parks, 7 The Downs, Tuscaloosa, AL 


Anchorage: General Chairman, Mrs. Charles 
Booher, 4124 Irene Drive, Anchorage, AK 
99504; HS: East Anchorage: Christina 
Schmidt, 8901 Shebanof, Anchorage, AK 

Juneau: Mrs. Newton Cutler, 226 Highland 
Dr., Juneau, AK 99801 

Ketchikan: Mrs. Roger Starr, 1401 Millar St., 
Ketchikan, AK 99901 

Sitka: Mrs. Robert McGregor, 321 Wachusetts 
St., Sitka, AK 99835 


Flagstaff, Northern AZ: Mrs. Michael J. Mc¬ 
Alister, 1770 Foxhill Rd., Flagstaff, AZ 

Mesa 85201-08, Tempe 85281-84, Chandler 
85224-26, 85248-49, Gilbert 85234, Chan¬ 
dler Heights 85227, Williams AFB 85225; 
HS: Valley Christian, Chandler, Dobson, 
Westwood, Corona del Sol, Marcos de Niza, 
McClintock, Mesa, Mountain View, Gilbert: 
Mrs. Gale Stressman, 2040 S. Longmore 
#75, Mesa, AZ 85202 

North Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree; HS: 
Shadow, Horizon, Paradise Valley, Shadow 
Mountain: Mrs. Charles Adams, 11202 N. 
50th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85254 
Phoenix, Glendale 85301-06, Peoria 85345, 
Litchfield Park 85340, Avondale 85323; HS: 
Bourgade, Gerard, Xavier, Phoenix Chris¬ 
tian, Camelback, Central, North High, Al¬ 
hambra, Maryvale, Trevor Brown, Agua Fria, 
Apollo, Carl Hayden, Cortez, Glendale, 
Greenway, Independence, Moon Valley, Cac¬ 
tus, St. Mary’s, Deer Valley, Phoenix Coun¬ 
try Day, Peoria, Sunnyslope, Thunderbird, 
Washington: Mrs. Neil Ward, 7315 N. 1st 
St., Phoenix, AZ 85020 
Prescott: Mrs. Melissa Moore, 3035 Tonton 
Ridge Rd., Prescott, AZ 86301 
Scottsdale, Paradise Valley: Mrs. David Kop- 
plin, 10678 E. Ironwood Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 

Tucson, Green Valley, Marana; HS: Salpointe 
Catholic, St. Gregory, Amphitheater, Canyon 
del Oro, Sunnyside, Desert View, Catalina, 
Cholla, Flowing Wells, Palo Verde, Pueblos, 
Rincon, Sabino, Sahuaro, Santa Rita, Tuc¬ 
son, University': No listing. 

Yuma: Mrs. Ron Watson, 2440 W. 11th St., 
Yuma, AZ 85364 


Blytheville: Mrs. Newton Whitis, 1130 W. 

Walnut, Blytheville,AR 72315 
Fayetteville: Helen Burks, 1342 Maple Ln., El¬ 
kins, AR 72727 

Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood: Louise 
Watts, 2624 Broken Hill Dr., Ft. Smith, AR 

Little Rock/N. Little Rock: Mrs. Lee Ramer, 
#31 Windsor Ct., Little Rock, AR 72212 
Pine Bluff: Mrs. J.C. Campbell, 2401 Forest 
Knoll, Pine Bluff, AR 71603 


Castro Valley, Hayward 94541-56, San Lean¬ 
dro 94577-79, San Lorenzo 94580: Mrs. Law¬ 
rence J. Ratto, 2690 Oakes Dr., Hayward, 
CA 94542 

Chico 95926, Durham 95938, Oroville 95965: 

Lynn Ann Maynard Bolich, 230 Somerset 
PI., Chico, CA 95926 

Contra Costa County: San Ramon 94583, Dan¬ 
ville 94526, Orinda 94563, Moraga 94556, 
Lafayette 94549, Walnut Creek 94595, Con¬ 
cord 94519, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Walnut 
Creek 94523; HS: California, Monte Vista, 
San Ramon, Miramonte, Campolindo, 
Acalanes, Las Lomas, Clayton Valley, Con¬ 
cord, Mt. Diablo, Ygnacio Valley, College 
Park, Alhambra, Northgate, Carondelet: 
Georgianna Coggins, P.O. Box 795, Diablo, 
CA 94528 

Davis 95616: Nancy Whitcomb Roe, 2524 
Corena Dr., Davis, CA 95616 

East Bay Metro. Area: Oakland 94601-99, Ala¬ 
meda 94501, Piedmont 94610-11, Berkeley 
94701-99, El Cerrito, Kensington 94707, Al¬ 
bany 94706, Richmond 94801-99: Donna 
Moren, 44 Sierra Ave., Piedmont, CA 94611 
Eureka 95501, Areata 95521, Humboldt 
County: Mrs. Joe McClaran, 2498 Manza- 
nita, Eureka, CA 95501 
Fresno 93701-99, Caruthers, Clovis, Fowler, 
Kerman, Kingsburg, Reedley, Sanger, Selma: 

Natalie Bien Teaque, 6585 N. Haslam, 
Fresno, CA 93711 

Madera 93637-39, Chowchilla 93610, Oak- 
hurst 93644: Mrs. James Lesan, 1517 W. 
5th, Madera, CA 93637 
Marin County Area: Belevedre, Greenbrae, 
Kentfield, Ross, Tiburon, Mill Valley 94941, 
Sausalito 94965: Mrs. Peter Hollenbeck, 475 
Los Cerros Dr., Greenbrae, CA 94904; Mill 
Valley 94941, Sausalito 94965; HS: 
Tamalpais: Mrs. Robert Kylberg, 14 Midhill 
Dr., Mill Valley, CA 94941; San Rafael; HS: 
San Rafael. Terra Linda: Mrs. Robert M. 
Mertz, 283 Mountain View, San Rafael, CA 
94901; Novato 94947; HS: Novato, San 
Marin: Mrs. Richard E. Rush, 107 Wild 
Horse Valley Dr., Novato, CA 94947 
Merced 95430, Atwater 95301, LeGrand 
95333, Livingston 95334: Mrs. Ray Blevins, 
329 St. Michelle Dr., Merced, CA 95348 
Modesto 95350-56, Oakdale 61, Patterson 63, 
Turlock 95380-81, Sonora 95370, Stanislaus 
County, Empire, Newman, Hughson, River- 
bank: Mrs. Donald Payne, 505 Northwood, 
Modesto, CA 95350 

Napa 94558-59, Yountville 99, Calistoga 15, 
Angwin 08, Oakville 62, St. Helena 74, 
Rutherford 73: Mrs. Fred R. Chopping, 1063 
Century Ct., Napa, CA 94558 
Palo Alto Area: Atherton 94025, Menlo Park, 
Redwood City 94061-65, Woodside 62, 
Portola Valley; HS: Menlo Atherton, Sacred 
Heart, Sequoia, Woodside, Notre Dame, 
Crystal: Mrs. David Phillips, 127 Tusca¬ 
loosa, Atherton, CA 94027; Palo Alto 94301- 
06, Stanford; HS: Castilleja, Gunn, Palo 
Alto: Mrs. Fran Gerhardy, 11510 Sum- 
mitwood, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022; Los 
Altos 94022, Los Altos Hills, Sunnyvale 86- 
88, Mountain View; HS: Fremont, Home¬ 
stead, Los Altos, Pinewood, St. Francis: 
Joyce Mick, 10737 Magdalena Ave., Los Al¬ 
tos, CA 94024 

Redding 96001-03, Red Bluff 96080, Shasta 
96087 & Tehama 96090 Counties: Mrs. John 
Dunlap, 6431 Riverside Dr., Redding, CA 

Sacramento 95801-99, Carmichael 95608, Cit¬ 
rus Heights 95610, 95621, Fair Oaks 95628, 
Orangevale 95662, Roseville 95678: Mrs. 
Greg Rambo, 5020 Dory Way, Fair Oaks, 
CA 95628 

Salinas 93901-15, Monterey 93940, Hollister 
95023, Carmel 93923, Pebble Beach 93953, 
Pacific Grove 93950, King City 93930, Car¬ 
mel Valley 93924, Gilroy 95020; HS: Gonza¬ 
les, San Benito, N. Monterey, Salinas, N. 
Salinas, Alisal, Notre Dame, Pacific Grove, 
King City, Monterey, York, Seaside, Carmel, 
Robert Louis Stevenson, Santa Catalina: 
Mrs. Doyle Clayton, 12 Via Las Encinas, 
Carmel Valley, CA 93924 
San Francisco 94101-99, Daly City 94014-17: 
Mrs. William Diefenbach, 273 29th Ave., 
San Francisco, CA 94121 
San Jose 95101-99, Campbell 95008, Los 
Gatos 95030, Santa Clara 95050-55, Sara¬ 
toga 95070, Monteserno 95030, Cupertino 
95014: Mrs. Steven W. Gossett, 690 Bicknell 
Rd., Los Gatos, CA 95030 
San Mateo 94401-04, South San Francisco 
94080, San Bruno 94066, Millbrae 94030, 
Burlingame 94010, Hillsborough 94010, Bel¬ 
mont 94002, San Carlos 94070, Redwood 
City 94062, Half Moon Bay 94019, Pacifica 


94044; HS: El Camino, South San Francisco, 
C apuchino, Mills, Burlingame, Mercy, Crys¬ 
tal Springs/Uplands, Aragon, Hillsdale, San 
Mateo, Carlmont, Notre Dame, Sequoia, 
Half Moon Bay, Oceana: Elizabeth M. 
Chase, 1021 Merner Rd., Hillsborough, CA 

Santa Cruz 95060-66, Aptos, Ben Lomond, 
Capitola, Boulder Creek, Soquel, Felton, 
Watsonville, Scotts Valley, Aramos, Cordal- 
itos, Davenport, Freedom, Brookdale, La 
Selva Beach, Mount Herman, Rio Del Mar, 
SeaclifT: Mrs. W.W. Wilson, 201 Via Del Sol, 
Watsonville, CA 95076 
Santa Rosa 95401-07, Sonoma, Asti, Sebasto¬ 
pol, Petaluma, Cloverdale, Annapolis, Sea 
Ranch, Geyserville, Healdsburg, Windsor, 
Fulton, Guerneville, Rio Nido, Cazadero, 
Timber Cove, Ft. Ross, Jenner, Duncan 
Mills, Monte Rio, Occidental, Bodega Bay, 
Valley Ford, Freestone, Graton, Forestville, 
Rohnert Park, Cotati, Penngrove, Vineburg, 
El Verano, Boyes Hot Springs, Glenn Ellen, 
Kenwood, Gualala, Camp Meeker, Middle- 
town: Mrs. Gehrig Garrison, 2556 Antoi¬ 
nette Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95405 
Solano County; Fairfield 94533, Green Valley 
85, Suisun, Vacaville 95688 Travis AFB, Val¬ 
lejo 94590-92, Dixon 95620: Mrs. Michael 
Fadden, 13 Country Club Dr., Suisun, CA 

Southern Alameda County; Fremont 94536-39, 
Newark 94560, Union City 94587; HS: Mis¬ 
sion, San Jose, Irvington, Washington, Ken¬ 
nedy, American, Newark, Union City James 
Logan: Mrs. Virgil Young, 40708 Canyon 
Heights, Fremont, CA 94539 
Stockton 95200-12, Manteca 95366, Linden 
95236, Lodi 95240, Tracy 95376-78: Mrs. 
Herman Calad, 2811 Bonnie Brook Dr., 
Stockton, CA 95207 

Tulare County, Terra Bella, Pixley, Earlimart, 
Orosi, Cutler, Visalia, Tulare, Lindsay, 
Strathmore, Porterville, Exeter, Dinuba, 
Lemon Cove, Wood lake, Woodville, Ducor, 
Orange Cove, Corcoran, Three Rivers, 
LeMoore, McFarland; Zips: 93221, 47, 57, 
67, 71, 74, 77, 86, 91, 93461, 18; HS: Golden 
West, Mt. Whitney, Redwood, Woodlake, 
Bravo Lake, Tulare Union, Western Monche, 
Porterville, Orosi, Exeter, Lindsay, Tulare, 
Dinuba, Strathmore: Mrs. Philip Hornburg, 
3726 Hurley Ct., Visalia, CA 93291 
Ukiah 95482, Casper 20, Albion 10, Elk 32, 
Hopland 49, Willits 90, Potter Valley 69, 
Dos Rios, Ft. Bragg 37, Mendocino 60, 
Comptche 27, Booneville 15, Ft. Arena 68, 
Upper Lake 85, Lakeport 53: Mrs. Monte J. 
Hill (Kay), 1308 W. Clay St., Ukiah, CA 

Woodland 95695: Mrs. Thomas Purtell, 809 
Harvard Bend, Woodland, CA 95695 
Yuba City 95991, Colusa 95932, Grass Valley 
95945-49, Marysville 95901: No listing. 


Arcadia, Duarte, Monrovia, Sierra Madre, 
Temple City: Mrs. Robert Daggett, 536 N. 
Old Ranch Rd., Arcadia, CA 91106 
Bakersfield, Kern County: Joan Curtis, 6504 
Tevis, Bakersfield, CA 93309 
Beach Cities: Redondo Beach, El Segundo, 
Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Tor¬ 
rance, Hawthorne; Zips: 90277-78, 90245, 
90250, 90254, 90266, 90501, 90503-05; HS: 
Torrance, S. Torrance, W. Torrance, North 
High, Bishop Montgomery, Redondo, Union, 


Mira Costa, El Segundo, Hawthorne: Laurie 
Dodson, 2617 Pine Ave., Manhattan Beach, 
CA 90266 

Burbank-Glendale; Zips: 91201-08, 91501; HS: 
Glendale, Hoover, Burbank, Burroughs, 
Profidencia, Bellermine: Linda Robertson, 
3169 Country Club Dr., Glendale, CA 

Corona Del Mar: See Orange Coast. 

El Camino Real: San Clemente 92672, Capis¬ 
trano Beach 92624, Dana Point 92629, Mis¬ 
sion Viejo 92691, Laguna Beach 92651-53, 
Laguna Hills 92653, Laguna Niguel 92677, 
El Toro 92630, S. Laguna 92677: Amelia 
Hawkins (Mrs. Robert), 24665 Jonathon, El 
Toro, CA 92630 

Fountain Valley: See Orange Coast. 

Huntington Beach: See Orange Coast. 

Irvine; HS: University: See Orange Coast. 

La Canada-Flintridge; HS: La Canada, Sacred 
Heart: Kathleen Kulper, 320 Georgian Rd., 
La Canada, CA 91011 

La Jolla 92037; HS: La Jolla, Bishop's, La 
Jolla Country Day School: Mrs. Michael 
West, 2696 Caminito Prado, La Jolla, CA 

Las Vegas, NV 89101-99: Nancy Heberlee, 
3804 Apache Ln., Las Vegas, NV 89107 

Long Beach, La Palma, Cypress, Cerritos/Arte- 
sia, Avalon, Bellflower, Lakewood, Los 
Alamitos, Paramount, Seal Beach, Carson, 
Surfside, Westminster; Zips: 90620-21, 
90623, 90630, 90701, 90704, 90706, 90712- 
13. 90715, 90720, 90723, 90740, 90742-43, 
90745, 90801-04, 90806-08, 90814-15; HS: 
Artesia, Bellflower, Cerritos, Whitney, El 
Dorado, Cypress, Gahr, Jordan, Lakewood, 
Westminster, Los Alamitos, Mayfiar, Milli- 
ken. Poly, St. Anthony's, St. Joseph's, Wil¬ 
son: Mrs. Mark Ebright, 272 Granada Ave., 
Long Beach, CA 90803 

Los Angeles, Westchester, Hollywood, Beverly 
Hills, Malibu, Culver City*, Pacific Palisades, 
Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, 
Santa Monica; Zips: 9200-92999; HS: Bev¬ 
erly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Westches¬ 
ter, University, Palisades, Culver City, 
Hollywood, St. Monicas, Immaculate Heart, 
Marshall, Marlborough, Notre Dame, Mary- 
mount, Westlake, Crossroads S.M., 
Windeward S.M., Brentwood, Bel Air Prep, 
St. Bernards, Pilgrim, Hamilton: Mrs. Jack 
Boswell, 1400 Amalfi Dr., Pacific Palisades, 
CA 90272 

Newport Beach: See Orange Coast. 

Inland North San Diego County, Escondido, 
Fallbrook, Bonsall, Pauma Valley, Valley 
Center, Vista, San Marcos: Linda White 
Cowan, 2451 Valerie Dr., Fallbrook, CA 
92028: Poway, Rancho Bernardo 92127-29; 
HS: Mt. Carmel, Poway: Betty Brewer Reed, 
3216 Avendida Reposa, Escondido, CA 

North Orange County, Fullerton 92531-38, 
Yorba Linda 92686, Brea 92621, Placentia 
92670; HS: Troy, Sunnyhills, Fullerton, 
Buena Park, Sonora, Rosary, Espiranza, Va¬ 
lencia, El Dorado Breal Olinda, Canyon: 
Mrs. Donald Krpan (Gay), 19032 Lamplight 
Ln., Yorba Linda, CA 92686 

Orange Coast: Costa Mesa 92626-27, Corona 
Del Mar 92625, Fountain Valley 92708, 
Huntington Beach 92646-49, Irvine 92713- 
17, Newport Beach 92660-63; HS: Univer¬ 
sity, Irvine, Woodbridge, Newport Harbor, 
Corona del Mar, Fountain Valley, Edison, 
Oceanview, Huntington Beach, Mahna: 
Costa Mesa 92626-27: Mrs. Neal Frino, 

2836 Stromboll Rd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626; 
Corona Del Mar 92625: Mrs. John Glass- 
moyer, 1018 Sandcastle, Corona del Mar, CA 
92625; Huntington Beach 92646-49: Marga¬ 
ret Sheldon, 6871 Evening Hill, Huntington 
Beach, CA 92648; Irvine 92713-17: Dr. De¬ 
nise Habjan, 13 Night Star, Irvine, CA 
92715; Newport Beach 92660-63: Patty 
O’Desky, 1201 Berkshire Ln., Newport 
Beach, CA 92660 

Pasadena, San Gabriel, South Pasadena, San 
Marino; Zips: 91101-25, 91776, 91030; HS: 
San Marino, San Gabriel, Muir, Pasadena, 
Blair, Mayfield, Westridge, Poly, S. Pasa¬ 
dena: Sheila Ross, 1825 Ridgeway Road, 
San Marino, CA 91108 (UoP, Stanford, 
UoA, Wash.); Susan Cranston, 2585 Mel¬ 
ville Dr., San Marino, CA 91108 (Eastern 
Calif., Ore., Colo.); Loma Wallen 2350 Sher¬ 
wood Rd., San Marino, CA 91108 (UCLA, 
Berkeley, UCSB); Loma Reek, 1250 Oxford 
Rd., San Marino, CA 91108 (USC) 

Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Solana Beach, En¬ 
cinitas: Mrs. John Coughlin, 565 Van Dyke 
Ave., Del Mar, CA 92014 

Redlands, Yucaipa: Mrs. Horst Koch, 31371 
Alta Vista, Redlands, CA 92373 

Riverside 92501; HS: John Wayne North, Poly¬ 
tech, Arlington, Ramona: Morma Rakow, 
6578 Carioca Ln., Riverside, CA 92506; Co¬ 
rona, Norco: Sandra Soares, 4206 Home- 
wood Ct., Riverside, CA 92506 

San Bernardino, Arrowhead, Big Bear, Colton, 
Rialto, Running Springs, Victorville, Apple 
Valley: Mrs. William W. Troost, 3695 Ca¬ 
mellia Dr., San Bernadino, CA 92404 

San Diego: Karen Catterall, 9917-218 Scripps 
Westview Way, San Diego, CA 92131 

Orange and Villa Park 92665-69; HS: Villa 
Park, El Modena, Orange: Mrs. John 
Frackleton, 9272 Hidden Valley Dr., Villa 
Park, CA 92667 

Palos Verdes Peninsula: Palos Verdes Estates, 
Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Rolling 
Hills Estates, Miraleste, San Pedro; Zips: 
90274, 90277, 90731; HS: Palos Verdes, 
Rolling Hills, Miraleste, Chadwick, Mary 
Star of the Sea, Le Lycee Francais de Los 
Angeles: Beth Ward, #12 Peacock Ln., Roll¬ 
ing Hills Est, CA 90274 (UoP, Stanford, 
Fresno State); Patty Kitching, 1340 Via Cor- 
onel, Palos Verdes Est, CA 90274 (UCLA); 
Sally Varrichionne, 609 Avenida Mirola, Pa¬ 
los Verdes Est, CA 90274 (UC-Berkeley, 
-Irvine, -Riverside, -Santa Barbara); Marjo¬ 
rie Gwinn, 22521 Reynolds Dr., Torrance, 
CA 90505 (USC); Shelly Reid, 26104 Bark- 
stone Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274 
(Ariz. State and U. of Ariz.); Jane De 
Young, 18 Encanto Dr., Rolling Hills Est, 
CA 90274 (out of state except Ariz.) 

San Fernando Valley: Calabasas, Canoga Park, 
Encino, Granada Hills, Hidden Hills, N. 
Hollywood, Northridge, Pacoima, Reseda, 
San Fernando, Sepulveda, Sherman Oaks, 
Studio City’, San Valley, Tarzana, Van Nuys, 
Westlake Village; Zips: 91301-06, 91316, 
91321, 91324-31, 91335, 91340-45, 91352, 
91356, 91364-67, 91401-36, 91601-09, 
93063; HS: Agoura, Argyll Academy/Camp¬ 
bell Hall, Birmingham, Calabasas, Canyon, 
Chaminade, Clevelan, El Camino, Faith Bap¬ 
tist, First Lutheran, Grant, Independence, 
Kennedy, Louisville, Montclair Prep, Mon- 
tessori Int., Notre Dame, Oakpark, Pine 
Prep, Ranch Private, Royal, Van Nuys, 
Alemany, Belmont Prep, Buckley, Canoga 
Park, Caryle, Chatsworth, Corvallis, Emek 

Hebrew Academy, Ferrahian Armenain 
Academy, Granda Hills, Hart, Highland 
Hall, LA Baptist, Monroe, N. Hollywood, 
Oak Hill, Polytechnic, Reseda, San Fer¬ 
nando, Taft, Westlake: Jan Carusi, 4500 De- 
anwood Dr., Woodland Hills, CA 91364 

Santa Ana 92704-11; HS: Mater Dei, Santa 
Ana, Saddleback, Valley: Mrs. Eugene An¬ 
dres (Ann), 2467 Riverside Dr., Santa Ana, 
CA 92706 

Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpenteria, Montecito: 

Mrs. Charles Grover, 730 Kristen Ct., Santa 
Barbara, CA 93111 

Tustin 92680: Mrs Tim Randall (Missy), 12292 
Eveningside, Santa Ana, CA 92705 

Garden Grove 92640-45, 92705; HS: Garden 
Grove: Mrs. Walter Cole (Toni), 11082 
Hunting Horn, Santa Ana, CA 92705 

Ventura County, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru, 
Somis, Ventura, Oxnard, Ojai, Oakview, Pt. 
Hueneme, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Vil¬ 
lage, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Newbury Park, 
Camarillo; Zips: 91320, 91360-62, 93001-04, 
93010, 93015, 93022-23, 93030-33, 93040- 
41, 93060, 93063-66, 91460, 91462; HS: 
Santa Paula, Fillmore, Buena, St. Bonaven- 
ture, Ventura, Pt. Hueneme, Chanel Islands, 
Oxnard, Santa Clara, Royal, Simi Valley, 
Newbury Park, Camarillo, Westlake, Rio 
Mesa, Thousand Oaks, La Reina, Moorpark, 
Nordhoff, Thacher, Villanova Prep: Mrs. 
Marla Beimforde, 1590 Warwick Ave., 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 

Whittier, Downey, Hacienda Heights, La 
Habra, Montebello; Zips: 90240-42, 90601- 
06, 90631, 90638, 91745; HS: Wilson, Whit¬ 
tier, Cal, La Serna, Pioneer, La Habra, La 
Mirada, John Glen, Whittier Christian, 
Downey: Mrs. Richard Snyder, 9291 Ran¬ 
dall Ave., La Habra, CA 90631 



Calgary: Susan Constable, 3839 7A St. S.W., 
Calgary, AB T2T 2Y8 

Edmonton: Elaine Lyscholm, c/o Beta Chi 
Chapter, 10958 85th Ave., Edmonton, AB 
T6G 0W4 

Lethbridge: Mrs. W.H. Skelton, 1516 15th 
Ave. S., Lethbridge, AB T59 3R2 

British Columbia 

Vancouver: Katie Salbuvik, 576 Bamham PI., 
W. Vancouver, BC V7S 1T7 


Toronto, Southwestern Territory: Jane Lewis, 
2030 Quail Valley Dr., Burlington, Ontario 
L7H 2H7 

London: No listing. 


Montreal: Jennifer Fyfe, 1004 MacNaughton 
Rd., Montreal, Quebec H3R 3A5 


Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Nederland; Zips: 
80301-03, 80026-27, 80466; HS: Boulder, 
Fairview: Mrs. Stuart Wright, 1465 Sierra 
Dr., Boulder, CO 80302 

Colorado Springs, Chipta Park, Black Forest, 
Security, Widefield, Cascade, Divide, Foun¬ 

tain, Green Mountain, Manitou Springs, 
Woodland Park, U.S. Air Force Academy; 
Zips: 80901-19, 80809, 80814, 80817, 80819, 
80829, 80863, 80840; HS: Air Academy, 
Cheyenne Mountain, Rampart, Liberty, Har¬ 
rison, Sierra, Manitou, Fountain, Widefield, 
Dougherty, Palmer, Coronado, Wasson, 
Mitchell, Woodland Park: Mrs. Richard 
Duncan, 2413 Strickler Rd., Colorado 
Springs, CO 80906 

Denver Area Coordinator: Mrs. Dennis Al¬ 
bright, 8187 W. Harvard Dr., Lakewood, 
CO 80227; Denver 80201-49; HS: East, 
West, North, South, A. Lincoln, G. Washing¬ 
ton, J. Kennedy, T. Jefferson, Manual: Mrs. 
Jack Dillon, 138 S. Downing St., Denver, 
CO 80209; Arvada 80001-5; HS: Arvada, Ar¬ 
vada West, Pomona: Mrs. Robert Wallace, 
6672 Zinnia St., Arvada, CO 80004; Aurora 
80010-17; HS: Aurora Central, Hinkley, 
Gateway, Rangeview, Overland, Smoky Hill: 
Mrs. Ralph Hegsted, 5757 S. Laredo Ct., 
Aurora, CO 80015; Douglas County; HS: 
Ponderosa: Mrs. John Randall, 10892 Inspi¬ 
ration Dr., Parker, CO 80143; HS: Douglas 
County: Mrs. Patrick Pruim, 705 Anderson, 
Castle Rock, CO 80104; Evergreen: No list¬ 
ing; Golden: No listing; South Suburban: En¬ 
glewood, Littleton; Zips: 80010-12, 80120- 
27; HS: Arapahoe, Cherry Creek, Engle¬ 
wood, Heritage, Littleton: Mrs. Carl Smelt- 
zer, 9199 E., Radcliff Ave., Englewood, CO 
80111; West Suburban; Lakewood, Wheat 
Ridge, Golden; Zips: 80215, 80225-28, 
80033, 80401, 80403; HS: Alameda, Bear 
Creek, Columbine, Chatfield, Green Moun¬ 
tain, Golden, Jefferson, Lakewood, Wheat 
Ridge: Mrs. Jeffrey Esbenshade, 44 North 
Ranch Rd., Littleton, CO 80127 
Fort Collins, LaPorte, Livermore, Red Feather 
Lakes, Timnath, Virginia Dale, Wellinton, 
Bellvue Zips: 80521-26, 80535-36, 80545, 
80547-49, 80512; HS: Ft. Collins, Poudre, 
Rocky Mountain: Mrs. Raymond Sullivan; 
2501 N. County Rd. 11, Ft. Collins, CO 

Greeley, Ault, Eaton, Johnstown, Kersey; Zips: 
80631, 80634, 80610, 80615, 80534, 80644; 
HS: Greeley Central, Greeley West, Univer¬ 
sity, Eaton, Highland (Ault), Roosevelt 
(Johnstown), Plate Valley (Kersey): Mrs. 
Robert Dickeson, 1862 10th Ave., Greeley, 
CO 80631 

La Junta 81050: Mrs. Roger Nelson, 110 W. 

14th St., La Junta, CO 81050 
Longmont, Erie, Frederick, Lyons, Niwot; Zips: 
80501-02, 80516, 80530, 80540, 80544; HS: 
Longmont, Skyline: Mrs. Sally Gaddis, 1119 
Purdue Dr., Longmont, CO 80501 
Pueblo 81001-19; HS: Central, South, Centen¬ 
nial, East, Pueblo County: Mrs. William 
Campbell, 3318 St. Clair, Pueblo, CO 81005 


Fairfield County Chairman (Greenwich and 
Westport can be reached through the chair¬ 
man): Mrs. Harold Lewis, 15 Sylvan Rd., 
Darien, CT 06820 

Darien 06820: Mrs. Benjamin Barton, 8 Tim¬ 
ber Ln., Darien, CT 06820 
Fairfield 06430: Mrs. Harold Lewis, 15 Sylvan 
Rd., Darien, CT 06820 
New Canaan 06840: Mrs. Linda Anderson, 14 
Kings Grant, New Cannan, CT 06840 
Norwalk 06850, Redding 06875, Rowayton 
06850: Mrs. Dorothy Brown, 43 Fullin Rd., 
Norwalk, CT 06851 

Ridgefield 06877: Mrs. William Faircloth, 19 
Indian Cave Rd., Ridgefield, CT 06877 
Southport 06490: Mrs. T. Doherty, Jr., 113 
Daves Ln., Southport, CT 06490 
Stamford 06901-07: Mrs. Jeffrey Weiss, 22 
Brandywine Rd., Stamford, CT 06905 
Trumbull 06611: Mrs. John Rosen, 68 Gate¬ 
house Rd., Trumbull, CT 06611 
Weston 06883: Mrs. Richard Anderson, 32 
Wells Hill Rd., Weston, CT 06883 
Wilton 06897: Mrs. Bowen Akers, 86 Wild 
Duck Rd., Wilton, CT 06897 
Hartford 06101-06, 06110-12, 06114, 17, 19, 
West Hartford 06107, Simsbury 06070, 
Granby 06035, Canton 06019: Mrs. Linda 
Johnson, 48 Musket Trail, Simsbury, CT 


Washington, DC 20016; HS: National Cathe¬ 
dral, Sidwell Friends, Woodrow Wilson: Mrs. 
Dennis Kless, 9108 Hunting Horn Ln., Po¬ 
tomac, MD 20854 


Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Palm Beach 
County; HS: Boca Raton, Spanish River, 
Pope John Paul, Atlantic, St. Andrews: Cyn¬ 
thia E. Goodman, 960 S.W. 17th St., Boca 
Raton, FL 33486 

Clearwater Area: Belleair, Belleair Bluffs 
Beach and Shores, Clearwater Beach, Dun¬ 
edin, Indian Rocks Beach, Largo, New Port 
Richey, Oldsmar, Ozona, Palm Harbor, 
Pinellas Park, Safety Harbor, Seminole, Tar¬ 
pon Springs; Zips: 34611, 34615-21, 23-25, 
34630, 34635, 34640-44, 46-48, 34652-56, 
34660, 34664-66, 34677, 34682-85, 34688- 
91, 34695, 34698; HS: Clearwater, Country¬ 
side, Dunedin, E. Lake, Largo, Oseola, 
Pinellas Park, Seminole, Tarpon Springs, 
Clearwater Central Catholic: Lynn C. Law- 
ton, 1881 N. Hercules #903, Clearwater, FL 

Cocoa Beach, South Brevard County, Merritt 
Island, Satellite Beach, Melbourne, In- 
idatlantic, Rockledge, New Smyrna Beach: 

Jane VonThron, 529 S. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa 
Beach, FL 32931 

Daytona, Volusia County, Ormand Beach, Port 
Orange, Deland: Mrs. W. Lee Strong, 803 
John Anderson, Ormand Beach, FL 32074; 
Deland: Marcia Groover, E. Carolina Ave., 
Deland, FL 32082 

Ft. Lauderdale, Broward County; HS: North¬ 
east, Stranahan, Nova, Pinecrest, Cardinal 
Gibbons, Westminster Academy, St. Thomas 
Aquinas, Piper, Boyd Anderson, Dillard, 
Plantation, S. Plantation, Hollywood Hills: 
Mrs. Mikell McKee, 2808 N.E. 25 Ct., Ft. 
Lauderdale, FL 33305; HS: Coral Springs, 
Cooper City: Mrs. Janice McGoldrick, 2423 
N.W. 89 Dr. #105, Coral Springs, FL 33065; 
HS: Deerfield Beach: Mrs. John Becker, 
2831 N.E. 39th St., Pompano Beach, FL 

Ft. Myers, Port Charlotte, Lehigh Acres, Punta 
Gorda, Sanibel/Captiva, Bonita Springs, Es- 
tero, Cape Coral; HS: Ft. Myers, Riverdale, 
N. Ft. Myers, Mariner, Cypress Lake, Es- 
tero, LaBelle: Mary Ann Willie, 12595 Sum- 
merwood Dr., Ft. Myers, FL 33908 
Greater Ft. Walton Beach; Zips: 32531, 33, 36, 
32541, 44, 48, 32578-79; HS: Ft. Walton 
Beach, Chocta Whatchee, Niceville, Crest- 


view, Defuniak, Baker, Destin: Kay Parker, 
315 Yacht Club Dr., Ft. Walton Beach, FL 

Gainesville, Buchholz, Alachua, Oak Hall, P.K. 
Yonge, Newberry, Melrose, Keystone 
Heights: Mrs. Paul E. Funderburk, 1640 
N.W. 23rd St., Gainesville, FL 32605 
Jacksonville Area: Amelia Island, Fernandina 
Beach, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Ponte 
Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, Clay County: 
Mrs. Barbara Ricke, 12046 Acornshell Way, 
Jacksonville, FL 32223 
Miami Area: Mrs. Bert Luer, 1225 Valencia 
Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33134 
Naples: Mrs. George Goodnight, 475 Wedge 
Dr., Naples, FL 33940 

Ocala, Forest, Vanguard, Silver Springs; HS: 
Luther: Leslie Eggert Scales, P.O. Box 247, 
Weirsdale, FL 32195; Marion County: Mrs. 
Richard Alshouse, 9159 S.E. 70 Terrace, 
Ocala, FL 32672 

Orlando; Orange County; HS: Apopka: Jane 
Skinner, 1510 Tracey Dee Way, Longwood, 
FL 32779; HS: Orlando-Bishop Moore: Julie 
Champion, Box 94-1988, Maitland, FL 
32751; HS: Orlando-Boone: Leslie Blair, 
1845 Delaney Ave., Orlando, FL 32806; HS: 
Orlando-Colonial: Nancy McDonald, 8573 
Chickasaw Farms Ln., Orlando, FI 32825; 
HS: Orlando-Dr. Phillips: Nancy Beasley, 
6207 Dartmoor Ct., Orlando, FI 32819; HS: 
Orlando-Edgewater: Susan Slemons, 530 
Lakeview St., Orlando, FI 32804; HS: Or- 
lando-Evans: Pam Smith, 451 Huntington 
Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789; HS: Orlando- 
Lake Highland Preparatory: Ann Stuart, 
1221 Norwood PI., Orlando, FL 32804; HS: 
Orlando-Oak Ridge: Rose Raska, 603 Glen 
Grove Ln., Orlando, FL 32809; HS: Winter 
Garden-West Orange: Nancy Beasley, 6027 
Dartmoor Ct., Orlando, FL 32819; HS: 
Winter Park-Trinity Preparatory: Julie 
Champion, Box 94-1988, Maitland, FL 
32751; HS: Winter Park: Judi Lay, 905 
Lakeview Dr., Winter Park, FL 32789 
Osceola County; HS: Kissimmee-Gateway: 
Kim Truett, Box 1963, Kissimmee, FI 
32742; HS: Kissimmee-Osceola: Lynda 
Roth, 3050 Sawgrass Ct., Kissimmee, FL 
32741; HS: St. Cloud: Lisa Murray, Rt. 3, 
Box 1377, St. Cloud, FL 32769 
Seminole County; HS: Altamonte Springs-Lake 
Brantley: Lisa O’Laughlin, 1929 Summer- 
field Rd., Winter Park, FL 32792; HS: Lake 
Mary and Loch Lowe Preparatory: Liz Mag- 
lio, 676 Smokerise Blvd., Longwood, FL 
32779; HS: Longwood-Lyman: Sandra Os¬ 
born, 118 Northmoor Rd., Casselberry, FL 
32707; HS: Oviedo: Marilyn Bellhorn, 421 
Hillcrest St., Oviedo, FI 32765; HS: Howell: 
Cindy McDaniel, 2158 Lake Dr., Winter 
Park, FL 32789; HS: Sanford-Seminole: 
Leah Shepard, 4948 Dockside Drive, Or¬ 
lando, FL 32822 

Panama City, Lynn Haven: Mrs. James T. 
Mann, 950 Huntington Rd., Panama City, 
FL 32405 

Pensacola: Stacey Hughes, 4369 Devereaux 
Dr., Pensacola, FL 32504 

St. Petersburg; HS: St. Petersburg, Northeast, 
Boca Ciega, Lakewood, Shorecrest, Canter¬ 
bury, St. Pete Catholic, Christian, Seminole, 
Dixie Hollins, Gibbs, Pinellas Park, Os- 
celola: Jane E. Hennessy, 6900 28th St. S., 
St. Petersburg, FL 33712 
Sarasota, Bradenton, Oneco, Osprey, Venice, 
Englewood, Ellenton; Zips: 33505, 33558-59, 
33577, 33595, 33532-33: Christy Karwatt, 

2226 Lime Oak Ct., Sarasota, FL 33505 

Tallahassee, Quincy, Crawfordville: Mrs. C.L. 
Phillippy, 2954 Laris Dr., Tallahassee, FL 

Tampa, Plant City, Thonotasassa, Lutz: Gina 
F. Parker, 10116 Hampton PI., Tampa, FL 

Tarpon Springs: Mrs. Nicholas Kourchento, 60 
Kendall Cir., Palm Harbor, FL 33563 

Titusville, Astronaut, North Brevard County: 
Mrs. Walter Feitshans, 4080 Lakeview Hills, 
Titusville, FL 32796 

Vero Beach: Donna Griffith, 1624 27th Ave., 
Vero Beach, FL 32960 

Weirsdale, North Lake County, Oklawawa, 
Candler, Summerfield, Silver Springs 
Shores: Mrs. Earl Scales, P.O. Box 247, 
Weirsdale, FL 32695 


Athens, Northeast GA, Commerce, Bogart, 
Winterville, Arnoldsville, Madison, Winder, 
Jefferson, Bishop: Mrs. James Campbell, III, 
P.O. Box 90, Watkinsville, GA 30677 

Atlanta-South Fulton County & South Atlanta 
Metro Area: College Park, Eastpoint, Fair- 
burn, Fayetteville, Forest Park, Jonesboro, 
Morrow, Newman, Palmetto, Peachtree City, 
Riverdale; HS: Woodward Academy, Camp¬ 
bell of Fairburn, Forest Park, Jonesboro, Mc¬ 
Intosh, Morrow, Newman, Riverdale: Mrs. 
Ira T. Longino, 2140 W. Lyle Rd., College 
Park, GA 30337 

Atlanta-North Fulton County/North Atlanta 
Metro Area: Alpharetta 30201, Atlanta 
30305, 30207, 30328, 30342, Roswell 30075, 
30076; HS: Crestwood, Milton, North Ful¬ 
ton, Northside, North Springs, Riverwood, 
Roswell; Lovett, Mt. Vernon Christian, Pace 
Academy, Westminster: Mrs. R.E. Spears 
(Jackie), 6180 Old Hickory Pt., Atlanta, GA 

Atlanta-Dekalb County: Atlanta 30345, Cham- 
blee 30341, Clarkston 30021, Decatur 30030- 
30038, Doraville 30340, Dunwoody 30338, 
Lithonia 30038, 30058, Stone Mountain 
30083, 30086, 30087, 30088, Tucker 30084, 
30085; HS: Cedar Grove, Chamblee, Clark¬ 
ston, Columbia, Cross Keys, Decatur, Druid 
Hills, Dunwoody, Henderson, Lakeside, 
Lithonia, Open Campus, Redan, Ronald E. 
McNair, Sequoyah, Shamrock, SW Dekalb, 
Stone Mountain, Towers, Tucker, Marist, St. 
Pius: Mrs. Robert Alewine (Pat), 2087 
Mountain Creek Rd., Stone Mountain, GA 

Atlanta-Cobb County: Acworth 30101, Atlanta 
30339, Austell 30001, Canton 30114, Kenne- 
saw 30144, Mableton 30059, Marietta 
30060-30068, Smyrna 30080, 30082, Powder 
Springs 30073, Woodstock, 30188; HS: Aus¬ 
tell, Campbell, Cherokee, Etowah, Joseph T. 
Walker, Lassiter, Marietta, McEachern, 
North Cobb, Osborn, Pope, South Cobb, 
Sprayberry, Walton, Wheeler, Wills: Mrs. 
David L. Batley (Heather), 3040 Sawyer 
Trace, Marietta, GA 30066 

Atlanta-Gwinnett County: Dacula 30211, Du¬ 
luth 30136, Lawrenceville 30243-45, Lilburn 
30247, Lithonia (Shiloh HS) 30058, Nor- 
cross 30071, 30092-93, Snellville 30278, Su- 
wanee 30174; HS: Berkmar, Brook wood. 
Central Gwinnett, Dacula, Duluth, Meadow, 
Norcross, North Gwinnett, Parkview, Shiloh, 
S. Gwinnett, Greater Atlanta Christian: Ms. 
Lynda Johnson, 605 Arbor Dr., Duluth, GA 

Augusta, Evan, Martinez, Grovetown: Mrs. 
James L. Jones, 3306 Somerset PL, Augusta, 
GA 30309 

Brunswick, St. Simon's, Sea Island: Mrs. 
Thomas G. Morgan, Jr., 10 Plantation Way, 
St. Simon’s Island, GA 31522 
Columbus, Pine Mountain: Pat Benson, #5 
Chrisbin Ct., Columbus, GA 31909 
Macon: Jamie Hester, 2950 Victoria Cir., Ma¬ 
con, GA 31204 

Moultrie, Colquitt County, Pineland, Doerun, 
Mitchell County: Mrs. William McIntosh, 
18 Old Tram Rd., Moultrie, GA 31768 
Rome, Floyd County, HS: Model, East & West 
Rome, Darlington, Coosa, Peperell, 
Armuche: Mrs. E.M. Gould, Jr., 31 Berk¬ 
shire Dr., Rome, GA 30161 
Savannah: Marion Thomas, 14 E. 51st, Savan¬ 
nah, GA 31405 

Southeast GA: Mrs. John R. Bradfield, Jr., 710 
S. 5th Ave., McRae, GA 31055 
South GA, Nashville: Mrs. Bell Perry, 110 N. 

Dogwood Dr., Nashville, GA 31939 
Thomasville, Cairo, Pelham, Camilla: Mrs. 
John Higgins, 2007 Old Monticello Rd., 
Thomasville, GA 31792 


State of Hawaii: Jeannine Bendix, 238 Port- 
lock Rd., Honolulu, HI 96822 


Boise, Meridian 83701-15: Mrs. Todd Chavez, 
100 Village Ln., Boise, ID 83702 
Coeur d’Alene 83814, Post Falls 83854, Hay¬ 
den 83835: Mrs. Lee Shellman, 1201 Lam¬ 
bert Ln., Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 
Grangeville 83530-31: Mrs. Jim Schmidt, Rm. 

3 Court House, Grangeville, ID 83530 
Idaho Falls, Rigby, Shelly, Benneville, 
Rexburg, Tarreton, Roberts, St. Anthony; 
Zips: 83400-06, 83440-50, 83274: Mrs. 
James McBride, 1935 South Blvd., Idaho 
Falls, ID 83401 

Lewiston-Clarkston, WA 83500: Mrs. Michael 
Auer, 1555-7th Ave., Clarkston, WA 99403 
Moscow 83843, Potlach 83855, Bennissee 
83832: Mrs. James Morris, E. 1216 E. St., 
Moscow, ID 83843 

Orofino 83544, Kamiah 83536, Pierce 83546: 

Mrs. K. S. Laws, Box 1918, Orofino, ID 

Rupert 83350, Burley 83318, Minidoka County 

83343: Mrs. L.N. Norby, Rt. 1, Box 83, Ru¬ 
pert, ID 83350 

Twin Falls 83301-03: Susan Davis, 1855 Falls 
Ave. E., Twin Falls, ID 83301 


Alton, Godfrey, Wood River, Fdwardsville, Jer- 
seyville: Mrs. J. Edwin Sunderland, 21 Fair¬ 
mont Addition, Alton, IL 62002 
Aurora: Mrs. M.R. Kelley, 132 Calumet, Au¬ 
rora, IL 60506 

Bloomington, Normal, Colfax, Danvers, 
Gridely, El Paso, Minonk, Leroy, Downs, 
Stanford, McClean: Mrs. Craig Hart, 33 
Country Club PL, Bloomington, IL 61701 
Champaign-Urbana, Areola, Bement, Ma¬ 
homet, Monticello, Paxton, Philo, Rantoul, 
St. Joseph, Savoy, Tolono; HS: Champaign 
Centennial 61821, Champaign Central 
61820, Urbana 61801, University 61801: An- 
nilee Shaul, 1014 Lincolnshire Dr., Cham¬ 
paign, IL 61820 


Chicago Metro.: No listing. 

Chicago-North Shore Suburbs: Evanston: Bar¬ 
bara Terry, 2612 Greenleaf Ave., Wilmette, 
IL 60091; HS: New Trier: Charlotte Hayes, 
140 Kenilworth Ave., Kenilworth, IL 60043; 
HS: Glenbrook South: Sandy Bradbury, 
1735 Ridgewood Ln., Glenview, IL 60025; 
HS: Glenbrook North: Diane Chauner, 1029 
Adelaide, Northbrook, IL 60062; Deerfield: 
Mary Brown, 380 Craig Ct., Deerfield, IL 
60015; Lake Forest: Joan Baldwin, 55 Cov¬ 
entry Ct., Lake Bluff, IL 60044; Libertyville: 
Mrs. Jeff Covert, 1326 Trinity PL, 
Libertyville, IL 60048; Northfield: Mrs. 
R.R. Parcells, 323 Dickens Rd., Northfield, 
IL 60093; HS: Regina: Cathy Egan, 1240 
Oxford Ln., Glenview, IL 60025; Skokie: 
Carol Wellman, 1008 N. Sheridan Rd., 
Waukegan, IL 60085 

Chicago-Northwest Suburbs: Mrs. Bob 
Schmaus, 160 E. Cunningham, Palatine, IL 
60067; Barrington 60010: Mrs. Susannah 
Van Dam, 525 S. Grove Ave., Barrington, IL 
60010; Buffalo Grove 60089-90, 04: Mrs. Ra¬ 
mon Henderson, 922 E. Hackberry, Arling¬ 
ton Hts., IL 60004; Crystal Lake 60012: 
Mrs. M.D. Ruhl, 7112 Red Oak Dr., Crystal 
Lake, IL 60012; Elgin, Bartlett, Wayne, 
Streamwood; HS: Elgin, Larkin, Valley Lu¬ 
theran, St. Edwards, Dundee Crown: Barbara 
Chase, 45 River Bluff, Elgin, IL 60120; HS: 
Elk Grove Mrs. Les Detterbeck, 283 Firth 
Rd., Inverness, IL 60067; Elgin Academy: 
Leta Cherry, 1373 Cumberland, Elk Grove 
Village, IL 60007; HS: Fremd: Mrs. Richard 
Mottweiler, 907 White Willow Bay, Pala¬ 
tine, IL 60067; Hersey 60004: Mrs. Thomas 
Ebeling, 804 N. Hickory, Arlington Hts., IL 
60004; HS: Hoffman Estates: Mrs. Gene 
Swierczewski, 1915 Larchmont Dr., Hoff¬ 
man Estates, IL 60195; HS: Lake Park: Mrs. 

R. Gene Fickel, 11 E. Pine, Rosell, IL 
60172; Lake Zurich 60047: Mrs. Larry 
Krambeer, 785 E. Burr Oak Dr., Lake Zu¬ 
rich, IL 60047; HS: Maine South 60016,-18, 
-68: Mrs. Michael Barrett, 1126 S. Washing¬ 
ton, Park Ridge, IL 60068; HS: Maine West 
(Des Plaines): Gail MacDonald, 1506 Presi¬ 
dent, Glendale Hts., IL 60139; Palatine 
60067; HS: St. Viator’s: Mrs. Robert 
Schmaus, 160 E. Cunningham Dr., Palatine, 
IL 60067; Prospect 60005: Mrs. William 
Riggs, 705 E. Fairview, Arlington Hts., IL 
60005; Rolling Meadows 60005; HS: Rolling 
Meadows: Mrs. W.S. Tookey, 902 W. Cy¬ 
press, Arlington Hts., IL 60005; Schaumburg 
60193: Mrs. Bruce Locker-Scheer, 272 
Spring Creek Cir., Schaumburg, IL 60193; 
Wheeling: Mrs. Les Detterbeck, 283 Firth 
Rd., Inverness, IL 60067; Woodstock 60098: 
Martie Merryman, 111 Swarthmore Rd., 
Woodstock, IL 60098 

Chicago-South Suburban: Crete-Monee, Chi¬ 
cago Heights, Bloom, Flossmoor, Home- 
wood, Matteson, Olympia Fields, Park 
Forest, Richton Park; HS: Bloom Township, 
Crete-Monee, Homewood, Flossmoor, Mar¬ 
ian Catholic, Rich East, Rich Central, Rich 
South: Mrs. James Dirth, 2124 Vardon Ln., 
Flossmoor, IL 60422 

Chicago-Southwest Suburban; HS: Hinsdale 
Central & South, Benet, Nazareth Academy, 
Lyons Township, Westmont: Sue Collins, 601 

S. Strough, Hindsdale, IL 60521 

Chicago-West Suburban: Mrs. Diane Saylors, 

29 Stirrup Cup Ct., St. Charles, IL 60174; 
Glen Ellyn; HS: Glenbard South, North, 
West & East: Lisa Doyle, 187 Brandon Ave., 

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137; Naperville; HS: Na¬ 
perville Central, North, Benet Academy, 
Wybonie Valley: Mrs. Charles Rhodes, 1545 
Swallow, Naperville, IL 60565; Oak Park, 
River Forest: Rise Lissuzzo Wendt, 823 Wil¬ 
liam, River Forest, IL 60305; Wheaton; HS: 
Wheaton North: Stacey Pierce, 569-2B 
Gregory Ave., Glendale Hts., IL 60139; HS: 
Wheaton Central: Sue Kamm, 2 S. 276 Oak- 
wood Ct., Wheaton, IL 60187 
Danville, Rossville, Georgetown, Westville, 
Oakville: Mrs. William Bishop, 411 Swisher, 
Danville, IL 61832 

Decatur: Mrs. Robert Cole, 2230 Gary Dr., 
Decatur, IL 62526 

Jacksonville: Mrs. Roy Mason, 1305 Mounds 
Ave., Jacksonville, IL 62650 

Kankakee, Bradley, Momence, Bourbonnaise, 
Manteno, Peotone, Watseka: Janet Michela, 
1369 S. 6th Kankakee, IL 60901 
Lincoln, Logan, Mason County: Mary Schwab, 
3 Country Club Estates, Lincoln, IL 62656 
Princeton, LaSalle, Peru, Dixon: Mrs. J.C. 

Scott, Rt. 4, Princeton, IL 61356 
Paris, Brocton, Kansas, Scotland, Chrisman, 
Marshall, Edgar County: Mrs. Robert 
Howrey, RR 6, Box 134, Paris, IL 61944 
Peoria 61604-06, 61714-15, East Peoria 61611, 
Morton 61550, Perkin 61554, Canton 61520, 
Dunlap 61615, Elmwood, Mossville 61552, 
Henry 61537, Fulton, Woodford and Tazewell 
Counties; HS: Notre Dame 61606, 
Richawoods 61614, Woodruff 61603, Manual 
61606, Peoria Central 61604, Peoria Heights 
61614: Lynn Reno, 228 W. Morningside Dr., 
Peoria, IL 61614 

Quincy: Mrs. Larry Loethen, 2050 Prairie 
Ave., Quincy, IL 62301 

Rockford, Auburn 61103, Boylan 61103, East 
61108, Guilford 61111, ‘ Harlen 61111, 
Hononegah 61072, Jefferson 61109, Pe- 
catonica 61063, West 61103: Mrs. Kenneth 
Ritz, 105 Douglas St., Rockford, IL 61103 
Rock Island, Moline, E. Moline, Pt. Byron, 
Silvis, Coal Valiev, Milan: Pat Johnstone, 
3439 50th St., Moline, IL 61265 
Springfield, Sherman, Virginia, Petersburg, 
Laomi, New Berlin, Chatham, Middleton, 
Pawnee, Athens, Beardstown, Ashland, Tay- 
lorville; Zips: 62704, 62684, 62691, 62675, 
62661, 62670, 62629, 62666, 62558, 62613, 
62618, 62612, 62568: Mrs. Robert Prather, 
80 Oakmont Dr., Springfield, IL 62704 
Waukegan: Joan Ross, 1013 Hickory, Wauke¬ 
gan, IL 60085 


Anderson, Alexandria, Lapel, Frankton, Pen¬ 
dleton (Madison County): Mrs. Rick Wild- 
man, 1915 Hillcrest Ave., Anderson, IN 

Attica, Covington, Hillsboro, Veedersburg, Wil¬ 
liamsport (Fountain, Warren Counties): Mrs. 
G. Dale Kimbrill, 613 S. Perry, Attica, IN 

Bloomington, Spencer, Nashville: Mrs. David 
Biggs, 2709 McMillan Ct., Bloomington, IN 

Bluffton: Mrs. Andy Vogel, 327 E. Cherry, 
Bluffton, IN 46714 

Carmel: Mrs. E. Nicholas Kestner, 2123 W. 

106th St., RR 2, Carmel, IN 46032 
Columbia City (Whitley County): Mrs. Don 
Langeloh, 660 W. Park St., Columbia City, 
IN 46725 

Columbus (Bartholomew County): Mrs. Ste¬ 
phen Brown, 3440 Lantern Ln., Columbus, 

IN 47203 

Connersville: Mrs. T.C. Francis, 915 Ranch 
Rd., Connersville, IN 47331 
Elkhart, Goshen (Elkhart County): Mrs. Jef¬ 
frey Wells, 3620 Gordon Rd., Elkhart, IN 

Evansville, Mt. Vernon, Henderson, KY: Mrs. 
Larry Aiken, 928 York Rd., Evansville, 

Ft. Wayne: Mrs. Phil Larmore, 3517 Maxim 
Dr., Ft. Wayne, In 46815 
Frankfort: Mrs. Terry Myers, RR 4, Box 570, 
Frankfort, IN 46041 

Greencastle: Mrs. Gene Milner, RR3, Box 570, 
Greencastle, IN 46135 

Greenfield, New Palestine, Fortville: Mrs. Wal¬ 
ter O'Brien, 403 Winfield, Greenfield, IN 

Huntington: Mrs. James E. Brumbaugh, 5000 
W. 600 N., Huntington, IN 46750 
Indianapolis: Mrs. Phillip Nicely, 7916 Ridge 
Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46240 
Kokomo, Greentown: Mrs. Jerry Jackson, 911 
Maplewood Dr., Kokomo, IN 46902 
Lafayette: Mrs. James Risk, 2113 S. 6th, La¬ 
fayette, IN 47905 

Lebanon: Mrs. Mary Louise Jones, P.O. Box 
344, Lebanon,IN 46052 
Logansport: Mrs. Gary Miller, 6 Forest Dr., 
Logansport, IN 46947 

Madison, Hanover: Jackie Rampy, 922 W. 

Main, Madison, In 47250 
Marion: Mrs. Anthony Maidenberg, 1099 
Windsor Dr., Marion, IN 46952 
Michigan City, LaPorte: Mrs. Richard Blank, 
410 Birch Tree Ln., Michigan City, IN 

Monticello: Mrs. L.D. Dellinger, Jr., 613 W. 

Washington, Monticello, IN 47960 
Muncie, Albany, Yorktown: Mrs. Charles Sla- 
vin, 3540 W. Johnson Cir., Muncie, IN 

New Castle: Mrs. William Bailey, 2043 
Wuthering Dr., New Castle, IN 47362 
Northwest IN Chairman: Mrs. Charles Fro- 
man, Box 352, Ogden Dunes, Portage, IN 
46368; Hammond, E. Chicago, Griffith, 
Highland, Munster, Whiting: Mrs. Tim 
Fesko, 1121 Holly Lane, Munster, IN 
46321; Valparaiso: Mrs. John MacLennan, 
301 Powderhorn, Valparaiso, IN 46383 
Richmond, Hagerstown: Mrs. Kent Klinge, 11 
Parkway Lane, Richmond, IN 47374 
Rochester: Mrs. James Heyde, 728 Jefferson, 
Rochester, IN 46975 

South Bend, Mishawaka: Ms. Mira Jean 
Gasko, 720 S. Webster, South Bend, IN 

Terre Haute: Mrs. Thomas Cummins, 900 
Ridge Dr., Terre Haute, In 47803 
Union City, Winchester, Parker City: Mrs. 
Marilyn Kirwin, 526 W. Division St., Union 
City, IN 47390 

Vincennes: Mrs. Edward Theobald, 1500 
Weed Ln., Vincennes, IN 47591 
Wabash: Mrs. Kim Clark, 555 Hamlin, Wa¬ 
bash, IN 46992 

Warsaw, Pierceton, Mentone, Syracuse: Mrs. 
James Cummins, 2012 N. Bay Dr., Warsaw, 
IN 46580 

West Lafayette: Mrs. Richard Walbaum, 3014 
Soldiers Home Rd., W. Lafayette, IN 47906 


Ames, Boone, Nevada, Story City; Zips: 50010, 
50036, 50201, 50248; HS: Ames, Boone, Ne¬ 
vada, United Community, Gilbert: Jane Jor- 


gensen, 2417 White Oak, Ames, IA 50010 

Burlington, Keokuk, Ft. Madison, Mt. Pleas¬ 
ant, Henderson, IL; Zips: 52601, 27, 32, 37, 
41, 55; HS: Burlington Community, Burling¬ 
ton Notre Dame, West Burlington, Ft. Madi¬ 
son, Aquinas, Keokuk, Cardinal Stritch, Mt. 
Pleasent, Mediapolis, Danville, New Lon¬ 
don, Wapello: No listing. 

Cedar Rapids, Marian, Mt. Vernon, Lisbon; 
Zips: 52402-05, 52302, 52314, 52253; HS: 
Regis, Washington, Jefferson, Kennedy, La 
Salle, Marian, Lin Mar, Mt. Vernon: Mary 
Brown, 2467 5th Ave., S.E., Cedar Rapids, 
IA 52403 

Council Bluffs: See Omaha, NE. 

Des Moines, W. Des Moines, Urbandale, Polk 
City, Waukee, Van Meter, Carlise, Indianola, 
Johnston; Zips: 50312, 50265, 50322, 50226, 
50263, 61, 50047, 50125, 50131; HS: Lin¬ 
coln, East, Hoover, Roosevelt, W. Des 
Moines Valley, Dowling, Urbandale, 
Waukee, Van Meter, Carlise, Indianola, 
Johnston, Norwalk: Mrs. James Stewart, 
1223 20, W. Des Moines, IA 50265 

Iowa City, Coralville, Solon, Tipton, N. Lib¬ 
erty, W. Liberty, Columbus Junction, Lone 
Tree, Williamsburg; Zips: 52440, 41, 52333, 
52772, 52317, 52776, 52738, 52755, 52361; 
HS: West, City Regina, Coralville, Solon, 
Tipton, W. Liberty, Columbus Junction, Lone 
Tree, Williamsburg: Mrs. Steven Wolken, 
416 Monroe, Iowa City, IA 52240 

Sioux City, Hinton, Lemars, Lawton, Onawa; 
Zips: 51106; HS: East, North, West, Heelan, 
South Sioux City (South City, NE): Mrs. 
Morris Rasmussen, 2708 Magnolia Ct., 
Sioux City, IA 51106 

Quad Cities: Davenport, Bettendorf, Blue 
Grass, Eldridge, Le Claire, Moline, River- 
dale; Zips: 52801-04, 52806-07, 52722, 
52726, 52748, 52753, 52722, 61265; HS: 
Central, North, West, Assumption, Betten¬ 
dorf Pleasant Valley, N. Scott: Fran Eagle, 
3450 17th St., Rock Island, IL 61201 

Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Charles City, Hudson, 
La Pate City, Waverly; Zips: 50701, 50643, 
51, 77: Mrs. Robert Bradford, 395 Four Sea¬ 
sons Dr., Waterloo, IA 50701 


Dodge City 67801: Mrs. Jack Fraley, 106 Plaza 
Ave., Dodge City, KS 67801 

Hutchinson 67501, 02, 12, 14, 22, 43, 61, 70: 
Mrs. Richard Manka, 703 Loch Lommond, 
Hutchinson, KS 67502 

Independence, Neodesha, Cherryvale, Fredonia, 
Caney; Zips: 67301, 66757, 67335, 66736, 
67333: Mrs. Stewart Crow, 2724 Country 
Club Cir., Independence, KS 67301 

Kansas City and Shawnee Mission Areas: Fair¬ 
way, Holliday, Lake Quivira, Leawood, 
Lenexa, Mission, Mission Hills, Overland 
Park, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, Shaw¬ 
nee, Stanley, Stilwell, Westwood Hills; Zips: 
66106, 66202-227: Mrs. Robert Luck, Jr., 
5024 W. 73rd, Prairie Village, KS 66208; 
Blue Springs, MO: Mrs. Stephen Doyle, 504 
E. Locust, Blue Springs, MO 64015; Inde¬ 
pendence, MO: Mrs. David Bergner, 6009 
Woodside, Kansas City, MO 64133; Lee’s 
Summit, Harrisonville, Grandview, Pleasant 
Hill, Raymore-Peculiar, MO; Zips: 64030, 
63, 78, 80: Mrs. Ned Luce, 3523 Lacewood 
Cir., Lee’s Summit, MO 64133; North Kan¬ 
sas City, Gladstone, Liberty, Oakwood, Oak 
Park, Parkville, Platte City, Randolph, 
Smithville, Tiffany Springs, Weatherby 

Lake, Winnetonka, MO; Zips: 64120,64155- 
57, 64165-66, 64068, 64116-19, 64152, 
64079,64089, 64152-53: Mrs. Christine Bau- 
doin, 4029 N.E. 57th Terr., Gladstone, MO 
64119; Poplar Bluff: Mrs. Joe Scott, 1280 
Barron Rd., Poplar Bluff, MO 63901; Ray¬ 
town, MO 64133, 38: Mrs. Steven Dando, 
8604 Maywood, Raytown, MO 64138 

Wyandotte County Area: Bonner Springs, Ed- 
wardsville, Kansas City, KS, Piper, Tonga- 
noxie. Turner; Zips: 66012, 66086, 66101- 
112: Mrs. Joel Herman, 4209 W. 48th, Roe- 
land Park, KS 66205 

Olathe; HS: Olathe N., Olathe S., DeSoto, 
Spring Hill; Zips: 66061,62, 18,83: Mrs. Joe 
Norton, 12025 Goddard, Overland Park KS 

Lawrence: Mrs. Grant Ritchey, 361 Woodlawn 
Manor, Lawrence, KS 66044 

Liberal, Elkhart, Hugoton, Meade, Plains, 
Sublette, Ulysses; Zips: 67950-51, 67864, 
67869,67877,67880: Mrs. J.R. Yoxall, Rt. 2, 
Box 12B, Liberal, KS 67901 

Manhattan 66502; HS: Manhattan: Mrs. John 
Graham, 164 S. Dartmouth, Manhattan, KS 

Ottawa: Mrs. Robert Gollier, II, 404 W. 4th, 
Ottawa, KS 66067 

Salina 67401: Mrs. Stanley Vaughn, 1331 
Parkwood, Salina, KS 67401 

Topeka; Zips: 66601, 66604-08, 66610-12, 
66614-15, 66617-19; HS: Topeka, Topeka 
W., Highland Park, Haydon, Seaman, Shaw¬ 
nee Heights, Rossville, Holton, Silverlake: 
Mrs. William Barker, 1360 SW Wayne, To¬ 
peka, KS 66502 

Wichita; HS: Wichita North, South, East, 
West, Heights Campus, Southeast, North¬ 
west, Collegiate, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, 
Bishop, Carroll (all zips 672--), plus Andover 
67002, Augusta 67010, Colwich 67030, 
Derby 67037, Douglas, 67039, Goddard 
67052, Haysville 67060, Kingman 67068, 
Mulvane 67110, Newton 67114, Rose Hill 
67133, Towanda 67144, Valley Center 67147: 
Mrs. John Kratzer, 216 N. Battin, Wichita, 
KS 67208 


Danville, Stanford, Harrodsburg, Lancaster: 

Mrs. Mack Jackson, Chrisman Ln., Box 85, 
Danville, KY 40601 

Frankfort: Mrs. J.C. Roberts, 300 Ute Trail, 
Frankfort, KY 40601 

Hopkinsville: Mrs. Ted Stamper, 2610 Cox 
Mill Rd., Hopkinsville, KY 42240 

Lexington, Georgetown, Midway: Mrs. Phillip 
Scott, 763 Lakeshore Dr., Lexington, KY 

Louisville, Anchorage, Crestwood, Fairdale, 
Fisherville, Glenview, Harrods Creek, Pee- 
wee Valley, Prospect; Zips: 40201-50299, 
40031, 40023, 40025, 40056, 40014, 40027, 
40059, 40018; HS: Assumption, Atherton, 
Ballard, Brown, Central, Collegiate, Chris¬ 
tian Academy, Doss, Eastern, Fern Creek, 
Iraquois, Jeflfersontown, Kentucky Country 
Day, Male Traditional, Manual, Mercy 
Academy, Moore, Oldham County, Pleasure 
Ridge Park, Presentation Academy, Sacred 
Heart Academy, St. Francis, Seneca, Shaw¬ 
nee, Southern, Valley, W'aggener, Western, 
Youth Performing Arts: Mrs. Gary Russell, 
1605 Evergreen Rd., Anchorage, KY 40223 

Murray: Mrs. W. Donald Overbey, 107 Hick¬ 
ory Dr., Murray, KY 42071 

Nicholasville, Wilmore: Mrs. Bobby Gullette, 

628 Richmond Ave., Nicholasville, KY 

Ashland: Vicki M. Cantrell, 101 Stoneybrook 
Dr., Ashland, KY 41101 
Ft. Thomas: Mrs. Don Mclntire, 26 Willow 
Dr., Ft. Thomas, KY 41075 
Owensboro, Daviess County 42301; HS: 
Apollo, Daviess County, Owensboro, Owens¬ 
boro Catholic: Marilyn H. Mills, 2923 Tan- 
glewood, Owensboro, KY 42301 
Paris, Millersburg, North Middletown, Bour¬ 
bon County: Mrs. Arthur Hancock, III, 
Stoney Point Rd., Paris, KY 40361 
Paducah: Mrs. Dan Dickerson, #5 Meadow 
Links, Paducah, KY 42001 
Richmond, Madison and Estill Counties: Mrs. 
Dan Deane, 115 Armitage Dr., Richmond, 
KY 40475 

Russellville, Logan County: Mrs. William Fu¬ 
qua, 301 W. 6th St., Russellville, KY 42276 
Shelbyville, Eminence, Shelby County: Mrs. 
Ted Ingleheart, Rt. 1, Box 45, Shelbyville, 
KY 40065 


Alexandria, Pineville, Central LA: Mrs. John 
Campo, 420 Leonard Dr., Pineville, LA 

Baton Rouge, Port Allen, Plaquemine, Zachery; 
Zips: 70801-09, 70767, 70764, 70791: Mrs. 
Richard W. Petrie, Jr., 4614 Palm St., Baton 
Rouge, LA 70808 

Lafayette, Grand Coteau, Cade, Crowley, 
Carencro, Abbeville; Zips: 70501-08, 70541, 
70519, 70527, 70520, 70510: Mrs. Chris Ed¬ 
wards, 124 Acacia, Lafayette, LA 70555 

Monroe, Caldwell, Lincoln, Morehouse, 
Quachita Parishes, except Delhi, Lake Prov¬ 
idence, Mangham, Rayville: Mrs. James 
Brooks, 313 Rowland Rd., Monroe, LA 

Metairie, Gretna, Algiers; Zips: 70001-11, 
70053: Mrs. Barry Samuel, 340 Vincent 
Ave., Metairie, LA 70005 

New Orleans 70101-130: Mrs. John P. Cava- 
roc, 5403 S. Prieur, New Orleans, LA 70125 

Shreveport, Bossier & Caddo Parishes: Mrs. 
Ken Cunningham, 530 Turtlecreek, Shreve¬ 
port, LA 71115 


Annapolis, Anne Arundel County; Zips: 21012, 
21035, 21037, 21054, 21061, 21113-4, 21122, 
21144, 21146, 21401-05; HS: Annapolis, Ar¬ 
undel, Broadneck, Chesapeake, Key, Martin 
Spaulding, Mead, Northeast, Old Mill, St. 
Mary’s, Severna Park, Southern: Mrs. Teri 
Dimka, 1715 Gabriel Ct., Crofton, MD 

Baltimore County: No listing. 

Howard County-Ellicott City, Columbia; Zips: 
20701, 59, 63, 77, 21029, 36, 43-46, 83, 
21104, 50, 63, 21723, 37, 38, 65, 94: Ms. Le- 
anne S. Titcomb, 6123 Covington Rd., Co¬ 
lumbia, MD 21044; HS: Atholton: Ms. 
Karen Albright, 1 1825 Blue February Way, 
Columbia, MD 21044; HS: Centennial: Ms. 
Julie Pacione, 4651 Hallowed Stream, El- 
licott City, MD 21043; HS: Glenelg: Ms. 
Kelly McHargue, 5465 Columbia Rd., Apt. 
737, Columbia, MD 21046; HS: Hammond: 
Ms. Susan Pino, 10871 Beach Creek Dr., 
Columbia, MD 21044; HS: Howard: Ms. Su¬ 
san Byers, 9708 Early Spring Way, Colum¬ 
bia, MD 21046; HS: Mt. Hebron: Mrs. 
Jeffrey Pieplow, 6314 Beech wood Dr., Co- 


lumbia, MD 21046; HS: Oakland Mills: Ms. 
Marjorie A. Hudec, 5396 Iron Pen PI., Co¬ 
lumbia, MD 21044; HS: Wilde Lake: Ms. 
Linda Eastridge, 5438 Hesperus Dr., Co¬ 
lumbia, MD 21044 

Washington DC/Suburban MD: Bethesda, 
Chevy Chase, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Rock¬ 
ville, Sandy Spring, Silver Spring; Zips: 
20814-18, 20837, 20850-55, 20877-79, 
20901, 02, 04, 06, 09, 10; HS: Bethesda- 
Chevy Chase, Montgomery Blair, Bullis, 
Winston Churchill, Damascus, Einstein, Sid- 
well, Friends, Gaithersburg, Holton Arms, 
Holy Child, Holy Cross, Immaculata Col¬ 
lege, Walter Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Ma- 
gruder, Richard Montgomery, National 
Cathedral, Paint Branch, Poolesville, Quince 
Orchard, Rockville, Seneca Valley, Sher¬ 
wood, Springbrook, Stone Ridge, Wheaton, 
Walt Whitman, Woodward, Thomas Woot- 
ten: Mrs. Dennis Kless, 9108 Hunting Horn 
Ln., Potomac, MD 20854 


Boston-Metro Area: No listing. 

Boston-Outer Western Suburban: No listing. 

Boston-South Suburban: No listing. 

Boston-North Suburban: Reading 01867, N. 
Reading 01864, Burlington, 01803, Wake¬ 
field 01880, Stoneham 02180, Melrose 
02176, Lynn 01091-01, Winchester 01890: 
Mrs. Phillip Bume, 49 Emerson, Melrose, 
MA 02176 

Boston-Northwest Suburban: Carlisle 01741, 
Concord 01742, Acton 01720, W. Acton 
01720, Lincoln 01778, Sudbury 01776, Way- 
land 01778, North Andover 01845, Andover 
01810, Dracut 01826: Liz Wallace, 53 Han¬ 
cock St. #3, Boston, MA 01845 


Ann Arbor, Zips: 48103-05, 07, 08, 10; Adrian 
49221, Brighton 48116, Chelsea 48118, Dex¬ 
ter 48130, Grass Lake 48240, Hamburg 
48139, Howell 48843, Lakeland 48143, 
Manchester 48158, Milan 48160, Pinckney 
48169, Saline 48176, S. Lyon 48178, Tecum- 
seh 49286, W hitmore Lake 48189, Ypsilanti 
48197-8; HS: All above public schools, Pio¬ 
neer, Huron: Nancy Tatara, 4270 Eastgate, 
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 

Battle Creek 49015, 17, Athens 49011, Homer 
49245, Marshall 49068; HS: Battle Creek 
Central, Battle Creek Lakeview, Harper 
Creek, Pennfield, Athens, Marshall, Homer: 
Mrs. James Bauer, 468 E. Hamilton Ln., 
Battle Creek, MI 49015 

Birmingham 48008-10, Bloomfield Hills 
48013, Franklin 48025, Troy 48083-84; HS: 
Academy of Sacred Heart, Andover, King- 
swood, Detroit Country Day, Groves, Lahser, 
Marion, Seaholm, Troy, Troy Athens: Mrs. 
Gary Ford, 844 Pilgrim, Birmingham, MI 

Grand Rapids 49501, 03-09, 49512, 49546, Ada 
49301, Alto 49302, Freemont 49412, Freeport 
49325, Grand Haven 49417, Jenison 49428, 
Newell 49331, Rockford 49341, Sand Lake 
49343, Spring Lake 49456, White Hall 
49461; HS: Public schools for all the above 
cities; also: East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills 
Central, Forest Hills Northern, Kentwood, 
Northview: Cynthia Newton, 4146 Baywood 
Dr. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49506 

Grand Traverse Area (Northwest Upper MI) 
Traverse City 49684, Cadillac 49601, Charle¬ 

voix 49720, Elk Rapids 49629, Frankfort 
49635, Glen Arbor 49636, Harbor Springs 
49740, Kewadin 49648, Leland 49654, Maple 
City 49664, Petoskey 49770, Rapid City 
49676, Suttons Bay 49682, Williamsburg 
49690: Mrs. Bret Bell, 8800 Horizon Dr., 
Traverse City, MI 49684 
Grosse Pointe 48230 (Park 48230, Farms, 
Woods, Shores, 48236); HS: Grosse Pointe 
North & South, University Liggett, Star of 
the Sea: Mrs. Thomas Rhodes, 588 Lincoln, 
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230 
Jackson 49201-03, Brooklyn 49230, Clark 
Lake 49234, Napoleon 49261, Parma 49269; 
HS: Jackson High, Lumen Christi, North¬ 
west, Columbia Central, Western: Mrs. 
Charles Wrzesinski, 714 Washington, Jack- 
son, MI 49203 

Kalamazoo 49001-02, 07-09, Allegan 49010, 
Hickory Corners 49060, Lawton 49065, 
Parchment 49004, Plainwell 49080, Portage 
49081, Richland 49083, Schoolcraft 49087, 
Three Rivers 49093, Vicksburg 49097; HS: 
Gull Lake, Hackett, Kalamazoo Central, Kal¬ 
amazoo Christian, LoyNorrix, Parchment, 
Plainwell, Portage Northern Central (Cen¬ 
tral), Comstock, Mattawan, Schoolcraft, 
Vicksburg: Mrs. John Miller, 1535 Grand 
Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49007 
Lansing 48906, 10-12, 15, 17, 33, Charlotte 
48813, E. Lansing 48823, Grand Ledge 
48837, Haslett 48840, Mason 48854, Oke- 
mos 48864, St. Johns 48879, Williamston 
48895: Mrs. Philip Rosewame, 442 Green¬ 
wood Dr., Okemos, MI 48864 
Saginaw 48601-04, 07, Bay City 48706-07, 
Bridgeport 48722, Frankenmuth 48734, Free¬ 
land 48623, Midland 48640-42, St. Charles 
48655; HS: Heritage High, Arther Hill, 
Buena Vista, Saginaw High, Nouvel Catholic 
Central, Swan Valley, Valley Lutheran, John 
Glenn, Bay City Handy, All Saints Central, 
Bay City Central, Dow High, Midland High, 
St. Charles Community High, Bridgeport, 
Frankenmuth, Freeland: Marcia Rappa 
Hoffman, 5 Congress Ct., Apt. D, Saginaw, 
MI 48602 


Mahtomedia: See St. Paul 
Mankato: Mrs. Wayne Johnson, 106 S. Skyline 
Dr., Mankato, MN 56001 
Twin Cities Coordinator: Susan Nielsen, 5048 
Logan Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55419 
Minneapolis; Zips: 55401-32, 46, 52: Jennifer 
Anderson, 5521 Logan Ave. S., Minneapo¬ 
lis, MN 55419 

Anoka; Zips: 55303-04: Mrs. Cliff Nelson, 
4778 1047 Lane N.W., Anoka, MN 55304 
Blaine, Forest Lake; Zips: 55025, 55303-04, 
55434: Vicki Fjestad, 21901 Harrow Ave. 
N., Forest Lake, MN 55092 
Bloomington; Zips: 55420, 31, 37-38: Ann 
Porth, 9022 Kell Cir., Bloomington, MN 

Breck School: Pat Aafedt, 4501 E. Lake Harri¬ 
ett Rd., Minneapolis, MY 55409 
Brooklyn Park, Osseo; Zips: 55429, 30, 45: 
Mrs. Edward Michael, 7420 Bershire Way, 
Maple Grove, MN 55369 
Burnsville 55337: Mrs. Douglas Appleby, 

11225 Lewis Ct., Burnsville, MN 55337 
Crystal, New Hope, Plymouth, Rovinsdale, HS: 
Armstrong, Cooper: Mrs. D.T. Goodrie, 
2940 Alvarado Ln., Plymouth, MN 55447 
Edina; Zips: 55424, 35, 36: Mrs. David Fronek, 
5805 Long Break Trail, Edina, MN 55435; 

HS: Minnetonka, Wayzata, Orono, Hopkins: 

Mrs. Richard Holcomb, 18309 Ridgewood 
Rd., Minnetonka, MN 55343; 55343, 45, 91: 
Gail Craven 3959 Hunters Way, Minne¬ 
tonka, MN 55345 

Chaska 55318: Jeanne Rainey, 1595 Millpond 
Ct., Chaska, MN 55138 
Moorhead: See Fargo, ND 
Rochester: Pamela Smoldt, 520 15th Ave. 

S.W., Rochester, MN 55902 
St. Paul, White Bear Lake, Dellwood, Vadnais 
Heights, Stillwater, Egan, Roseville, Falcon 
Heights, Mendota, Cottage Grove, Apple 
Valley: Kim Gaul, 1926 Reaney Ave., St. 
Paul, MN 55119 


Columbus: Mrs. David Jolly, 1015 Prince 
George, Columbus, MS 39701 
Hattiesburg, Laurel, Columbia: No listing. 
Jackson, Brandon, Clinton, Madison, Pearl, 
Ridgeland; Hinds, Rankin Counties: Mrs. 
Joe Robinson, 2308 Wild Valley, Jackson, 
MS 39211 

Meridian, Lauderdale County: No listing. 
Oxford, University; Lafayette County: Carra 
Hewitt, 1750 Jefferson Ave., #6, Oxford, MS 

Tupelo, Lee County: Mrs. Jim Meeks, 2401 
William Dr., Tupelo, MS 38801 


Columbia; Zips: 65201,03, 65231, 65240,48, 
65251,55, 65262, 65270, 65072; HS: Hick¬ 
man, Rock Bridge, Centralia, Hallsville, Mo- 
berly, Ashland, Fulton, Macon, Fayette, 
Auxpasse, North Calloway, South Calloway, 
Hickman, Rock Bridge, Centralia, Hallsville, 
Moberly, Ashland, Fulton, Macon: Mrs. 
Lanny Hamilton; 3719 Woodridge Ct., Co¬ 
lumbia, MO 65201 

Jefferson City, Eugene, Bragito, Holt, Summit: 
Mrs. Ralph Duggins, 1101 Vineyard Square, 
Jefferson City, MO 65101 
Joplin, Webb City, Carl Junction, Seneca, Mc¬ 
Donald City: Mrs. Scott Watson (Stephanie), 
R.R. 5 Box 316, Joplin, MO 64804 
Kansas City and Shawnee Mission Areas: Fair¬ 
way, Holliday, Lake Quivira, Leawood, 
Lenexa, Mission, Mission Hills, Overland 
Park, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, Shaw¬ 
nee, Stanley, Stilwell, Westwood Hills; Zips: 
66106, 66202-227: Mrs. Robert Luck, Jr., 
5024 W. 73rd, Prairie Village, KS 66208; 
Blue Springs: Mrs. Stephen Doyle, 504 E. 
Locust, Blue Springs, MO 64015; Independ¬ 
ence: Mrs. David Bergner, 6009 Woodside, 
Kansas City, MO 64133; Lee’s Summit, 
Harrisonville, Grandview, Pleasant Hill, 
Raymore-Peculiar, Zips: 64030, 63, 78, 80: 
Mrs. Ned Luce, 3523 Lacewood Cir., Lee’s 
Summit, MO 64063; N. Kansas City, Glad¬ 
stone, Liberty, Oakwood, Oak Park, Park- 
ville, Platte City, Randolph, Smithville, 
Tiffany Springs, Weatherby Lake, Win- 
netonka; Zips: 64120, 55-57, 65-66, 64068, 
64116, 64188, 64118, 64152, 64079, 64117, 
64089, 64152, 64119: Mrs. Christine Bau- 
doin, 4029 N.E. 57th Terr., Gladstone, MO 
64119; Poplar Bluff: Mrs. Joe Scott, 1280 
Barron Rd., Poplar Bluff, MO 63901; Ray¬ 
town 64133, 38: Mrs. Steven Dando, 8604 
Maywood, Raytown, MO 64138 
Metro St. Louis: Ballwin, Bridgeton, Chester¬ 
field, Ellisville, Eureka, Fenton, Florissant, 
Glencoe, Hazelwood, Manchester, Maryland 


Heights, St. Ann, Valiev Park; Zips: 63101- 
47, 63011, 17, 21, 25, 26, 31-34, 42, 44, 45, 
88; Franklin County : Pacific, St. Clair, Sulli¬ 
van, Union, Washington; Zips: 63069, 63084, 
77, 80, 90; Jefferson County: Arnold, Impe¬ 
rial; Zips: 63010, 19, 28, 49-51; St. Charles 
County: Lake St. Louis, OTallon, St. 
Charles, St. Peters, Wentzville; Zips: 63301, 
03, 66, 67, 76, 85: Becky Bicklein Morris, 
405-H Enchanted Pkwy., Manchester, MO 
63021; Belleville, IL: Mary Lou Crawley, 
116 S. Fairway, Belleville, IL 62223; HS: 
John Burroughs: Mrs. Kelly Danis, 10140 
Conway Rd., St. Louis, MO 63124; HS: 
Mary Institute: Susan Jansen, 14 Chilton 
Ln., St. Louis, MO 63141; HS: St. Joseph 
Academy: Debra Bangert, 12575 Conway 
Rd., St. Louis, MO 63141; HS: Villa 
Duchesne: Mrs. Charles Madinger, Jr. 305 
Conway Lake Dr., St. Louis, MO 63141; 
HS: Crossroads, Rosati-Kain: Jean Chou- 
quette, 6175 Kingsbury, St. Louis, MO 
63112; HS: Clayton, Horton-Watkins: Cindy 
Berger, 8025 Venetian Dr., St. Louis, MO 
63105; HS: Kirkwood: Sara Losse, 330 E. 
Bodley, St. Louis, MO 63122; HS: Lafayette: 
Mrs. Janie Taylor, 1927 Rustic Oak Dr., 
Chesterfield, MO 63017; HS: Lindbergh: 
Jenny Christy, 1460 Crossbrook, St. Louis, 
MO 63119; HS: Mehlville, Oakville: Nancy 
Chambers, 4851 Daltrey Ct., St. Louis, MO 
63129; North Suburban: Sally Sieger, 1037 
Willow River Ct., Florissant, MO 63031; 
HS: Parkway West: Beth Cooper, 1620 Ma¬ 
son Knoll Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131; HS: 
Parkway Central: Jeanne Shaughnessy, 
15703 Summer Ridge Dr., Chesterfield, MO 
63017: HS: Parkway North and Ft. Zumwalt 
High: Patricia McReynolds, 1244 Creve 
Coeur Mill Rd., St. Louis, MO 63146; HS: 
Parkway South: Carol Wellman, 12911 Bea¬ 
ver Dam Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131; HS: 
Webster Groves: Judy McLane, 815 Dinard, 
Manchester, MO 63021; HS: Visitation 
Academy: Nancy Klobasa, 793 Briar Fork 
Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131; HS: Cor Jesu 
Academy: Betty Graven, 10539 Alswell Ct., 
St. Louis, MO 63128; HS: Ladue: No listing. 

St. Joseph, Northwest MO; Zips: 64501, 03- 
07, 64485: Mrs. Benjamin R. Vinyard, 1417 
N. 24th, St. Joseph, MO 64506 

Sedalia, Clinton, 65301; HS: Smith-Cotton, Sa¬ 
cred Heart, Clinton: Anne Gamer, 908 W. 
7th St., Sedalia, MO 65301 

Southeast, Charleston, Dexter, New Madrid, 
Steel, Senath, Holcomb, Malden, Kennett, 
Caruthersville, Portageville; Zips: 63841, 57, 
69, 73; HS: Kennett, Caruthersville: Mrs. 
David Haggard, 300 W. Washington, Ken¬ 
nett, MO 63857 

Springfield, Ash Grove, Billings, Alver, Fair 
Grove, Marionville, Nixa, Republic, Rogers- 
ville, Strafford, Turners, Walnut Grove, Wil¬ 
lard, Ozark, Brookline Station, Marshfield; 
Zips: 65800-10, 65604, 65610, 65631, 65648, 
65705, 65738, 65742, 65765, 65770, 65781, 
65721, 65619, 65706; HS: Catholic Central, 
Greenwood, Hillcrest, Kickapoo, Parkview, 
Glendale: Mrs. Curtis Graff, 1232 S. Dela¬ 
ware, Springfield, MO 65804 


Billings 59800-8, Huntley 59037, Laurel 
59044,80, Columbus 59019, Red Lodge 
59068, Luther 59051, Ashland 59003, 04, 
Absarokee 59001, 61, Hardin 59034, 35, 
Worden 59088: Mrs. Thomas Kennedy, 727 

Park Ln., Billings, MT 59102 
Bozeman 59715,16, Belgrade 59714: No listing. 
Butte-Anaconda 59701-04, Dillon 59725, 
Whitehall 59759, Melrose 59743, Deer 
Lodge 59722: Mrs. John Burke, Jr., 50 Burn¬ 
ing Tree, Butte, MT 59701 
Great Falls 19401-05, Belt 59412, High wood 
59844, Cascade 59421: Mrs. Dayton Kol- 
stad, 3916 7th Ave. S., Great Falls, MT 

Missoula 59801-04, Bonner 59843, Greenough 
59836, Clinton 59825, Lolo 59847, Hamilton 
59840: Mrs. Marjorie Wallinder, 5604 
Bridger Ct., Missoula, MT 59803 


Bellevue: See Omaha. 

Fremont: Mrs. Nicholas Lamme, 1750 N. Cul- 
son, Fremont, NE 68205 
Hastings: Gretchen Vondrak, 705 North Shore 
Dr., Hastings, ME 68901 
Kearney: Mrs. John Keenan, 2102 7th 
Ave.,Keamey, NE 68847 
Lexington: Jeanne Kelly, 1603 W. 37th, Lex¬ 
ington, NE 68850 

Lincoln; Zips: 68502, 508, 510, 512, 516-517, 
514, 520, 532: HS: Lincoln Southeast, Lin¬ 
coln Northeast, Pius X, Lincoln; Jane Pohl- 
man, 7340 Otoe, Lincoln, NE 68506 
North Platte: Mrs. James R. McClymont, 1207 
William Ct., North Platte, NE 69101 
Omaha, Plattsmouth, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, 
Gretna 68028, Papillion/LaVista 68046, 
Belleview & Belleview East & West 68005, 
Ralston 68127, Council Bluffs and Jefferson 
51501, IA; HS: Lincoln; Nebraska City 
68410, Waterloo 68069, Elkhorn 68022, Fre¬ 
mont 68025; HS: Westside, Duschesne, Mar¬ 
ian, Millard North & South, Burke, Central, 
Brownell-Talbot, Benson: Kristi Davick, 
3113 S. 109 St., Omaha, NE 68144 
Scottsbluft Gering, Mitchell, Harrison: Mrs. 
Tom Palmer, 1019 E. 38th St., ScottsblufT, 
NE 69361 

Sidney: Julia Peetz, R.R. 1, P.O. Box 36, Sid¬ 
ney, NE 69162 


Carson City 89701, Gardnerville 89401, Vir¬ 
ginia City 89440, Minden 89423: Mrs. Kirk 
Kinne, 706 W. 5th St., Carson City, NV 

Fallon 89406: Mrs. John Berlin, 1800 Union 
Ln., Fallon, NV 89406 
Las Vegas 89101-99: See Southern CA. 

Reno 89501-99, Sparks 89431-33; HS: Reno, 
Earl Wooster, Robert McQueen, Edward 
Reed, Sparks, Proctor Hug, Bishop Manague 
Catholic: Mrs. Claude Hunter, 1047 Forest 
St., Reno, NV 89509 

Zephyr Cove, Glenbrook 89448, Stateline 
89449; HS: George Whittell: Mrs. Gene Em- 
pey, P.O. Box 707, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448 


Albuquerque; Corrales, 87114, Rio Rancho 
87124, Los Lunes 87003; HS: Albuquerque, 
Highland 87106; West Mesa, Rio Grande 
87105; Sandia Preparatory, Valley 87107, La 
Cueva, Albuquerque Academy, Del Norte 
87109; Sandia, St. Pius X 87110; Eldorado, 
Manzano 87112; Cibola 87114: Mrs. Nick 
Franklin, 14 La Villita Cir. N.E., Albuquer¬ 
que, NM 87112 

Hobbs: Mrs. Gary Schubert, 1814 N. Vega, 

Hobbs, NM 88240 

Roswell 88201; Clovis 88101, Artesia 88210, 
Lovington, Ruidosa 88345, Capitan 88316, 
Cloudcraft 88317, Hagerman 88232, Portales 
88130; HS: Roswell, Goddard: K.H. Liakos 
(Kay), 1000 N. Lea, Roswell, NM 88201 


Bronxville, 10708: Mrs. Bailey Brown, 70 
Burkewood Rd., Mt. Vernon, NY 10552 

Nassau County, 11001-11051 & 11501-11743: 

No listing. 

New York City, 10000-10472 & 11101-11435: 
Kellyann Kenny, Building 315, #B-5, Gov¬ 
ernors Island, New York, NY 10004 

Rochester 14601-14627, Fairport 14450, Brigh¬ 
ton 14610, Canandigua 14424, Pittsford 
14534, Penfield 14526, Webster 14580, Avon 
14414, Batavia 14020, Geneva 14456, Hilton 
14468, Leroy 14482, Macedon 14502, 
Spencerport 14559, Scottsville 14546, Sodus 
14551, Williamson 14589: Susan Beyerle, 24 
Montpelier Cir., Rochester, NY 14618 

Larchmont 10538, Scarsdale 10583, 
Mamaroneck 10543, White Plains 10601- 
10606: Mrs. Salvadore Pepe, 31 Grove Ln., 
Bronxville, NY 10708 

Suffolk County; Zips: 11743-11971: No listing. 


Charlotte Area: Lake Wylie, SC; Concord, NC; 
Clover, SC: Mrs. Susan Nolton, 3730 
Rhodes Ave., Charlotte, NC 28210 

Greensboro, Summerfield, Jamestown: Mrs. 
Jane Peterson, 7 Dunaway Ct., Greensboro, 
NC 27408 

Winston-Salem, Clemons, Lewisville, 
Pfafftown, Walkertown: Mrs. C.W. Fitzger¬ 
ald, 2025 Virginia Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 


Bismark: No listing. 

Dickinson, Beach, Belfield, Richardton, Kil- 
deer, New England: Mrs. Eugene Jackson, 
1067 5th Ave. W., Dickinson, ND 58601 

Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead: Mrs. Mervin 
Nordeng, 2825 S. 12th, Fargo, ND 58103 

Grand Forks: Mrs. Derby Emerson, 905 25th 
Ave. S., Grand Forks, ND 58201 

Valley City: Susan Johnson, 1126 S.W. 10th 
St., Valley City, ND 58072 


Akron Area: Barberton, Copley, Hudson, Ken- 
more, Tallmadge, Wadsworth, Bath, Rich¬ 
field, Ravenna, Doylestown: Mrs. David 
Beckley, 102 Kenilworth, Akron, OH 44313; 
Cuyahoga Falls, Kent, Silver Lake, Stow: 
Mrs. Gene Kelly, 1373 Whippoorwill Trail, 
Stow, OH 44224 

Bellefontaine, Logan County: Mrs. John B. 
Kelly, 1108 Knowlton Rd., Bellefontaine, 
OH 43311 

Canton, Louisville, Massillon: Mrs. Gary Brad- 
way, 901 22nd St. N.E., Canton, OH 44714 

Cincinnati Area: Laura Stewart, 3094 Victoria 
Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208; Northern KY, 
Covington, Ft. Thomas, Park Hills: Mrs. 
John Bergs, 224 Edgewood, Ft. Mitchell, 
KY 41011 

Cleveland Area: East Side: Laurel Hanson, 
13800 Fairhill Rd. #410, Shaker Hts., OH 
44120; West Side, Bay Village, Fairview 


Park, Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake, 
North Olmsted, Berea, Middleburgh 
Heights, Olmsted Falls, Strongsville: Mrs. 
James Wood, 30607 Salem Dr., Bay Village, 
OH 44140 

Columbus Area: Joyce Blake, 1512 Lafayette 
Dr., Columbus, OH 43220; Bexley; HS: Co¬ 
lumbus School for Girls: Mrs. James Powers, 
265 S. Parkview, Columbus, OH 43209; Ga¬ 
hanna: Mrs. Richard Anderson, 3811 Ride¬ 
nour Rd.. Columbus, OH 43219; HS: Upper 
Arlington: Karen Keim, 1389 Camelot Dr., 
Columbus, OH 43220; Dublin: Mrs. John 
Pelton, 5431 Lanark Ct., Dublin, OH 
43017; Westerville: Kathy Gongwer, 195 
Sunset Dr., Westerville, OH 43081; Whet¬ 
stone; HS: Centennial, Watterson: Mrs. Ed¬ 
ward Dunn, 3565 Shattuck Ave., Whetstone, 
OH 43220; Worthington: Mrs. John 
Galipault, 161 Tucker Dr., Worthington, 
OH 43085 

Dayton Area: Mrs. Joseph Laubenthal, 158 
Greenmount Blvd., Dayton, OH 45419; HS: 
Archbishop Alter: Mrs. John Taylor, 321 
Glenridge Rd., Dayton, OH 45429; HS: 
Centerville: Mrs. Gene Cook, 1249 Cedar 
Creek Cir., Dayton, OH 45459; HS: Fair¬ 
mont: Mrs. Jerome Millhouse, 6715 York- 
cliff PL, Dayton, OH 45459; HS: Greene 
County, Carroll: Mrs. Gregg S. Locher, 2401 
Brown Bark Dr., Beavercreek, OH 45431; 
HS: Northmont: Mrs. Richard Penry, 4010 
Willow Creek Dr., Dayton, 45415; HS: W. 
Carrolton: Mrs. Richard Eiken, 2080 W. 
Alex-Bellbrook Rd., Dayton, OH 43459 
Findlay: Mrs. Harold Corbin, 2801 S. Main 
St., Findlay, OH 45840 
Gallipolis: Mrs. Robert Jenkins, 240 First 
Ave., Gallipolis, OH 45631 
Granville: Mrs. Howard Dellard, P.O.Box 380, 
Granville, OH 43023 

Lancaster, Baltimore, Millersport, 
Pleasentville, New Lexington, Carroll, Ca¬ 
nal, Winchester, Thurston, Amanda, Bre¬ 
men, Rushville, Somerset, Sugar Grove: Mrs. 
Beth Sparks, 1385 N. High St., Lancaster, 
OH 43130 

Lima: Mrs. Jane Schmidt, 616 Gloria, Lima, 
OH 45805 

Mansfield: Mrs. John Heringhaus, 316 West- 
gate Dr., Mansfield, OH 44906 
Medina County: Mrs. David Jones, 9199 Deer¬ 
field Dr. Box 282, Westfield Center, OH 

Middletown, Monroe, Franklin, Springboro, 
West Chester, Trenton: Mrs. Anthony Cha¬ 
ney, 7404 Mont Cir., Middletown, OH 

Mt. Vernon: Mrs. James Beam, 120 E. Chest¬ 
nut St., Mt. Vernon, OH 43050 
Newark: Ann Shirley, 161 Gregory Dr., New¬ 
ark, OH 43055 

Sylvania: Mrs. Kevin Kenney, 5448 Radcliff 
Rd., Sylvania, OH 43560 
Toledo Area: Mrs. Howard Rehklau, 7811 
Dunhill, Sylvania, OH 43560 
Xenia: Mrs. Gregg S. Locher, 2401 Brown 
Bark Dr., Beavercreek, OH 45431 
Youngstown, Boardman, Canfield, Poland: Mrs. 
Thomas Evans, 7732 Silver Fox Dr., Board- 
man, OH 44512 


Ardmore 73401, Healdton 73438, Madil 73446, 
Marietta 73448, Ringling 73456: Mrs. Keith 
Crites, 1716 3rd S.W., Ardmore, OK 73401 
Bartlesville: Mrs. Mary Byrd, 1509 S.E. Hill- 

crest, Bartlesville, OK 74006 
Duncan 73533, Commanche 73529, Marlow 
73055, Waurika 73573, Velma 73091: Mrs. 
Tom Ellis, 1014 Beech, Duncan, OK 73533 
Edmond; Zips: 73034-83, 13; HS: Edmond, 
Deer Creek, Oklahoma Christian: Mrs. 
Mark Patton, 2440 Tedington, Edmond, OK 

Enid 73701-03, Carrier 73727, Covington 
73730, Deer Creek 74636, Douglas 73733, 
Drummond 73735, Garber 73738, Hunter 
74640, Jet 73749, Kremlin 73753, Lahoma 
73754, Lamont 74643, Medford 73759, Nash 
73761, Pond Creek 73766, Waukomis 73773: 
Mrs. Jim Harris, Box 185, Kremlin, OK 

Guthrie: Mrs. Rob Hudson, 715 E Noble, 
Guthrie, OK 73044 

Lawton 73501-507, Cache 73527, Elgin 73538, 
Geronimo 73543: Mrs. Ernest Godlove, 726 
N.W. 46th, Lawton, OK 73505 
McAlester 74501-02, Antlers 74523, Eufaula 
74432, Haileyville 74546, Hartshorne 74547, 
Atoka 74525, Wilburton 74578: Mrs. Chuck 
Tippit, 502 Dove Dr., McAlester, OK 74501 
Miami 74354, Grove 74344, Welch 74369: Mrs. 
J.F. Robinson, Jr., 1910 Lincoln Blvd., Mi¬ 
ami, OK 74354 

Midwest City 73110, 130, Del City 73115, 
Choctaw 73020; HS: Carl Albert: Mrs. Tom 
Miller, 9636 Nawassa, Midwest City, OK 

Moore: Mrs. Larry Basden, 13112 E. Valley 
Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73170 
Muskogee 74401-03, Ft. Gibson 74434, Gore 
74435, Sallisaw 74955, Stigler 74462, Tahle- 
quah 74464; 74465, Vian 74962, Wagoner 
74467 & 77: Mrs. E.P. Couch, 1320 W. Ok¬ 
mulgee, Muskogee, OK 74401 
Norman: Mrs. Richard Hall, 327 Merkle Dr., 
Norman, OK 73069 

Oklahoma City 73101-90, HS: Casady, Heri¬ 
tage Hall, McGuiness, Oklahoma City Pub¬ 
lic, Putnam City: Mrs. Tom Glover, 9904 
Lakeshore Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73120 
Okmulgee 74447, Beggs 74421, Dewar 74431, 
Henryetta 74437, Morris 74445, Preston 
74456, Schulter 74460: Mrs. Bill Forman, 
1900 Crestview Dr., Okmulgee, OK 74447 
Pawhuska 74056, Barnsdall 74002, Bowring 
74009, Fairfax 74637, Foraker 74638, Grai- 
nola 74639, Hominy 74035, Shidler 74637, 
74035, 74652, 74084: Mrs. Harry Benson, 15 
Hillcrest Dr., Pawhuska, OK 74056 
Ponca City 74601, Blackwell 74631, Braman, 
Newkirk 74647, Tonkawa 74653: Mrs. Mari¬ 
lyn Fleming, 152 Dove, Ponca City, OK 

Shawnee 74801, Bethel 74724, McCloud 
74851, Meeker 74858, Seminole 74868, Te- 
cumseh 74873, Wowka 74884: Mrs. Tony 
Wall, 7 Country Club Rd., Shawnee, OK 

Stillwater 74074-75, Glencoe 74032, Mulhall 
73063, Perkins 74059, Perry 74032: Mrs. 
Bob Hert, 2010 Wildwood Dr., Stillwater, 
OK 74075 

Tulsa Metro. Area: Tulsa-74114, 74127, 74128, 
74105, 74129, 74135, 74126, 74133, 74106, 
74112, 74107; Jenks 74037; Broken Arrow 
74012; HS: All public and private schools: 

Mrs. Murry Fleming, 3505 E. 100th St., 
Tulsa, OK 74137 

Woodward 73801, Beaver 73932, Buffalo 
73834, Mooreland 73852, Shattuck 73858: 

Mrs. John Sparks, 3611 Cedar Ridge Ln., 
Woodward, OK 73801 


Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside, Knappa: Mrs. 
Vincent F. Dulcich, 780 Alameda, Astoria, 
OR 97103 

Central OR; Bend, Black Butte, Camp Sher¬ 
man, La Pine, Madras, Powell Butte, 
Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver: Mrs. 
Brad Brockway, 2087 N.W. Cascade View 
Dr., Bend, OR 97701 

Corvallis, Albany: Mrs. A1 Riesen, 742 N.W. 
Scenic Dr., Albany, OR 97321 

Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, Coburg: 
Mrs. Brad Asbury, 2075 Hubbard Ln., Eu¬ 
gene, OR 97403 

La Grande, Grande Ronde Valley, Josepy, En¬ 
terprise: Mrs. Pat Vaughn, 702 Second St., 
La Grande, OR 97850 

Pendleton, Pilot Rock: Mrs. Mac Levy, 1230 
N.W. King Ave., Pendleton, OR 97801 

Portland: Mrs. J.W. Meadows, 7370 S.W. 140, 
Beaverton, OR 97005 

Roseburg: Mrs. Ronald Olson, 1933 N.W. La¬ 
mont, Roseburg, OR 97470 

Salem, McMinnville, Monmouth, Woodburn, 
Dallas, Mt. Angel, Silverton, Sublimity, 
Turner, Gervais, Independence: Mrs. John 
Honey, 3329 Camellia Dr. S., Salem, OR 

Southeastern OR; Klamath Falls, Lakeview, 
Malin, Merrill, Tutlelake, CA: Mrs. Patrick 
Cavanaugh, 1944 Huron, Klamath Falls, 
OR 97601 

Southern OR; Medford, Central Point, Ash¬ 
land, Gold Hill, Grants Pass, Jacksonville, 
Talent: Mrs. William Fowler, 1900 Hillcrest 
Rd., Medford, OR 97504 


Zips 17000,18000, 19000 (Unless town, school 
or zip code is specifically listed): Contact 
eastern PA State Chairman 

Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Emmaus (Le¬ 
high Valley), Center Valley, Zionsville, 
Macungie: Mrs. Joseph Iudicello, 1430 Lin¬ 
coln Pwky. W., Allentown, PA 18104 

Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Mechanics- 
burg, Lemoyne, New Cumberland, Hershey, 
Steelton; HS: Central & East Dauphin, Sus¬ 
quehanna, Harrisburg, William Penn, Red- 
land, Cedar Cliff, Bishop McDevitt, E. 
Pennsboro, Middletown, Steelton-Highspire, 
Carlisle, Milton Hershey: Mrs. Ruth Salis¬ 
bury, Metro Coordinator, 1490 Brandt Ave., 
New Cumberland, PA 17070; HS: Cumber¬ 
land: Mrs. Henry Petri, 474 Woodcrest Dr., 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055; HS: Carlisle: 
Mrs. George Shuman, 401 S. College, Car¬ 
lisle, PA 17013; HS: Camp Hill: Sue Wald- 
ner, 614 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg, PA 17101; 
HS: Harrisburg Academy: Gwen Wood, 317 
Woodland Ave., New Cumberland, PA 
17070; HS: Hershey, Lower Dauphin: Mary 
Kay Haynes, 813 Providence Cir., Hummel- 
stown, PA 17036; HS: Mechanicsburg, Trin¬ 
ity: Mrs. Dean Wharton, 813 Flintlock 
Ridge, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Philadelphia Area (Unless town, school or zip 
code is specifically listed): Contact Metro 
Coordinator 18901-19490: Kristy Catalano, 
Metro Coordinator, 495 Cedar Hollow Dr., 
Yardley, PA 19067; HS: Agnes Irwin: Mrs. 
Stewart Spahr, 3523 Caley Rd., Newtown 
Square, PA 19073; HS: Archbishop Wood: 
Ms. Sharon Tremewen, 35 Pine Run PL, 
Holland, PA 18966; HS: Bristol: Mrs. Pat 
Picariello, 254 Radcliff St., Bristol, PA 


19007; HS: Central Bucks East: Kristy Cata¬ 
lano, 495 Cedar Hollow Dr., Yardley, PA 
19067; HS: Conestoga: Mrs. C.B. Chace. Jr., 
768 Old State Rd., Berwyn, PA 19312; HS: 
Germantown: Mrs. Craig Toedtman, 402 
Wood Dr., Blue Bell, PA 19422; HS: Harri- 
ton: Mrs. Leonard Magargee, 108 Orchard 
Way, Rosemont, PA 19010; HS: Pennsbury, 
Council Rock: Mrs. Ann Cunningham, 1024 
Havard Dr., Yardley, PA 19057; HS: Wissa- 
hickon: Mrs. F. Glenn Breen, 1004 Gypsy 
Hill Rd., Ambler, PA 19002; HS: Springdale 
School: Mrs. John Simensen, P.O. Box 446, 
Worcester, PA 19490; HS: Marple-New- 
town: Mrs. Donald Mills, 4113 Battles Ln., 
Newtown Square, PA 19073; HS: Lower 
Merion, Lower Moreland, Radnor, Shipley, 
Strathaven, West Chester/Chaddsford: No 


Erie, Edinboro, Girard, Northeast: Mrs. A.R. 
Blotter, 810 Wedgewood Dr., Erie, PA 

Meadville, Crawford County: Mrs. Joseph 
Palmiero, 1136 Ridgemont Dr., Meadville, 
PA 16335 

Pittsburgh Area Zip Codes 15015-15399 (Un¬ 
less town, school or zip code is specifically 
listed): No listing. Bethel Park 15102: Mrs. 
John R. Odell, 5953 Dublin Rd., Bethel 
Park, PA 15102; Coraopolis 15108: Mrs. 
Paul E. Smith, 959 Thom Run Dr., Corao¬ 
polis, PA 15108; Glenshaw 15116: Ms. Bar¬ 
bara Gilbert, 805 Pictwood Dr., Pittsburgh, 
PA 15116; McKeesport 15131-32, 53: No 
listing; Sewickley 15143: Mrs. Giles Gaea, 
525 Pine Rd., Sewickley, PA 15143; HS: El¬ 
lis, W'inchester-Thurston, Shadyside Acad¬ 
emy: Mrs. William A. McCloskey, 4711 
Bayard St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213; Zips: 
15218, 15221; HS: Edgewood, Swissvale, 
Churchill, Forest Hills, Woodland Hills: 
Mrs. Melfard Douglass, 307 Beech St., Pitts¬ 
burgh, PA 15218; Mt. Lebanon 15228, 
15243: Mrs. David C. Skelly, 956 Country 
Club Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15228; Pleasant 
Hills 15236; HS: Jefferson: Ms. Jane Polick, 
211 Lynn Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15236; Mc¬ 
knight 15237: Mrs. Donald Morine, 2147 
Poor Richards Ln., Pittsburgh, PA 15237; 
HS: North Allegheny: No listing; HS: North 
Hills: Mrs. Greg Lytle, 1 Glenview Dr., 
Pittsburgh, PA 15237; Fox Chapel 15238: 
No listing; Plum Borough 15239: Mrs. 
Nancy Kuritzky, 4928 Havana Dr., Pitts¬ 
burgh, PA 15239; Upper St. Clair 15241: 
Mrs. John G. Shortridge, 1823 Tragone Dr., 
Pittsburgh, PA 15241; Washington 15301: 
Mrs. Wilfred R. Cameron, 952 E. Beau St., 
Washington, PA 15301; McMurray 15317: 
Mrs. Kenneth Lippencott, 123 Scenery Dr., 
McMurray, PA 15317 

State College: Mrs. William Yendol, 242 
Whitehall Rd., State College, PA 16801 


Charleston; Goose Creek, Hannahan, Isle of 
Palms, Ladson, Mt. Pleasant, N. Charleston, 
Summerville: Mary Ann Bolchoz, 34 Lamp- 
tin Rd., Charleston, SC 29407 

Columbia, W. Columbia, Cayce, Irmo, Lexing¬ 
ton: Angela Brown, 4443 Bethel Church Rd. 
#1, Columbia, SC 29206 

Greenville; Easley, Fountain Inn, Greer, Maul¬ 
din, Simpsonville, Taylors, Traveler’s Rest: 

Mrs. James H. Dominick, 104 Shinleaf Dr., 
Greenville, SC 29615 

Spartanburg; Duncan, Landrum, Lyman, Wood¬ 
ruff, Chesnee: Mrs. W.H. Nixon, 1016 
Glendalyn Cir., Spartanburg, SC 29302 


Aberdeen: Vicki Kartio, 810 16th Ave., N.E., 
Aberdeen, SD 57401 

Huron: Jean Ann Beach, 1737 McClellan Dr., 
Huron, SD 57350 

Mitchell: Yvonne Palli, 1616 5th Ave., Mitch¬ 
ell, SC 57301 

Rapid City: Claudia Bums, 4461 W. Glenn PI., 
Rapid City, SD 57701 

Sioux Falls; Zips: 57101-07, 57116; HS: Wash¬ 
ington, Lincoln, O’Gorman: Mrs. David 
MacNally, 3521 Spencer Blvd., Sioux Falls, 
SD 57105 

Vermillion, Elk Point, Beresford, Centerville: 

Mrs. Vern Holter, 219 N. Yale, Vermillion, 
SD 57069 

Watertown: Mrs. T.J. Green, 474 S. Lake Dr., 
Watertown, SD 57201 


Bristol, Elizabetstol, Elizabethton, Greenville, 
Johnson City, Kingsport; TN: Abington, Big 
Stone Gap, Bristol, Marion: No listing. 

Chattanooga, Hixson, Lookout Mountain, Red 
Bank, Signal Mountain, East Ridge: No list¬ 

Clarksville: Mrs. Ben Kimbrough, 14 Trahern 
Terr., Clarksville, TN 37040 

East TN-Southwest VA: See Virginia. 

Gallatin: Mary Baker, 138 E. Franklin, Apt. 
502, Gallatin, TN 37066 

Jackson: Mrs. Ben House, 4 Broadfield, Jack- 
son, TN 38301 

Knoxville, Maryville, Oak Ridge, LaFollette; 
Knox County: Mrs. James Crook, 3905 Wi- 
lani Rd., Knoxville, TN 37919 

Memphis (except AL universities): Ann John¬ 
ston, 6775 River Birch, Memphis, TN 
38119; AL universities: Mrs. Russell Stadel- 
man, 8399 Dell Oak Cove, Germantown, 
TN 38138 

Murfreesboro: Mrs. Ross McClain, 1102 S.E. 
Broad St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Nashville 37215, 205, 064, 027; Brentwood, 
Franklin; HS: St. Cecelia, Franklin Rd., 
BGA, Harpeth Hall: Diane Vaughn, 4300 
Estes Rd., Nashville, TN 37215 


Abilene 79601-08; Albany 76430, Baird 79504, 
Sweetwater 76442, 79556: Mrs. Austin King, 
1134 S. Leggett, Abilene, TX 79605 

Amarillo 79101-121, Borger 79007; HS: Ama¬ 
rillo, Tascosa, Pala Duro, Caprock: Mrs. H. 
Fred Johnson, 2409 Van Buren, Amarillo, 
TX 79109 

Arlington 76003-05, 76010-19; HS: Lamar, 
Sam Houston, Martin, Arlington: Mrs. Da¬ 
vid Russell, 1106 San Juan Ct., Arlington, 
TX 76012 

Austin 78701-78758; HS: Austin, McCallum, 
Anderson, Westlake, Hyde Park, Crockett, 
Travis, Johnston, L.B.J., Lanier Highs: Mrs. 
Robert Ehrlick, Jr., 2604 Wooldridge, Aus¬ 
tin, TX 78703 

Beaumont 77702-40: Mrs. Howard Nichols, 40 
Avenue of the Oaks, Beaumont, TX 77707 

Big Spring 79720, Colorado City 79512, Snyder 
79549: Mrs. Harold Rosson, 2605 Ann Dr., 

Big Spring, TX 79720 

Bryan 77801, 02, College Station 77840; 
Brazos, Grimes, Burleson Counties: Mrs. A1 
Toler, 2905 Partridge Cir., Bryan, TX 77802 

Clear Lake 77059, Alvin 77511, Friendswood 
77546, LaPorte 77571, Nassau Bay 77058, 
Pearland 77581, Seabrook 77586: Mrs. 
Royce Popp, 15918 Stonehaven, Houston, 
TX 77059 

Cleburne & Johnson Counties; Cleburne 76031, 
Alvarado 76009, Burleson 76028, Grandview 
76050, Joshua 76058, Rio Vista 76093, Ve¬ 
nus 76084, Godley 76044: Mrs. Sam Walls, 
701 Hyde Park Blvd., Cleburne, TX 76031 

Corpus Christi 78404-18, Alice 78332, Rob- 
stown 78380, Kingsville 78363, Sinton 
78387, Taft 78390: Mrs. Leo James Welder, 
Jr., 345 Grant, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 

Dallas; HS: Dallas ISD, Highland Park, Car¬ 
rollton, Farmers Branch, Lake Highlands, all 
private schools (Not included: Grand Prairie, 
Irving, Mesquite, Richardson, Garland): 
Mrs. Peter Roe 6466 Cedar Hollow, Dallas, 
TX 75248; Mrs. Clare Stanton, 4104 Stan¬ 
ford, Dallas, TX 75225 (SMU); Laney Ad¬ 
ams, 9315 Trailhill, Dallas, TX 75238 
(Texas A&M); Mrs. Donald L. Gosting, Jr., 
9635 Whitehurst, Dallas, TX 75243 (Bay¬ 
lor); Mrs. Guy H. Kerr, 4216 Southwestern, 
Dallas, TX 75225 (Texas Tech, TCU); Mrs. 
Tom B. Rhodes, 3517 Drexal Dr., Dallas, 
TX 75205 (Ole Miss, AZ State); Mrs. Robert 
P. Oliver, 5415 Merrimac Ave., Dallas, TX 
75206 (Duke, Vanderbilt, U. VA); Mrs. 
Clark S. Willingham, 3824 Shenandoah, 
Dallas, TX 75205 (OU, USC); Mrs. Robert 
Wooldridge, 3119 Cornell, Dallas, TX 
75205 (Out of state) Denton 76201-06, 
Sanger 76266: Mrs. John B. Floyd, Box 730, 
Sanger, TX 76266 

Duncanville 75116, Desoto 75115, Cedar Hill 
75104: Mrs. Mark Sargent, 533 Shenandoah, 
DeSoto, TX 75115 

El Paso 79901-79999: Mrs. Dee Dungan, 6004 
Balcones, El Paso, TX 79912 

Fort Worth 76101-179, Aledo 76008, Mansfield 
76063, Crowley 76036, Saginaw 76179, Azle 
76020, Kennedale 76060, Forest Hill 76119, 
White Settlement 76108; HS: All Ft. Worth 
ISD, Calvery Academy, Ft. Worth Country 
Day School, Nolan, Oakridge, Trinity Valley, 
Boswell: Mrs. Mark Matson, 6705 Ash- 
brook, Fort Worth, TX 76132 

Graham: Mrs. G.M. Parrv, 1417 Quail Run, 
Graham, TX 76046 

Galveston 77550, Dickinson 77539, Texas City 
77590, Lamarque 77568: Mrs. Edward Brad¬ 
shaw, Jr., 206 W. Bayou Dr., Dickinson, TX 

Garland 75040-43, 75180-82, Rowlett 75088, 
Sunnyvale 75149, Sachse 75040; HS: North 
& South Garland, Garland, Lakeview: Mrs. 
J.H. Martin, 2517 Morningside, Garland, 
TX 75041 

Hill Country, Fredericksburg 78624, Kemille 
78028: Mrs. Robert Heinen, Rt. 3, Box 405, 
Eagle St., Fredricksburg, TX 78624 

Houston: Mrs. Norman Bould, Coordinator, 
2214 Ashford Hollow Ln., Houston, TX 
77077; Mrs. Jay T. Kolb, 3739 Westerman, 
Houston, TX 77005 (Baylor); Mrs. John U. 
Clarke, 6540 Rutgers, Houston, TX 77005 
(SMU); Mrs. Ken Griffith, 5126 Doliver, 
Houston, TX 77056 (TCU); Mrs. Thomas 
Smith, 5619 Bordly, Houston, TX 77056 
(U. of TX); Mrs. David Balderach, 5642 
Meadow Lake Ln., Houston, TX 77056 


(Texas A&M); Mrs. Robert Rigney, 1815 
Tatten Hall, Houston, TX 77008 (Texas 
Tech); Mrs. Ron B. Wright, 42 W. Broad 
Oaks, Houston, TX 77056 (Out of state) 
Houston N.W.; Cypress 77429, Jersey Village, 
Spring 77373, 79, Tomball 77375, Wood¬ 
lands 77380-89, 77014, 40, 60-73, 84, 88-92: 
Mrs. Ann Hyde, 803 Misty Lea Ln., Hous¬ 
ton, TX 77090; Mrs. Michael Biggs, 2027 
Roanwood, Houston, TX 77090 (U. of TX); 
Mrs. Robert Frederick, 1519 Corrall, Hous¬ 
ton, TX 77090 (Out of state); Mrs. Harry 
Street, 17407 Battle Creek Rd., Houston, 
TX 77090 (Texas A&M); Baylor; Mrs. James 
D. Voght, 7714 Virginia Water, Houston, 
TX 77095 (Baylor); Mrs. Robert Craig, 
27122 Wells Ln., Conroe, TX 77385 (Texas 
Tech): Mrs. Robert T. Smith; 5506 Theall, 
Houston, TX 77066 (SMU) 

Huntsville 77340: Mrs. Bill Toney, 235 Royal 
Oaks, Huntsville, TX 77340 
Irving: Mrs. Bill Hazelwood, 3010 Stafford, Ir¬ 
ving, TX 75062 

Katy 77450: Mrs. Randy Read, 20414 Chateau 
Bend, Katy, TX 77450 

Kingwood 77338, Humble 77339: Mrs. J.K. 
Janes, 1850 Spruce Knob, Kingwood, TX 

Longview 75601-08: Mrs. Larry Rucker, #7 
Brownwood PI., Longview, TX 75605 
Lubbock 79401-24, Slaton 79364, Post 79356, 
Muleshoe 79347, Brownfield 79316, Ralls 
79357, Lockney 79241: Mrs. Jim Hester, 
5711 72nd St., Lubbock, TX 79424 
Marshall 75670, Jefferson 75657, W'askom 
75692, Elysian Fields 75642: Mrs. Jack M. 
Sanders, Sr., P.O. Box 2007, Marshall, TX 

Mid Cities/Northeast Tarrant County; Bedford 
76021-22, Colleyville 76034, Coppell 75019, 
Euless 76039-40, Grapevine 76051, Haltom 
City 76117, Hurst 76054-53, Keller 76248, 
North Richland Hills 76118, 76180, Roan¬ 
oke 76262, Southlake 76092, Saginaw 76179, 
Watauga 76148; HS: Bell, Trinity, Grape¬ 
vine, Richland, Haltom, Keller, Carroll, 
Northwest, Coppell, Boswell: Mrs. John C. 
Kidwell, 308 Brookview Dr., Hurst, TX 

Midland 79701-11: Mrs. Robert L. Swanson, 2 
Lafayette PL, Midland, TX 79705 
Mt. Pleasant: Mrs. Don Lutes, 1303 E. 1st St., 
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455 
Mesquite; Zips: 75-149-50, 75180-82; HS: N. 
Mesquite, Mesquite: Mrs. Mike Andrews, 
539 Tripp Rd., Sunnyvale, TX 75182 
Pflugerville 78660, Round Rock 78664: Mrs. 
James Herzik, 304 Lake Creek Dr., Round 
Rock, TX 78664 

Odessa 79760-68, Kermit 79745, Andrews 
79714, Monahans 79756, Goldsmith 79741: 

Mrs. Bryan Henderson, 4143 Springbrook, 
Odessa, TX 79762 

Pampa 79065, Lefors 79054, White Deer 
79097, McLean 79057, Panhandle 79068: 

Mrs. Doug White, 1000 Charles, Pampa, 
TX 79065 

Plainview, Hale Center 79041, Cotton Center 
79021, Floydada 79235, Silverton 79257, 
Olton 79064, Lockney 79241: Mrs. James E. 
Laney, Rt. 2, Hale Center, TX 79041 
Plano 75074-75, 75023-24, Allen 75002, Mur¬ 
phy 75073, Wylie 75098, Canyon Creek Area 
of Richardson: Mrs. Steven Lucas. 2217 Ag- 
gyle Cir., Plano, TX 75023 
Port Arthur 77640, Port Neches 77651, Groves 
77619, Nederland 77627: Mrs. Dennis How¬ 
ell, 1007 Shaw, Nederland, TX 77627 

Richardson; HS: J.J. Pearce 75080, Richard¬ 
son HS 75080, Berkner 75081: Mrs. Howard 
Freeland, 2303 Golden Willow, Dallas, TX 

Rio Grande Valley; Brownsville 78520-21, Ed¬ 
inburg 78539, Harlingen 78550, McAllen 
78501: Mrs. R.L. Larson, 1416 Highland 
Dr., McAllen, TX 78501 
Rockwall 75087: Mrs. Shirley Womack, 508 
Carriage Tr., Rockwall, TX 75087 
San Angelo 76901-09; Ballinger 76821, Big 
Lake 76932, Brady 76825, Coleman 76834, 
Eldorado 76936, Iraan 79744, Junction 
76849, Mason 76856, Menard 76859, Ozona 
76943, Sanderson 79848, Sonora 76950, 
Sterling City 76951, Wall 76957: Mrs. Brad 
Morris, 1234 S. Monroe, San Angelo, TX 

San Antonio 78201-78259, Boerne 78006, Mc- 
Queeney 78123, Seguin 78155: Mrs. Chris 
Harness, 325 Argyle, San Antonio, TX 

Sherman 75090; Denison 75020, Bonham 
75418, Van Alstyne 75095: Mrs. S.W. Gra- 
ber, 18 Timbercreek, Sherman, TX 75090 
South TX; Beeville 78102, Cuero 77954, Edna 
77957, Refugio 78377, Goliad 77963, Victo¬ 
ria 77901: Mrs. John Murphree, 205 Tampa, 
Victoria, TX 77904 

Sugarland 77478-79; Missouri City 77459; 
Stafford 77477: Mrs. T.S. McKenzie, 50 
Crestwood Cir., Sugarland, TX 77478 
Temple 76501-02, Belton 76513, Killeen 76544, 
Salado 76571; HS: Ellis, Killeen, Belton, 
Academy: Mrs. Ross Gregory, 2904 Pecan, 
Temple, TX 76502-2551 
Terrell, Kaufman County: Mrs. Stanley J. Na- 
dolski, 316 Elm, Terrell, TX 75160 
Texarkana: Linda Helms, 381 Potomac Ave., 
Texarkana, TX 75503 

Top of Texas; Perryton 79070, Booker 79005, 
Darrouzett 79024, Follett 79034, Higgins 
79046, Spearman 79081: Mrs. F. Keith 
Good, Box 216, Booker, TX 79005 
Tyler 75701-03; Athens 75751, Bullard 75757, 
Lindale 75771, Jacksonville 75766, White- 
house 75791, Mineola 75773, Quitman 
75783, Chandler 75758: Mrs. Bill Clawater, 
3513 Pat Ln., Tyler, TX 78701 
Vernon 76384, Quanah 79252: Mrs. Wilson 
Friberg, 2400 Tolar, Vernon, TX 76384 
Waco (McClennan County) 76701, 04-08, 10- 
11; Waco 76705-14; HS: Waco, Hillsboro, 
West Gatesville, McGregor, Clifton, Robin¬ 
son, Groesbeck, China Spring, Gatesville, 
Valley Mills, Crawford, Rosebud: Mrs. John 
Reid, 3500 Stewart Cir., Waco, TX 76708 
W ichita Falls 76301-11, Henrietta 76311, Iowa 
Park 76367, Seymour 76380, Burkburnett 
76354: Mrs. Randy Long, 2311 Speedway, 
Wichita Falls, TX 76308 


Salt Lake City; HS: Highland 84106, East 
84105, Skyline 09, Olympus 24, Judge Me¬ 
morial 02: Mrs. Larry Fielden, 1000 Lake 
St., Salt Lake City, UT 84105 


Abingdon 24210, Bristol 24201 Emory 24327 
VA; TN: Bluff City 37618, Bristol 37620, 
Elizabethton 37643, Roan Mountain 37687, 
Piney Flats 37686: Mrs. Judith Wood, 213 
Tiffany Road Bristol, TN 37620 
East TN/Southwest VA; in TN: Kingsport 
37660,63-65, Jonhson City 37601-5, Gray 

37615, Blountville 37617, Church Hill 
37642, Erwin 37650: Mrs. Ken Bonifay, 
3744 Arrowhead Tr., Kingsport, TN 37664 
Lynchburg 24501-3, Amherst 24517, 21, 72, 74; 
HS: E.C. Glass, Brookville, Seven Hills, 
Heritage, Amherst County: Mrs. Lee Parry, 
1208 Sarah Lynch PL, Lynchburg, VA 24503 
Northern VA, Fairfax Station, Leesburg, Lon¬ 
don County, Loudoun, Merrifield, Middle- 
burg, Purcellville, Round Hill, Warrenton, 
W inchester: Ms. Judith Thome, 11930 Esca¬ 
lante Ct., Reston, VA 22091 
Alexandria 22301-14; HS: St. Agnes School, 
T.C. Williams, West Potomac, Mt. Vernon, 
Edison/Hayfield, Jefferson (Tech), St. 
Mary’s Academy: Ms. Jill Bobbin, 5333 
Tanny Avenue #300, Alexandria, VA 22304 
Annandale 22003, Fairfax 22030-39, Falls 
Church 22041-46; HS: Annadale, Fairfax, 
Robinson, Woodson, Pope Paul VI, Chan¬ 
tilly, Falls Church, Geo Mason, Jeb Stuart: 
Mrs. Robert Lewis, 5354 Guinea Rd., Fair¬ 
fax, VA 22032 

Arlington 22201-16; HS: Washington-Lee, 
Wakefield, Yorktown, Bishop O’Connell: 

Mrs. John Colwell, 5923 N. 5th Rd., Arling¬ 
ton, VA 22203 

Leesburg 22075, Loudoun County including 
Ashburn 22011, Sterling & Sterling Park 
22170; HS: Loudoun County,Loudoun Valley, 
Broad Run, Parkview: Mrs. Greg Friedmann, 
Rt. 1, Box 56, Ashburn, VA 22011 
McLean 22101-2, Great Falls 22066; HS: 
Madiera School, Langley, McLean: Mrs. Da¬ 
vid Cameron 331 Club View Dr., Great 
Falls, VA 22066 

Reston 22090-94, Herndon 22070-71; HS: 
Herndon, South Lakes: Mrs. G.D. Jenkins, 
2052 Golf Course Dr., Reston, VA 22091 
Springfield 22150-53, Burke 22015; HS: W. 
Springfield, Lake Braddock, Robt. E. Lee: 
Mrs. Kenneth Bounds, 6106 Dabney Ct., 
Springfield, VA 22124 

Vienna 22180, Oakton 22124; HS: Marshall, 
Madison, Oakton: Mrs. Jerry Schnell, 2522 
W. Meredith Dr., Vienna, VA 22181 


Clarkston 99403, Lewiston, ID: Mrs. Michael 
Auer, 1555-7th Ave., Clarkston, WA 99403 
Pullman, Colfax, Whitman County: Zips: 
99111, 99112, 99125, 99127, 99130, 99143, 
99017, 99341, 99158, 99028, 99163, 99171, 
99033, 99176, 99177, 99183: Mrs. Earl Muir, 
S.E. 815 Spring, Pullman, WA 99163 
Spokane-Spokane Valley, Mead, Deer Park, 
Riverside, All 992- numbers. Rearson 99029, 
Omak 98841, Othello 99327: Mrs. Don Mc¬ 
Dowell, 9174 B Nevada, Rairchild AFB 

Tri Cities: Pasco 99301, Kennewick 99336-7, 
Richland 99325: Mrs. Floyd Ivey, 404 N. 
Underwood, Kennewick, WA 99336 
W alla Walla 99362, Dayton 99328, Lind 99341, 
Pomeroy 99347, Cashmere 98815: Mrs. Rob¬ 
ert Rupar, Rt. 7, Box 1545, Walla Walla, 
WA 99363 

Wenatchee & East: Mrs. Karen Heminger, 
1509 Madison St., Wenatchee, WA 98801 
Yakima 98901-08, Sunnyside 98944, Toppenish 
98948, Selah 98942, Zillah 98953, Wapato 
98951, Cowiche 98923, White Swan 98952: 
Mrs. Douglas Fishback, 401 S. 31st Ave., 
Yakima, WA 98908 



Bainbridge Island; HS: Bainbridge Island, 
Rolling Bay, Winslow, Poulsbo, (North Kit¬ 
sap), Suquamish, Kingston: Mrs. Leslie Chil¬ 
dress, 6260 Harbor Crest Dr., Bainbridge 
Island, WA 98110 

Everett, Mukilteo, Snohomish, Darrington, 
Marysville, Arlington, Lake Stevens, 
Camano Island, W'hidbey Island, Mill Creek, 
Stanwood, Monroe, Sultan, Edmonds: Kath¬ 
erine M. Lyons, 520 Sharon Crest, Everett, 
WA 98201 

Longview, Kelso, Castle Rock, Toutle, Toledo: 
Mrs. David Huffman, 2404 E. Lynnwood 
Dr., Longview, WA 98632 
Olympia (Thurston County), Lacey, Tumwater, 
Yelm: Mrs. James Young, 5127 Klahanie Ct. 
N.W., Olympia, WA 98502 
Port Angeles, Sequim: Mrs. M.J. Stub, 2910 
Regent St., Port Angeles, WA 98362 
Seattle: Carye Teel, 6417 Sandpoint Way N.E., 
Seattle, WA 98115; Seattle Metro.; HS: Bal¬ 
lard, Cleveland, Franklin, Garfield, Nathan 
Hale, Ingram, Lincoln, Rainier Beach, Roo¬ 
sevelt, W. Seattle, Helen Bush, Holy Angels, 
Holy Names, Lakeside, St. Theresa, 
Blanchet, Seattle Lutheran, University Pre¬ 
paratory: Mrs. Richard Patton, 2561 Magno¬ 
lia Blvd W., Seattle, WA 98199; Seattle 
North; HS: Bothell, Edmonds, Inglemoor, 
Lynnwood, Meadowdale, Woodway, King's 
Garden, Watson Green, Mountlake Chris¬ 
tian, Shoreline, Shorecrest, Shorewood: Mir¬ 
iam Troner, 17744 2nd N.W., Seattle, WA 
98166; Seattle Southwest; HS: Decatur, Ev¬ 
ergreen, Federal Way, Highline, Jefferson, 
Kennedy, Mt. Rainier, Sealth, Tyee: Mrs. Jo¬ 
seph Wozniak, 15404 20th Ave. S.W., Seat¬ 
tle, WA 98166; Seattle Southeast; HS: SE 

King County—Auburn, Kentwood, Kent Me¬ 
ridian, Kentridge, Renton, Kindbergh, Ha- 

zen: Mrs. Ed Kosnoski, 12570 S.E. 233rd, 
Kent, WA 98031; Seattle East; HS: Bellevue, 
Interlake, Issaquah, Huanita, Lake Wash¬ 
ington, Liberty, Mercer Island, Newport, 
Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue Christian, 
Forest Ridge, Overlake: Mrs. Robert Bender, 
3854 Yarrow Point Rd., Bellevue, WA 
98004; Mrs. R.M. Potter, 14509 S.E. 51st, 
Bellevue, WA 98006 (WSU); Mrs. Kenton 
Van Nortwick, 10308 S.E. 27th, Bellevue, 
WA 98004 

Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, Sumner, Ort- 
ing, Fife, Spanaway, University Place, Lake- 
wood, Parkland, Graham, Ft. Lewis: Mrs. 
Bart Bona, 8502 51st W., Tacoma, WA 

Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Ridgefield, 
Battleground: Judy Youde, 14201 N.E. 50th 
Ave., Vancouver, WA 98686 


Charleston: Mrs. Harry Huff, 1203 Oakmont 
Rd., Charleston, WV 25314 


Appleton; HS: Appleton West & East 54911, 
54914-15, Neenah 54956, Menasha 54952, 
Kaukauna 54130, Kimberly, Xavier, Fox Val¬ 
ley Lutheran: No listing. 

Beloit: Mrs. C.R. Harker, 1701 Indian Rd., Be¬ 
loit, WI 53511 

Green Bay-Depere; HS: Green Bay West & 
East, Green Bay Southwest, Ashwaubenon, 
Preble, East & West DePere, St. Joseph's 
Academy: Barbara M. MacNaughton, 361 
Roselaen Blvd., Green Bay, WI 54301 

Janesville: Jean Douglas, 439 S. Blackhawk 
St., Janesville, WI 53545 

Madison, Middleton, Monona: Ms. Sandy 
Smith, 5990 Schrader Rd., Apt. 4, Madison, 
WI 53711 

Marshfield: Mrs. William Washington, 1001 
W. 5th St., Marshfield, WI 54449 

Milwaukee Area: East Side: Brown Deer 
53209, Cedarburg 53012, Grafton 53024, 
Mequon 53092, Milwaukee 53211, River 
Hills 53217, Shorewood 53211, Thiensville 
53092, West Bend 53095, Whitefish Bay, 
Fox Point, Bayside 53217: Mrs. James Sulli¬ 
van, 627 E. Carlisle, Milwaukee, WI 53217; 
West Side: Brookfield 53005, Elm Grove 
53122, Germantown 53022, Greendale 
53129, Hales Corners 53130, Menominee 
Falls 53051, New Berlin 53146, 51, Wauke¬ 
sha 53186, 88, Wauwatosa 53213, 53226: 
Linda Cummins, 2545 Jodon Ct., Brook¬ 
field, WI 53005 

Neenah, Menasha: No listing. 

Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Delafied, Dousman, 
Sullivan, Hartland, Watertown: Mrs. Walter 
Young, 637 Lac La Belle Dr., Oconomowoc, 
WI 53066 

Sheboygan: Barbara Johnson, 6630 W. Main 
Ave., Sheboygan, Wi 53081 

Wausau: Mrs. Betty Bowers, 2305 Ridge View 
Dr., Wausau, WI 54401-2460 


Casper: Mrs. Hermann Koch, 6540 W. River¬ 
side Terr., Alcova Route, Casper, WY 82604 

Cheyenne; HS: East 82001, Central 82009, Se- 
ton 82001: Mrs. Tony Ross, 626 Evergreen, 
Cheyenne, WY 82009 

Laramie: Mrs. Dave Nicholas, 1051 Duna Dr., 
Laramie, WY 82070 

Alumnae Chapters 

Albuquerque NM, 1960 
President: Margaret Powers Kjelland 
5427 Vista Lejana N.E. 
Albuquerque, NM 87111 

Amarillo TX, 1963 
President: Mary Winsett Schmidt 
2810 Crockett St. 
Amarillo, TX 79109 

Appleton WI, 1921 
President: Carol Koch Christenson 
2821 South Carpenter 
Appleton, WI 54915 

Atlanta GA, 1952 
President: Suzanne Nichols Lynn 
300 Cannady Ct. 

Atlanta, GA 30350 

Austin TX, 1910 
President: Margaret Redfearn Hawn 
3005 Scenic Dr. 

Austin, TX 78703 

Baltimore MD, 1910 
President: Wendy Stevens Hook 
3520 Lowlen Ct. 

Ellicott City, MD 21043 

Birmingham MI, 1967 

President: Patricia Beliak Hartman 

1880 Golfridge Drive South 
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48013 

Bloomington IN, 1925 

President: Mary Kolb Emison 

2364 Winding Brook Circle 
Bloomington, IN 47401 

Boise ID, 1980 

President: Yvonne Barmon Swanstrom 
92 Horizon Drive 
Boise, ID 83702 

Boulder CO, 1972 

President: Karen Camp Giblin 
503 North Star Court 
Boulder, CO 80304 

Champaign-Urbana IL, 1920 

President: Betsy Stover Rames 

1805 McDonald Drive 
Champaign, IL 61821 

Chicago NW Suburban IL, 1970 

President: Kaki Armstrong Newgard 
1113 N. Harvard Road 
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 

Chicago-N. Shore IL, 1970 
President: Gayle Campbell Sundt 
1130 Chestnut Ave. 

Wilmette, IL 60091 

Chicago-West Sub. IL, 1989 
President: Karen Kinder Kowert 
22 W. 045 Taylor Road 
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 

Cincinnati OH, 1913 
President: Annette Argue Bloomstrom 
10125 Woodfem Way 
Cincinnati, OH 45242 

Cleveland OH, 1903 
President: Charlene Cornell Plavcan 
14 Water St. 

Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 

Colorado Springs CO, 1971 
President: Patricia Maguire Teas 
5 Menary Way 
Colorado Springs, CO 80906 

Columbia SC, 1990 
President: Linda Momeier Hollingsworth 
429 Etiwan Ave. 

Columbia, SC 29205 


Columbus OH, 1897 

President: Kathryn Carr Vey 

8181 Longhorn Road 

Powell, OH 43065 

Houston NW TX, 1984 

President: Alice Robinson Wagner 

16135 Champion Dr. 

Spring, TX 77379 

New Orleans LA, 1920 

President: Kim Gant Shackleton 

418 Glendale Dr. 

Metairie, LA 70001 

Dallas TX, 1925 

President: Linda Lloyd Quisenberry 

3605 Centenary 

Dallas, TX 75225 

Indianapolis IN, 1897 

President: Cynthia Dunbar Vogel 

33 South Gladstone Ave. 
Indianapolis, IN 46201 

New York City NY, 1894 

President: Joan Fetsko 

278 E. Westfield Ave. 

Roselle Park, NJ 07204 

Dayton OH, 1930 

President: Stacey Bullard Yarger 

220 E. Dixon Ave.nue 

Dayton, OH 45419 

Jacksonville FL, 1903 

President: Elizabeth Dey Boggia 

2526 Dauphine County West 

Ponte Vedra Beach, FT 32082 

Northern VA, 1969 

President: Karen Ulrich Jones 

112 Prince St. N.E. 

Leesburg, VA 22075 

Denver CO, 1909 

President: Gale Hays Vanort 

1853 South Robb St. 

Lakewood, CO 80226 

Kansas City KS, 1903 

President: Barbara Berner Gottschalk 

14916 West 149th 

Olathe, KS 66062 

Oklahoma City OK, 1916 

President: Bette Wantland Hill 

710 NW 41 

Oklahoma City, OK 73118 

Des Moines IA, 1920 

President: Janene Meier Smith 

616 34 St. 

West Des Moines, IA 50265 

Lafayette IN, 1929 

President: Mary Binney Totten 

RR 1 Box 231 

Battleground, IN 47920 

Omaha NE, 1910 

President: Carolee Crouch Hoth 

9814 Harvey Parkway North 

Omaha, NE 68114 

Diablo Valley CA, 1968 

President: Judith Johnson Kramer 
#1 Arbor Way 

Lafayette, CA 94549 

Lansing MI, 1929 

President: Cheryl Owen Ronk 

520 Northlawn 

East Lansing, MI 48823 

Orange Coast CA, 1982 

President: Cathleen Currie Hunter 

8211 Deerfield Dr. 

Huntington Beach, CA 92646 

East Bay (Berkeley) CA, 1926 

President: Pamela Clark Dickson 

106 Requa Road 

Piedmont, CA 94611 

Lexington KY, 1978 

President: Jane Sullivan Miller 

3508 Castlegate Ct. 

Lexington, KY 40502 

Palo Alto CA, 1969 

President: Mary McCarthy Haesloop 

153 Exeter 

San Carlos, CA 94070 

El Paso TX, 1972 

President: Janene Sommerville Clarence 

600 Camino Real 

El Paso, TX 79922 

Lincoln NE, 1909 

President: Amy Weesner Holmquist 

4300 Abbott Road 

Lincoln, NE 68516 

Palos Verdes Pen. CA, 1980 

President: Caroline Carter Hyde 

4424 Via Pavion 

Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 

Evanston-N. Shore IL, 1910 

President: Sally Redick Mitchell 

2300 Iroquois Rd. 

Wilmette, IL 60091 

Long Beach CA, 1950 

President: Mary Kukura Klingensmith 

711 Rancho Drive 

Long Beach, CA 90815 

Pasadena CA, 1925 

President: Judith Blackburn Epley 

814 Berkshire Ave. 

La Canada, CA 91011 

Fairfield County CT, 1970 

President: Christina Schendel Walker 

12 Sunset Road 

Darien, CT 06820 

Los Angeles CA, 1901 

President: Dyanne Hayes 

1029 Via De Le Paz 

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 

Philadelphia PA, 1898 

President: Ann Jones Seybert 

4 Lizbeth Lane 

Berwyn, PA 19312 

Fargo ND, 1947 

President: Betty Dahm Patterson 

118 24th Ave. N. 

Fargo, ND 58102 

Louisville KY, 1972 

President: Judith Wylie Henderson 

201 Clydesdale Tr. 

Louisville, KY 40223 

Phoenix AZ, 1960 

President: Kelly Allen Sifferman 

6842 North 4th Place 

Phoenix, AZ 85012 

Fresno CA, 1956 

President: Annalee Stockton Jirsa 
► 553 E. Mallard Circle 

Fresno, CA 93710 

Lubbock TX, 1957 

President: Gail Gougher Darden 

4006 92nd Street 

Lubbock, TX 79423 

Pittsburgh PA, 1902 

President: Jean Whitehill Schnatterly 

549 Clemson Drive 

Mt. Lebanon, PA 15243 

Ft. Collins CO, 1957 

President: Susan Selby Whitmer 

1700 Sagewood Drive 

Fort Collins, CO 80525 

Memphis TN, 1964 

President: Elizabeth Snyder 

1758 Triton Cove 

Germantown, TN 38138 

Portland OR, 1911 

President: Antoinette Kienow Arenz 

9400 SW Malcolm Glen 

Portland, OR 97225 

Ft. Worth TX, 1955 

President: Jane Vandemark 

3253 Donnelly Circle #801 

Fort Worth, TX 76107 

Midland TX, 1988 

President: Cynthia Late McMillan 

1204 Country Club Dr. 

Midland, TX 79701 

Reno NV, 1928 

President: Rachael Smith Ferrari 

3550 Pierremont Rd. 

Reno, NV 89503 

Greencastle (Hon.) IN, 1962 

President: Catryna John Shipman 

R.R. 2 Box 192 

Greencastle, IN 46135 

Milwaukee WI, 1921 

President: Janet Skaro Seidell 

9940 Lamplighter Lane 

Mequon, WI 53092 

Richardson-N. Dallas TX, 1980 

President: Peggy Schakel Whitwell 

400 Ridgewood Dr. 

Richardson, TX 75080 

► Hartford CT, 1953 

President: Joyce Wolfe Wilhelm 

59 Buttonwood Hill 

Avon, CT 06001 

Minneapolis MN, 1894 

President: Jill McNutt 

7635 Edinborough Way #5108 
Minneapolis, MN 55435 

Rockford IL, 1956 

President: Margery Evanson Orr 

4855 East Lawn Dr. 

Rockford, IL 61108 

Houston TX, 1921 

President: Kate Flack Scott 

703 Briarpark Dr. 

Houston, TX 77042 

Nashville TN, 1923 

President: Mary Henry Choppin 

621 Lynwood Blvd. 

Nashville, TN 37205 

Sacramento Valley CA, 1952 

President: Monica Flynn Beyer 

5032 Big Canyon Ln. 

Fair Oaks, CA 95628 


San Antonio TX, 1979 

Seattle WA, 1908 

Toronto, 1911 

President: Bonnie Craddick Kelley 

President: Deborah Stomps Mallory 

President: Lynn Murray Catenazzi 

166 Edgewood Place West 

625 NW Gilman Blvd. 

1 Westview Blvd. 

San Antonio, TX 78209 

Issaquah, WA 98027 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

San Diego CA, 1928 

Sioux Falls SD, 1989 

M4B 1M7 

President: Kathleen Fitzmaurice Catterall 

President: Susan Powell Gardner 

Tulsa OK, 1928 

#2189917 Scripps 

4205 Ash Grove 

President: Treva Fairbanks Wiruth 

Westview Way 

Sioux Falls, SD 57103 

7403 E. 64th Street 

San Diego, CA 92131 

Spokane WA, 1913 

Tulsa, OK 74133 

San Fernando Valley CA, 1972 

President: Dorothy Crawford Hanrahan 

Waco TX, 1989 

President: Karen Lieberg Hunt 

3420 S. Manito Blvd. 

President: Dorothy Spencer Bates 

21545 Erwin St. #100 

Spokane, WA 99203 

2701 Cedar Point 

Woodland Hill, CA 91367 

St. Louis MO, 1909 

Waco, TX 76710 

San Francisco CA, 1909 

President: Nancy Koberstein Klobasa 

Washington, D.C., 1918 

President: Michel Henderson Neureuter 

793 Briar Fork Road 

President: Kathleen Flint Moran 

1900 Broadway 

Des Peres, MO 63131 

340 W. Edmonston Dr. 

San Francisco, CA 94109 

St. Paul MN, 1927 

Rockville, MD 20852 

San Jose-South Bay CA, 1949 

President: Gloria MacFarland Williamson 

Wichita KS, 1922 

President: Stephanie Voile Whisnant 

6405 N. St. Croix Trail 

President: Patricia Dengler 

1122 Carla Drive 

Stillwater, MN 55082 

601 N. Roosevelt 

San Jose, CA 95120 

Tacoma WA, 1915 

Wichita, KS 67208 

San Mateo County CA, 1970 

President: Tami Walter Johnson 

Williamsburg VA, 1984 

President: Angela Harrington Norton 

18804 79th Ave. Ct. E. 

President: Janet Wagner Burkey 

1524 Oak Street 

Puyallup, WA 98373 

208 Tutters Neck 

San Mateo, CA 94402 

Toledo OH, 1940 

Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Santa Ana CA, 1984 

President: Susan Katchka Staelin 

Yakima WA, 1928 

President: Sarah Harrison Jackson 

2970 Valleyview Dr. 

President: Rebecca Shields 

13382 Shepard Way 

Toledo, OH 43615 

6506 N. Ridge 

Santa Ana, CA 92705 

Topeka KS, 1909 

Yakima, WA 98908 

Santa Barbara CA, 1949 

President: Susan Baird Marchant 

President: Marla Hepp Hemingway 

1311 SW Collins Ave. 

4592 Camino Del Mirasol 

Topeka, KS 66604 

Santa Barbara, CA 93110 

Alumnae Clubs 

Akron, OH 

Arlington-Mid Cities, TX 

Beaumont, TX 

President: Myla Hodge White 

President: Sally Best Coffman 

President: Laura Collie Stratton 

2034 Burlington Rd. 

4707 Willow Park 

P.O. Box 757 

Akron, OH 44313 

Arlington, TX 76017 

Winnie, TX 77665 

Allentown/Lehigh, PA 

Athens, GA 

Bergen County, NJ 

President: Leola Greene Haines 

President: Jacquelyn Landrum Hill 

President: Eleanor Nicoll Duffie 

2824 Rolling Green Place 

498 Highland Avenue 

604 High Mountain Road 

Macungie, PA 18062 

Athens, GA 30606 

Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 

Ames, IA 

Bainbridge Island, WA 

Billings, MT 

President: Kathleen Blevins Pattee 

President: Laura Burke Komelis 

President: Anne Ryan Gauer 

RR 1 Box 2A 

11551 Sunrise Drive 

745 Coliseum 

Ames, 1A 50010 

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 

Billings, MT 59102 

Anderson, IN 

Bakersfield, CA 

Birmingham, AL 

President: Susan Hosch Devoe 

President: Nancy Ipsen Stover 

President: Jennifer Metcalf Deshazo 

3813 Kingswood Ct. 

3612 Madrid 

505 Woodland Drive 

Muncie, IN 47304 

Bakersfield, CA 93309 

Birmingham, AL 35209 

Ann Arbor, MI 

Barrington, IL 

Bloomington-Normal, IL 

President: Kathryn Mundus Steinaway 

President: Constance Stowring Blomquist 

President: Patricia Shadle Beeler 

3627 Dexter Rd. 

18 Chippewa Ct. 

1901 H edgewood 

Ann Arbor, MI 48103 

Barrington, IL 60010 

Bloomington, IL 61701 

Annapolis-Severna, MD 

Bartlesville, OK 

Boone County, IN 

President: Anne Mitchell Cobb 

President: Carla Hiatt Lyle 

President: Mary Bratton Jones 

1918 Hidden Point Road 

281 S.E. Turkey Creek Rd. 

PO Box 344 

Annapolis, MD 21401 

Bartlesville, OK 74006 

Lebanon,IN 46052 

Ardmore, OK 

Beach Cities, CA 

Boston Metro., MA 

President: Mary Soderstrom Storts 

President: Paula Six Noda 

President: Eleanor Uddo 

600 Smoking Oaks 

704 31st Street 

15 Lexington Road 

Ardmore, OK 73401 

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 

Wellesley, MA 02181 


Boston West Sub., MA 
President: Lynne Sutton 

376 Chapman St. #3 
Canton, MA 02021 

Boulder, CO 

President: Karen Camp Giblin 
503 North Star Court 
Boulder, CO 80304 

Bryan-College Station, TX 
President: Nancy Myers Seale 
2904 Camelot 
Bryan, TX 77801 

Burbank-GIendale, CA 
President: Joan Fuelleman Quimby 
1430 Irving Ave. 

Glendale, CA 91201 

Burlington, VT 

President: Jane Hooper Provost 
RR 1 Box 1724 
Hinesburg, VT 05461 

Butte-Anaconda, MT 
President: Diane Drew Huber 
812 W. Mercury 
Butte, MT 59701 

Calgary, CANADA 
President: Pamela Perry Bresky 
1022 39 Avenue S.W. 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
T2T 2K5 

Canton, OH 

President: Cynthia Grosenbaugh Cross 
3925 Southway St. SW 
Massillon, OH 44646 

Carson City-Lake, NV 
President: Mary Gezelin Kinne 
706 W. 5th 

Carson City, NV 89701 

Cedar Rapids, IA 
President: Jo Hill Skogman 

6814 Bowman Ln. NE 
Cedar Rapids, 1A 52402 

Central KY 

President: Yvonne York Morley 
1094 Glendive Court 
Danville, KY 40422 

Central OR 

President: Lenore Drayton Erickson 
1849 S. Canyon Dr. 

Redmond, OR 97756 

Charleston Area, SC 
President: Beth Whitten 

304 St. Charles Court 
Charleston, SC 29407 

Charlotte, NC 
President: Charlotte Barkley 

Foxcroft East 4616-B Simsbury 

Charlotte, NC 28226 

Charlottesville, VA 
President: Martha Cooper Sale 
415 Rainbow Drive 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Cheyenne, WY 

President: Catherine Mclnemy Murray 
2741 Plainview Road 
Cheyenne, WY 82009 

Chicago S. Suburban, IL 
President: Carol Bagge Alberti 
843 Hutchinson 
Flossmoor, IL 60422 

Chicago SW Sub., IL 
President: Melissa Barnes Mann 
823 S. Bruner St. 

Hinsdale, IL 60521 

Clear Lake, TX 

President: Pamela Benson Vincent 
1439 Devon Lane 
Houston, TX 77058 

Clearwater, FL 

President: Dorothy Agurk Edmunds 
634 Poinsettia Rd. 

Belleair, FL 34616 

Cleveland W. Shore, OH 
President: Coleen Kelley 

28705 N. Lincoln 
Bay Village, OH 44140 

Columbia, MO 
President: Anne Nitrauer Forgy 
1900 Doris Drive 
Columbia, MO 65205 

Columbus, IN 

President: Susan Archer Dunker 
1102 N. 675 W. 

Columbus, IN 47201 

Conroe, TX 

President: Celesta Bradham Howell 
4 Shadowood Drive 
Conroe, TX 77301 

Danville, IL 

President: Yvonne York Morley 
1094 Glendive Court 
Danville, KY 40422 

Daytona Area, FL 
President: Ruth Sattler Jacoby 

2440 S. Glen Eagles Drive 
Deland, FL 32724 

Decatur, AL 

President: Patricia Parker Littrell 
512 Jackson Ct. 

Moulton, AL 35650 

Delaware, OH 
President: Laurie McGregor 
P.O. Box 21877 
Columbus, OH 43221 

Denton Area, TX 
President: Cynthia Janssen McDaniel 
2109 Westview Trail 
Denton, TX 76201 

Duluth, MN 

President: Julie Olson Fuller 
66 Highgate Court 
Superior, WI 54880 

Duncan, OK 

President: Audrey Clifton Brown 
1309 McCasland Pkwy 
Duncan, OK 73533 

East TN/Southwest VA 
President: Ann McClendon Voigt 
308 Claymore Dr. 
Kingsport, TN 37663 

El Camino Real, CA 
President: Josie Carmichael Ott 
23282 Downland 
El Toro, CA 92630 

Elkhart, IN 

President: Rebecca Goodpastor Lail 
26799 Springcrest Dr. 
Elkhart, IN 46514 

Enid, OK 

President: Faun King Reely 

1109 Briar Creek Rd. 

Enid, OK 73703 

Eugene, OR 

President: Judith Johnson Weinkauf 
2860 Chuckanut 
Eugene, OR 97401 

Evansville, IN 

President: Karen Donovan Magan 

9 Johnson Place 
Evansville, IN 47714 

Everett, WA 

President: Billie Dean Torkelson 
5915 Hwy Place 
Everett, WA 98203 

Fairhope/E. Shore, AL 
President: Elizabeth Judge Weldon 
320 Shady Hill Dr. 
Richardson, TX 75080 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 
President: Marion Johnson Cobb 

650 N.W. 19th St. Apt. 301 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 3331 1 

Frankfort, IN 

President: Susan Stephan Holloway 
R.R. 5 Box 262 
Frankfort, IN 46041 

Frankfort, KY 
President: Joan Richards Urch 
400 Chippewa Tr. 

Frankfort, KY 40601 

Ft. Myers, FL 
President: Jan Mercer Brown 
2626 Shriver Dr. 

Fort Myers, FL 33901 

Ft. Smith, AR 
President: Elizabeth Echols 
3924 South W. 

Fort Smith, AR 72903 

Ft. Walton Beach, FL 

President: Dorothy Sturdivant Atkinson 

10 Elkwood Court 
Shalimar, FL 32579 

Ft. Wayne, IN 

President: Barbara Ehrman Pearson 
10420 Mohawk Court 
Fort Wayne, IN 46804 

Gadsden, AL 
President: Mary Winkel Ray 
Route 10 Box 222 
Gadsden, AL 35901 

Gainesville, FL 
President: Lynn Vallentine Edgar 
1916 N.W. 32nd Terrace 
Gainesville, FL 32605 

Galveston, TX 

President: Lavinia Brock Bircher 

1501 Harbor View Circle 
Galveston, TX 77550 

Garland, TX 

President: Almeta Haggard Gold 
1618 Merrimac Trail 
Garland, TX 75043 

Grand Forks, ND 
President: Lois Jorgenson Quamme 
1016 15th Ave. S. 

Grand Forks, ND 58201 

Grand Rapids, MI 
President: Elizabeth Ford Rupprecht 
1039 San Juan Drive S.E. 

E. Grand Rapids, MI 49506 

Great Falls, MT 
President: Joanne Askevold Hauge 
1704 Alder Dr. 

Great Falls, MT 59404 

Greeley, CO 

President: Kathy Bartels Stahlman 
1404 40th Avenue 
Greeley, CO 80634 

Green Bay-DePere, WI 
President: Jane Geyer Laird 
3533 Briar Terr 
Green Bay, WI 54301 

Greenville, SC 

President: Anna Lambert Lemert 
3 Shinleaf Court 
Greenville, SC 29615 

Grosse Pointe, MI 
President: Mary Szymanski Tindall 
20748 Knob Woods Dr. 
Southfield, MI 48076 

Harrisburg, PA 
President: Susan Flack Seeds 
5700 Crickett Lane 
Flarrisburg, PA 17112 

Hill Country, TX 
President: Claudia Dyke Ellis 
511 Fairway Drive 
Kerrville, TX 78028 

Honolulu, HI 

President: Julie Fledburg Sloane 
2539 A2 Henry St. 
Honolulu, HI 96817 

Hopkinsville, KY 
President: Betty White Nelson 
214 Wayne Drive 
Hopkinsville, KY 42240 

Huntsville, AL 

President: Bonnie Swindle Nesman 
10309 Essex Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Hutchinson, KS 
President: Jane Tarver Dronberger 
3010 A Nutmeg Lane 
Hutchinson, KS 67502 

Iowa City, IA 
President: Polly Shive Pagliai 
375 Koser Avenue 
Iowa City, 1A 52240 

Knoxville, TN 

President: Deborah Dyer Handy 
213 Essex Drive 
Knoxville, TN 37922 

Kokomo, IN 

President: Dianne Roush Trauring 
4410 Rolland Dr. 

Kokomo, IN 46902 

La Canada-Flintridge, CA 
President: Patricia Crews Hutchins 
5013 Castle Road 
La Canada, CA 91011 

La Jolla, CA 

President: Anne McArthur Gilchrist 
7590 Hillside Dr. 

La Jolla, CA 92037 

Lake Country, WI 
President: Connie Hollman Meyer 
W285 N3809 North 
Shore Ct. 

Pewaukee, WI 53072 

Lancaster/Fairfield, OH 
President: Beth Kitzmiller Sparks 
1385 N. High St. 

Lancaster, OH 43130 

Las Vegas, NV 

President: Jeanne Gamer Greenawalt 
12 Vintage Court 
Las Vegas, NV 89113 

Lawrence, KS 
President: Molly Mulloy 

2701 Westdale Circle 
Lawrence, KS 66044 

Lawton, OK 

President: Jane Stamper Godlove 
726 NW 46th 
Lawton, OK 73505 

Lewiston, ID/Clarkston, WA 
President: Barbara Morgan Auer 
1555 7th Avenue 
Clarkston, WA 99403 

Little Rock, AR 
President: Laurie Pascale 
41 Longmeadow 
Pine Bluff, AR 71603 

London, ENGLAND 
President: Janice Friddle Holcombe 
The Island, West Drive 
Virginia Water, Surrey, England 
GU25 4NA 

Long Island, NY 

President: Cheryl Littlefield Grossman 
7 Debbie Court 
Dix Hills, NY 11746 

Longmont, CO 
President: Jean Walrod Howe 

Macon/Middle GA 
President: Margaret Page Easterlin 
231 Riverdale Dr. 

Macon, GA 31204 

Madison, WI 
President: Carolyn Warden 
4109 Yuma Drive 
Madison, WI 53711 

Manhattan, KS 

President: Marjorie Johnson Morse 
2429 Lookout Drive 
Manhattan, KS 66502 

Marin County, CA 
President: Patricia Brown Trimble 
22 Lower Drive 
Mill Valley, CA 94941 

Meadville, PA 
President: Mae Cook Stewart 
282 Allegheny St. 

Meadville, PA 16335 

Miami, FL 

President: Carla Mittwede Andersen 
601 Miller Road 
Coral Gables, FL 33146 

Mid-Cities, TX 

President: Kimberly Morris Martin 
3041 Old Mill Run 
Grapevine, TX 76051 

Missoula, MT 

President: Suzanne Morin Peterson 
517 East Beckwith 
Missoula, MT 59801 

Monterey County, CA 
President: Isabelle Burdeau Black 

Hacienda Carmel Unit 26 
P.O. Box 5397 
Carmel, CA 93921 

Montgomery, AL 
President: Isabel Thames Price 
46 Creek Dr. 

Montgomery, AL 36117 

Moscow, ID 

President: Linda Gatlin Fricke 
2014 East E. 

Moscow, ID 83843 

Muncie, IN 

President: Kathryn Louise Cummins Volpp 
3005 Stradling 
Muncie, IN 47304 

Muskogee, OK 
President: Holly Tuttle Fourmy 
2609 Camelot Ct. 

Muskogee, OK 74401 

Napa-Solano County, CA 
President: Marilyn Arnold Adams 
1709 Quincey Lane 

Jefferson City, MO 
President: Elizabeth Foard Swift 
333 Old Gibler Rd. 
Jefferson City, MO 65101 

Kalamazoo, MI 

President: Virginia Cordes Snyder 
922 Lakeway 
Kalamazoo, MI 49001 

Kingwood, TX 
President: Sarah Percy Janes 
1850 Spruce Knob 
Kingwood, TX 77339 

PO Box 759 
Longmont, CO 80501 

Longview, TX 

President: Patricia Tessman Rea 
2608 Northhaven 
Longview, TX 75605 

Lynchburg, VA 
President: Anne Crawford Stagg 
3006 Sedgewick Dr. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Fairfield, CA 94533 

Naples, FL 

President: Kay Glessner Ziegler 
1770 Addison Court 
Marco Island, FL 33937 

New Haven County, CT 
President: Patricia Lynch 
95 Ardmore Rd. 
Milford, CT 06460 

Northern NJ 

President: Joan Throop Resler 
93 Garfield Avenue 
Madison, NJ 07940 


Norman, OK 

President: Linda Wood Dixon 
Box 1746 

Norman, OK 73070 

North Country-NH/VT 
President: Nancy Preston Johnson 
Rayton Rd. 

Hanover, NH 03755 

Olympia, WA 

President: Judith Rowe Smith 

3829 Glendale Dr. SE 
Olympia, WA 98503 

Orange County N., CA 
President: Diane Wilson Hogg 

601 N. Ladera Vista Drive 
Fullerton, CA 92631 

Orlando Area, FL 
President: Melanie Bush Lee 

1300 S. Summerlin Ave. 
Orlando, FL 32806 

Osage County, OK 
President: Patricia Morrison Wilson 
8 Oak Road 
Pawhuska, OK 74056 

Palm Beach, FL 
President: Doris Hendee Jones 

4022 Quail Ridge Dr. #915 
Boynton Beach, FL 33436 

Pensacola, FL 
President: Laura Whatley Cole 
1257 Summit Lane 
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 

Peoria, IL 

President: Sally Schuller Wetherill 
4710 W. Woodway Dr. 
Peoria, IL 61614 

Plainview, TX 

President: Amanda Barfield Williams 
401 Navasota 
Plainview, TX 79072 

Plano, TX 

President: Victoria Lyle Mox 
4317 Cornell Dr. 

Plano, TX 75075 

Port Arthur, TX 
President: Helen Focht Reeburgh 
133 Kramer Place 
Port Arthur, TX 77642 

Princeton, NJ 
President: Janet Fildew 
89 Olden Lane 
Princeton, NJ 08540 

Pueblo, CO 
President: Jane Robbe 

33790 South Rd. 

Pueblo, CO 81006 

Pullman, WA 

President: Laurel Busch Caraher 
SE 712 Ridgeview Ct. 
Pullman, WA 99163 

Quad Cities, IA, IL 
President: Kimberly Cary Wessel 
4113 Jersey Ridge Road 
Davenport, IA 52807 

Raleigh, NC 

President: Cynthia Register Lochbaum 
1909 Sunset Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Rancho Bernardo, CA 
President: Frances Bickel Miller 
12755 Abra 
San Diego, CA 92128 

Rhode Island, RI 

President: Geraldine Carbone Capotosto 
78 Winchell Road 
Warwick, RI 02889 

Richmond, IN 

President: Victoria Hughes Flint 
3208 Dogwood Lane 
Richmond, IN 47374 

Richmond, VA 
President: Nancy Singer Smith 
12615 Lancey Court 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Riverside, CA 

President: Mary Pat Vaughn Stetkevich 
12096 Cambridge Court 
Moreno Valley, CA 92388 

Rochester, NY 
President: Susan Petri Locke 
90 Brook wood Rd. 

Rochester, NY 14610 

Rochester, MN 
President: Susan Marshall Lee 
714 14th Ave. S.W. 

Rochester, MN 55902 

Roswell, NM 

President: Patricia McNally Elliott 
2701 N. Montana 
Roswell, NM 88201 

Salem, OR 

President: Carol Crespi Green 
334 Wyatt Ct. NE 
Salem, OR 97301 

Salina, KS 

President: Audrey Rein Vaughn 
1331 Parkwood 
Salina, KS 67401 

Salt Lake City, UT 
President: Carolyn Smith Gardner 
2094 East 3205 So. 

Salt Lake City, UT 84109 

San Angelo, TX 
President: Helaine Marberry 
5340 Fairway 
San Angelo, TX 76904 

San Luis Obispo/Central, CA 
President: Katrina Hanson Keatts 
305 Hilltop Drive 
Paso Robles, CA 93446 

Santa Cruz, CA 
President: Persis Homer Hyde 
75 Skylark Lane 
Watsonville, CA 95076 

Sarasota, FL 

President: Wilma Wagenwood Cross 
4202 Center Pointe Ln. 
Sarasota, FL 34233 

Scarsdale, NY 

President: Gretchen Walsh Parsa 

1160 Midland Avenue 5L 
Bronxville, NY 10708 

Shawnee, OK 
President: Lynn Jones Fight 
#5 Dawson Lane 
Shawnee, OK 74801 

Sherman-Denison, TX 
President: Marsha Spencer Benson 

#13 Montclair Cargo Estates 
Sherman, TX 75090 

Shreveport, LA 

President: Carolyn Beatty Johnson 
522 Elmwood 
Shreveport, LA 71106 

Sonoma County, CA 
President: Karen Clawson Garrison 
2556 Antoinette Ct. 

Santa Rosa, CA 95405 

South Bend, IN 

President: Diane Stevenson Gorman 
60038 Fellows St. 

South Bend, IN 46614 

Southeast Kansas 
President: Barbara Wilkin Shepard 
302 Fresno 
Coffeyville, KS 67337 

Southern California 
President: Charlene Strother Ebright 
272 Granada Ave. 

Long Beach, CA 90803 

Southern Oregon 
President: Susan Gustafson Naumes 
2956 Fairview Dr. 

Medford, OR 97504 

Space Coast, FL 
President: Nancy Erickson Dorris 
249 Curacau 
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 

Spartanburg, SC 
President: Georgianne Jarrard Pate 
907 Burkshire Court 
Spartanburg, SC 29301 

Springfield, IL 

President: Gretchen Albers Storm 
821 Williams Boulevard 
Springfield, IL 62704 

Springfield, MO 
President: Lynn Luckfield Burk 

5903 Sparkleberry Lane 
Springfield, MO 65804 

St. Joseph, MO 
President: C. Rooney Cathcart 
513 Rockwood Ct. 

St. Joseph, MO 64506 

St. Petersburg, FL 
President: Ruth Luckey Morgan 
3010 8 St. N. 

St. Petersburg, FL 33704 

State College, PA 
President: Cynthia Barto Harding 
Rd. 2101 Stonerow Lane 
Pt. Matilda, PA 16870 

Stillwater, OK 

President: Cathy Culver Warner 
930 Krayler 
Stillwater, OK 74075 

Sun City Honorary, AZ 
President: Mary Miller Ferguson 
10545 Tropicana Circle 
Sun City, AZ 85351 

Tallahassee, FL 

President: Carla Connors Hoekman 
4451 Bay Shore Circle 
Tallahassee, FL 32308 


Tampa, FL 

Tucson, AZ 

Westfield, NJ 

President: Heidi Erickson Ake 

President: Ann Causey Zeches 

President: Deborah Stites West 

2202 W. Woodlawn Ave. #E 

11854 E. Wagon Trail 

517 Clark St. 

Tampa, FL 33607 

Tucson, AZ 85749 

Westfield, NJ 07090 

Temple-Belton Area, TX 

Tulare, CA 

Whittier, CA 

President: Adrian Acker Walker 

President: Karen Perry Presant 

President: Lois Lundquist Duming 

2406 Lynwood Lane 

304 E. Lynn Ave. 

831 Ridgehaven Dr. 

Temple, TX 76501 

Tulare, CA 93274 

La Habra, CA 90631 

Terre Haute, IN 

Tyler, TX 

Wichita Falls, TX 

President: Diane Nicholson Shelton 

President: Mary Lauren Lehnertz Faulkner 

President: Victoria Darden Langner 

10 Southridge Road 

1024 Wilmington Place 

2206 Berkeley Drive 

Terre Haute, IN 47802 

Tyler, TX 75701 

Wichita Falls, TX 76308 

Texarkana, TX 

Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

Wilmington, DE 

President: Linda McGee Helms 

President: Linda Jamieson Gibbs 

President: Patricia McMahon Sinex 

Route 7, Box 472E2 

2876 West 29th Ave. 

1100 Blackshire Rd. 

Texarkana, AR 75502 

Vancouver, BC, Canada V6L 1Y1 

Wilmington, DE 19805 

Thomasville, GA 

Vancouver, WA 

Winston-Salem, NC 

President: Julie Neel Sewell 

President: Mary Vallely Conrad 

President: Carol Erckman Fitzgerald 

408 E. Washington Street 

11014 NE 26th Ave. 

2025 Virginia Road 

Thomasville, GA 31792 

Vancouver, WA 98686 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Treasure Coast, FL 

Ventura County, CA 

Youngstown, OH 

President: Charlotte Dallas Bonsack 

President: Marla Leuenberger Beimforde 

President: Mary Mittendorf Keriazes 

9960 S. Ocean Drive 

1590 Warwick Ave. 

4782 Michigan Blvd. 

Jenson Beach, FL 34957 

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 

Youngstown, OH 44505 

Tri-Cities, WA 

Vernon, Quanah, TX 

President: Jocelyn Yeager Berriochoa 

President: Steva Bell Brinkerhoff 

4715 West Mojave Drive 

P.O. Box 66 

Pasco, WA 99301 

Quanah, TX 79252 

Permanent Alumnae Secretaries 


Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan 


Catherine Tillotson McCord 

Martha Hodge Fivecoat (Mrs. Gary L.) 

Katherine O’Brien Dewan 

(Mrs. Joseph) 

49 Forest Ave. 

77 St. Clair Ave. E. #1408 

Asbury Towers, 102 W. Poplar 

Delaware, OH 43015 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4T 1M5 

Greencastle, IN 46135 




Genevieve Bock Wells (Mrs. Thomas J.) 


Suzanne Snipes Schradle 
(Mrs. Richard F.) 

933 Park < 

Betsy Traylor Stewart (Mrs. James R.) 

1520 Overlook Circle 

Cicero, IN 46034 

201 Baer Dr. 

Erie, PA 16505 



Colleen Fredrick Bailie 

Mahtomedi, MN 55115 

Barbara Holt Davis (Mrs. William F.) 

12305 Brookshire Parkway 

Carmel, IN 46032 

(Mrs. David McNeal) 

1104 Indian Pipe Lane 

Zionsville, IN 46077 


Betty Boardman Ross (Mrs. Donald) 

125 Alta Vista Dr. 


Xi/Connecticut Wesleyan 

Atherton, CA 94025 

Annilee Armstrong Shaul 
(Mrs. David C.) 

1014 Lincolnshire 

Meriwether Bruce 

4 Brainerd Avenue 

Middletown, CT 06457 

Phi/University of Pacific 

Deborah Owens Bennett 

Champaign, IL 61820 


(Mrs. Douglas) 

2648 Kensington Way 


Elizabeth Pollock Chapel 

Stockton, CA 95204 

Dorothy Garrett Johnson 

3 Hampshire Ct. 


Antoinette Howland Adams 
(Mrs. Philip R.) 

Bldg. 2 Apt. 532, 121 Lafayette Rd. 

(Mrs. William David) 

976 N. Cranbrook Rd. 

Birmingham, MI 48009 

Newport Beach, CA 92660 


Barbara Loomis Krause 


(Mrs. David M.) 

Syracuse, NY 13205 

Christine Miller 

635 Hudson St. 

Ithaca, NY 14850 

1120 Pilgrim 

Birmingham, MI 48009 



Jean McDowell Consigny 
(Mrs. Thomas L.) 


Barbara Deweese Day (Mrs. George R.) 

5313 Whitcomb Dr. 


Helen Heininger Carr 

5048 Valley Road 

Lincoln, NE 68510 

Madison, WI 53711 


10 Hillcrest Lane 

Catherine Wiley Boer 

Colchester, VT 05446 

2141 Blackfield Dr. 

Concord, CA 94520 


Alpha Gamma/Ohio State 
Alpha Delta/Goucher 

Alpha Epsilon/Brown 

Laura Froelich 
160 East 89th St. 

New York, NY 10128 

Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt 

Jane Chadwell Delony (Mrs. Chase) 
3108 Forrest Park Ave. 

Nashville, TN 37215 

Alpha Theta/Texas 

Kathleen Tyler Nitschke (Mrs. J. B.) 
1615 Bryan Place 
Amarillo, TX 79102 

Alpha Iota/Washington-St. Louis 

Elenore Meier Smith (Mrs. Mark F.) 
408 Parkland Ave. 

Glendale, MO 63122 

Alpha Kappa/Adelphi 

Mary McCaffrey Cadigan 
(Mrs. Joseph J.) 

117 Brook Street 
Garden City, NY 11530 

Alpha Lambda/Washington 

Carol Hicker Brewe (Mrs. Walt) 

815 E. Lk. Sammamish Ln. SE 
Issaquah, WA 98027 

Alpha Mu/Missouri 

Eleanor Stuckey Mosley (Mrs. F. C.) 
209 Ronnie Ave. 

Jefferson City, MO 65101 

Alpha Nu/Montana 

Roberta Hutton Hodges (Mrs. Ted) 
2606 View Drive 
Missoula, MT 59801 

Alpha Xi/Oregon 

Dana Peterson Moreland 
1990 Parkside Dr. 

Eugene, OR 97403 

Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma 

Elizabeth Douglass White 
(Mrs. Millar B.) 

1233 Glenbrook Terrace 
Oklahoma City, OK 73116 

Alpha Pi/North Dakota 

Ruth Helgerson Nylund 
(Mrs. Emil Jack) 

1511 Walnut St. 

Grand Forks, ND 58201 

Alpha Rho/South Dakota 

Jean Gilbert Anderson 
114 North Pine 
Vermillion, SD 57069 

Alpha Sigma/Washington State 

Mildred Cannon Elmgren 
(Mrs. Raymond L.) 

540 Sheridan Road 
Walla Walla, WA 99362 

Alpha Tau/Cincinnati 

Emily Fray Hagemeier 
(Mrs. Kenneth W.) 

10549 Cinderella Dr. 

Cincinnati, OH 45242 

Alpha Upsilon/Washburn 

Dorris Taggart Lentz (Mrs. William R.) 
2817 Jewell 
Topeka, KS 66611 

Alpha Phi/Newcomb-Tulane 

Julie Brown Cashio 
1606 Pine St. 

New Orleans, LA 70118 

Alpha Chi/Purdue 

Connie Corson Griffiths (Mrs. Robert) 
2309 Bennett Rd. 

Lafayette, IN 47905 

Alpha Psi/Lawrence 

Patricia Hamar Boldt (Mrs. Oscar C.) 
1715 Reid Drive 
Appleton, WI 54914 

Alpha Omega/Pittsburgh 

Susanne Ewald Warden (Mrs. Charles) 
576 Dorseyville Rd. 

Pittsburgh, PA 15238 

Beta Beta/Randolph-Macon 

Rebecca Hargis Moses 
(Mrs. Compton R.) 

P.O. Box 373 
Pearisburg, VA 24134 

Beta Gamma/Colorado State 

Judy Sherwin Andersen 
416 Duke Lane 
Fort Collins, CO 80525 

Beta Delta/Arizona 

Roberta Carpenter Kropp 
(Mrs. Robert James) 

9661 N. Ridge View Place 
Oro Valley, AZ 85737 

Beta Epsilon/Oregon State 

Jean Ross Graham (Mrs. Crawford H.) 
2920 N.W. Arthur Ave. 

Corvallis, OR 97330 

Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State 

Susan Green Hager 
(Mrs. Charles Donley) 

601 NW 38th 
Oklahoma City, OK 73118 

Beta Eta/Pennsylvania 

Nancy Boxenbaum 
30 Stuyvesant 
Larchmont, NY 10538 

Beta Theta/Idaho 

Julie Deobald Heimgartner 
P.O. Box 100 
Kendrick, ID 83537 

Beta Iota/Colorado 

Cheryl Simpson Leonhardt 
(Mrs. Stephen H.) 

3082 South Harrison Street 
Denver, CO 80210 

Beta Kappa/Drake 

Sandra Blymyer Cross (Mrs. Russell S.) 
410 S. 4th 
Indianola, IA 50125 

Beta Lambda/William & Mary 

Joan Howard Burgess (Mrs. George M.) 
216 Little Falls St. 

Falls Church, VA 22046 

Beta Mu/Nevada 

Debra Botsford Gerbatz (Mrs. Daniel) 
616 Putnam Avenue 
Reno, NV 89503 

Beta Nu/Florida State 

Leslie Schmidt Williams 
(Mrs. F. Palmer) 

3740 Bobbin Brook West 
Tallahassee, FL 32312 

Beta Xi/UC-Los Angeles 

Loma Kiech Wallen (Mrs. Richard) 
2350 Sherwood Rd. 

San Marino, CA 91108 

Beta Omicron/Iowa 

Elaine Lossman Ivie 
1424 Laurel St. 

Iowa City, IA 52240 

Beta Pi/Michigan State 

Donna Reuling Gainer 
(Mrs. Gordon R.) 

4329 Heartwood Road 
Okemos, MI 48864 

Beta Rho/Duke 

Lynn Yarnall Moore (Mrs. John M.) 

6 Littlewood Lane 
Durham, NC 27707 

Beta Sigma/Southern Methodist 

Joan Lively Stansbury (Mrs. Dan W.) 
4343 Shenandoah 
Dallas, TX 75205 

Beta Tau/Denison 

Beta Upsilon/British Columbia 

Patricia Hethrington 
750 Egmont Ave. 

Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3J 4J8 

Beta Phi/Penn State 

Leslie Lewis Montz (Mrs. Robert W.) 

26 Wilts Lane 

State College, PA 16803 

Beta Chi/Alberta 

Diane Graves 

9837 110 Street Apt. 611 

Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 1J1 

Beta Psi/McGill 

Agnes Umali 

4961 0iieen Mary Rd. #16 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3W 1X4 

Beta Omega/Colorado College 

Nancy Gupton Aitken 
(Mrs. John Howard) 

Perry Park, 6035 Apache Drive 
Larkspur, CO 80118 

Gamma Gamma/Rollins 

Doris Jenkins Avery (Mrs. William B.) 
2832 Rapidan Trail 
Maitland, FL 32751 

Gamma Delta/Georgia 

Miriam Luther Ray (Mrs. James B.) 

220 Plum Nelly Road 
Athens, GA 30606 

Gamma Epsilon/Western Ontario 

Mary Carroll 
202 Homewood Ave. 

Willowdale, Ontario, Canada M2M 1K6 

Gamma Zeta/Connecticut 

Liz Scholz Koiva (Mrs. Allan) 

117 High Ridge Drive 
Tolland, CT 06084 

Gamma Eta/Massachusetts 

Cynthia White George 
135 Alpine Dr. 

Amherst, MA 01002 

Gamma Theta/Carnegie-Mellon 

Patti-Ann Lassinger Kanterman 
329 S. Highlander Way, Apt. 22 
Howell, MI 48843 


Gamma Iota/Kentucky 

Dretta Christian 
1124 Providence Rd. 

Lexington, KY 40502 

Gamma Kappa/George Washington 

Kathleen Crowley Devey (Mrs. James) 
14007 Marblestone Ct. 

Clifton, VA 22024 

Gamma Lambda/Beloit 

Margery Evanson Orr (Mrs. William H.) 
4855 East Lawn Dr. 

Rockford, IL 61108 

Gamma Mu/Maryland 

Frances Doak Myers (Mrs. George C.) 
760 Northampton Dr. 

Silver Spring, MD 20903 

Gamma Nu/North Dakota State 

Kyle Hartvickson Handegard 
244 12th Avenue E. 

West Fargo, ND 58078 

Gamma Xi/San Jose State 

Phyllis Meyer Mueller (Mrs. John H.) 
1539 Santa Maria Ave. 

San Jose, CA 95125 

Gamma Omicron/New Mexico 

Kathleen Burke Anthony (Mrs. A. E.) 
1941 Indian School N.W. 

Albuquerque, NM 87104 

Gamma Pi/Iowa State 

Jonette Parizek Pasley (Mrs. Clark A.) 
309 Hickory Dr. 

Ames, IA 50010 

Gamma Rho/UC-Santa Barbara 

Marjorie Price Kellogg (Mrs. Kenneth) 
1432 San Miguel Ave. 

Santa Barbara, CA 93109 

Gamma Sigma/San Diego State 

Catherine Hogan Love 
(Mrs. Donovan S.) 

6121 Veemac Ave. 

La Mesa, CA 92042 

Gamma Tau/Tulsa 

Carol Capshaw Hudson 
(Mrs. Richard F.) 

4931 S. Lakewood 
Tulsa, OK 74135 

Gamma Upsilon/Miami University 

Nancy Bush Millhouse 
(Mrs. Jerome Rudy) 

6715 Yorkcliff PI. 

Dayton, OH 45459 

Gamma Phi/Texas Tech 

Renee Bergenheier Underwood 
(Mrs. David) 

9610 Toledo Avenue 
Lubbock, TX 79424 

Gamma Chi/Fresno State 

Priscilla Lauppe Wright 
4732 East Alamos, #102 
Fresno, CA 93726 

Gamma Psi/Texas Christian 

Barbara Harvey 
3882 Bellaire Circle 
Ft Worth, TX 76109 

Gamma Omega/Auburn 

Carra Hewitt 

1750 Jefferson Ave. #6 

Oxford, MS 38655 

Delta Delta/Whitman 

Deberah Samples Simon 
1803 Crestline Dr. 

Walla Walla, WA 99362 

Delta Epsilon/Arizona State 

Roxanne Falk 
4428 East Belleview 
Phoenix, AZ 85008 

Delta Zeta/Emory 

Ellen Warthen 
2856 Jasmine Ct. 

Atlanta, GA 30345 

Delta Eta/Kansas State 

Rae Opie Hunt (Mrs. Melvin Chase) 
1816 Denholm 
Manhattan, KS 66502 

Delta Theta/Florida 

Theresa Lyon 

5000 San Jose Blvd, #241 

Jacksonville, FL 32207 

Delta Iota/Puget Sound 

Julianne Hockett Orlando 
5207 95th Ave. Court West 
Tacoma, WA 98467 

Delta Kappa/Louisiana State 

Delta Lambda/Utah 

Trade Pastore Fielden (Mrs. Lawrence) 
1000 Lake St. 

Salt Lake City, UT 84105 

Delta Mu/Rhode Island 

Meredith Wakeman Wilson 
(Mrs. Robert H.) 

192 Duxbury Ct. 

Warwick, RI 02886 

Delta Nu/Arkansas 

Lorene Allen Raymond (Mrs. W. M.) 

1162 Mt. Comfort Rd. 

Fayetteville, AR 72703 

Delta Xi/North Carolina 

Anne Gregory Bunce (Mrs. Paul L.) 

1340 Old Lystra Road 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Delta Omicron/Alabama 

Delta Pi/Tennessee 

Nancy Tate Bumpous 
(Mrs. William Harold) 

4027 Sneed Road 
Nashville, TN 37215 

Delta Rho/South Florida 

Elizabeth Ayscue Katz 
2551 Lake Ellen Circle 
Tampa, FL 33618 

Delta Sigma/Ball State 

Carol Whitsett Sewell 
400 Jordan Dr. 

Indianapolis, IN 46217 

Delta Tau/Montana State 

Susan Woodbury Hall 
1984 E. Orchard Drive 
Salt Lake City, UT 84106 

Delta Upsilon/Eastern Kentucky 

Delta Phi/Clemson 

Leslie Gatch 

123 Whittington Dr. 

Greenville, SC 29615 


Delta Chi/Virginia 

Laura Wolfe Wright (Mrs. Morgan) 
7487 Skirmish Lane 
Mechanicsville, VA 23111 

Delta Psi/UC-Riverside 

Carroll Day Locke 
7368 Westwood Drive 
Riverside, CA 92504 

Delta Omega/Texas A&M 

Diane Derby Beecroft (Mrs. Tom L.) 
12610 Trail Hollow 
Houston, TX 77024 

Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor 

Lea Ann Wood 
2910 Columbus Avenue 
Waco, TX 76710 

Phi deuteron/Stanford 

Nancy Hoffman 
42 Tuscaloosa Ave. 

Atherton, CA 94025 

Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi 

Cathy Price Box 
240 Mercer St., #802 
New York, NY 10012 

Epsilon Eta/Centre College 

Jennifer Ely Garvey (Mrs. Michael) 
8442 Merrymount 
Nashville, TN 37221 

Epsilon Theta/Stetson 

Brenda Neal Edwards (Mrs. Lloyd) 

11489 Anamoree Lane 
Jacksonville, FL 32223 

Epsilon Iota/Westminster 

Elizabeth Humphreys 
4117 Flad 

St Louis, MO 63110 

Epsilon Kappa/Dartmouth 

Stephanie Semprevino 
22 Harding Rd. 

Glen Rock, NJ 07452 

Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson 

Mary Dolier Shuman (Mrs. George) 
401 S. College St. 

Carlisle, PA 17013 

Epsilon Mu/Princeton 

Celia Green Hughes 
12 Belmont Road 
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 

Epsilon Nu/Virginia Tech 

Hope Hartigan Miller 
209 Pine Drive 
Blacksburg, VA 24060 

Epsilon Xi/Villanova 

Kathleen Fetzer 
152 E. 22 St. #5C 
New York, NY 10010 

Epsilon Omicron/Randolph-Macon 

Linda Martin 
4225 Kingcrest Pkwy. 

Richmond, VA 23221 

Epsilon Pi/Bucknell 

Joan Cresap 
1 Greenacres Dr. 

Rye, NY 10580 

Epsilon Rho/Lehigh 

Lucy Neusch 
16 Poplar Street 
Closter, NJ 07624 

Epsilon Sigma/UC-Irvine 

Amy Hopkins 
16 Tulip Dr. 

San Carlos, CA 94070 

Epsilon Tau/Vale 

Allison George 
11 Stephanie Lane 
Darien, CT 06820 

Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia 

Christine Jamgochian 
253-30 West End Dr. 

Little Neck, NY 11362 

Epsilon Phi/Chicago 

Marjorie Thomas Morris 
1922 N. Dayton 
Chicago, IL 60614 

State Chairmen 


Lora Wills Clay (Mrs. William) 

1303 Deans Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35802 


Carolyn Jewett Strand 
(Mrs. Frederick M.) 

9611 Arlene Dr., Anchorage, AK 99515 


Annette Cowgill Tucker (Mrs. E. Brison) 
6729 1st Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85251 


Linda Vandenberg White 

412 Bayshore, Hot Springs, AR 71901 

California North/Area D 

Zip Codes 93200-93299, 93600-93899, 
95200-95399, 95600-96199 
Ruth Means LangstafT (Mrs. Harold A.) 
807 Treehouse Lane 
Sacramento, CA 95864 

California North/Area E 

Zip Codes 93900-93999, 94500-94899, 


Peggy Truesdall Ayers 

108 Garden Creek Place 

Danville, CA 94526 

California North/Area F 

Zip Codes 94000-94499, 94900-94999, 


Martha Whiteside Hollenbeck 
(Mrs. Peter W.) 

475 Los Cerros Drive 
Greenbrae, CA 94904 

California South/Area A 

Zip Codes 92000-92999 
Charlotte Curtis Eastland 
(Mrs. G. Randall) 

8820 Nottingham PI. 

La Jolla, CA 92037 

California South/Area B 
Zip Codes 90000-90999 
Jacquelin Hepper Chaussee 
(Mrs. Richard) 

1816 Via Estudillo 
Palos Verdes Est., CA 90274 

Epsilon Chi/Guelph 

Martha Borschke Gleeson (Mrs. P. J.) 

Box 31, 16 Campbell Ave. E. 

Campbellville, Ontario, Canada LOP 1B0 

Epsilon Psi/Richmond 

Megan Barber 

1220 N. Quinn St., #211 

Arlington, VA 22209 

Epsilon Omega/Washington & Jefferson 

Elizabeth Fleming 
P.O. Box 190 

Roanoke Rapid, NC 27870 

Zeta Zeta/Colgate 

Molly Chase 
302 N. Manlius 
Fayetteville, NY 13066 

California South/Area C 

Zip Codes 91000-91999, 93000-93199, 


Nancy Hammond Clemens (Mrs. John) 
2035 Sherwood Rd. 

San Marino, CA 91108 


Bonnie Applequist McMullen 
(Mrs. Paul) 

1595 So. Ironton St., Aurora, CO 80012 


Shirley Smith Frank (Mrs. Myron) 

63 Fitch Lane, New Canaan, CT 06840 


Karla Struck Tobar (Mrs. Ramon U.) 
320 Center Hill Rd. 

Wilmington, DE 19807 

Washington, DC 

Marian Fischer 

Apt. 807, 3201 Wisconsin Ave. NW 
Washington, DC 20016 


Helen Donn Flipse (Mrs. Fred C.) 

4775 Bay Point Rd., Miami, FL 33137 


Rosemary Marcoux Longino 
(Mrs. Ira T.) 

2140 W. Lyle Road 
College Park, GA 30337 


Lorene Tyler Runyan (Mrs. Damon) 

155 Makua St., Kailua, HI 96734 


Julie Deobald Heimgartner 
P.O. Box 100, Kendrick, ID 83537 


Carol Bandelin Edmier (Mrs. James J.) 

5205 Fair Elms 

Western Springs, IL 60558 


Mary Pierce Goodrich (Mrs. Don M.) 
9015 Buckthome Court 
Indianapolis, IN 46260 

Zeta Eta/Wofford College 

Tanya Bordeaux 
130 Country Club Lane 
Galax, VA 24333 

Zeta Theta/Cal Poly Technical 

Mary Martin Marquardt 
1435 Broad St. 

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 

Zeta Iota/Washington & Lee 

Caroline Boone 

2400 Westheimer #325-W 

Houston, TX 77098 

Zeta Kappa/South Carolina 

Zeta Lambda/College of Charleston 


Susan Payne Rich 

3400 Jefferson, Des Moines, IA 50310 


Margaret Moehlenbrock Killmar 
(Mrs. Harry H.) 

4021 West 98th 
Shawnee Mission, KS 66207 


Shirley Park Deane (Mrs. Daniel R.) 

115 Armitage Dr. 

Richmond, KY 40475 


Ilene Seale Lyman (Mrs. Lawrence G.) 
Rt. 3 Box 400, 333 Tara Drive 
Sulphur, LA 70663 


Anne Mitchell Cobb (Mrs. Richard H.) 
1918 Hidden Point Road 
Annapolis, MD 21401 


Mary Spindel Peirce (Mrs. David W.) 

38 Woodland St., Natick, MA 01760 


Louise Wetstein Simpson 
1190 S. Bates, Birmingham, MI 48009 


Charlene Podas Levy 
210 West Grant St., Apt. 515 
Minneapolis, MN 55403 


Janet Schiller Smith 
(Mrs. Harvey Burton) 

6 Gleneagles, Jackson, MS 39211 


Elizabeth Nolte Hartmann (Mrs. Henry) 
32 Chesterton Lane 
Chesterfield, MO 63017 


Roberta Hutton Hodges (Mrs. Ted) 

2606 View Drive, Missoula, MT 59801 



Mary Martison Engdahl 
(Mrs. Herbert A.) 

850 South 112 Plaza, Omaha, NE 68154 


Anne Lesperance Utter (Mrs. John H.) 
2860 W. Pinenut Ct., Reno, NV 89509 

New Jersey 

Virginia Shivers Sproul (Mrs. Philip T.) 

11 Aberdeen Rd., Chatham, NJ 07928 

New Mexico 

Emily Taulman Foor (Mrs. Lawrence L.) 
4728 Hannett NE 
Albuquerque, NM 87110 

New York/Lower 

Zip Codes 10001-11000, 11051-11435 

Judith Sloan Neyhart (Mrs. Jeffrey C.) 

Rd. #5 Box 66C, Kingston, NY 12401 

New York/Nassau County 

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Janice Gamer Crawford (Mrs. Guy) 

6 Birch wood Avenue 
Port Washington, NY 11050 

New York/Upper 
Zip Codes 12000-14905 

Judith Morse Baxter (Mrs. George J.) 

24 Woodcrest Dr., Fairport, NY 14450 

North Carolina 

Martha Richardson Skelton 
5345 Coronado Dr. 

Charlotte, NC 28212 

North Dakota 

Arline Tiegen Astrup 

2484 Lilac Lane, Fargo, ND 58102 


Pamela Hecker Galipault (Mrs. John B.) 
161 Tucker Drive 
Worthington, OH 43085 


Harriet Hammond Weirich 
(Mrs. Thomas P.) 

4315 St. Gregory 
Oklahoma City, OK 73120 


Wilma Walbridge Arbuckle 
(Mrs. Bryan R.) 

21467 Waterford PI. 

West Linn, OR 97068 

Zip Codes 17000-19999 

Sidney Bohlen Spahr (Mrs. C. Stewart) 
3523 Caley Rd. 

Newtown Square, PA 19073 

Zip Codes 15000-16999 

Judith French Wellington (Mrs. Peter S.) 
2310 Sidgefield Lane 
Pittsburgh, PA 15241 

Rhode Island 

Lois Pulling Dunmire 

95 Beacon Dr., N. Kingstown, R1 02852 

South Carolina 

Inge Brodersen Dickerman 
(Mrs. Frederick W.) 

61 Glouchester Rd. 

Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 

South Dakota 

Kathy Nielsen Martin 
717 Sunnybrook Dr. 

Sioux Falls, SD 57105 


Jane Chadwell Delony (Mrs. Chase) 

3108 Forrest Park Ave. 

Nashville, TN 37215 

Texas/Area A 

Zip Codes 77001-79999 

Leighton Johnson Donnell 
Lowe Ranch, Fowlerton, TX 78021 

Texas/Area B 

Zip Codes 75001-76999 

Tanya Jones Tinslar (Mrs. Craig) 

2412 Gulf, Midland, TX 79705 


Lynda Daynes Rhead 
(Mrs. Michael Vaughn) 

1240 East Chevy Chase Dr. 

Salt Lake City, UT 84117 


Helen Heininger Carr 

10 Hillcrest Lane, Colchester, VT 05446 


Rebecca Reddick 

809 South 25th St., Arlington, VA 22202 

Zip Codes 98801-99403 

Ruth Thomson Thompson 
(Mrs. Donald H.) 

W. 743 Cliff Ave., Spokane, WA 99204 

Zip Codes 98002-98791 

Janett Douglas Lane (Mrs. Ed) 

7324 84th St. Ct. S.W. 

Tacoma, WA 98498 


Elaine Johnson Luedeman (Mrs. H. J.) 

950 East Wye Lane 
Milwaukee, WI 53217 


Anne Miller McCoy (Mrs. T. N.) 

1930 Cheshire Drive 
Cheyenne, WY 82001 

Canada/Alberta, Manitoba, 


Janet Thomas Pattinson (Mrs. John S.) 

120 Whitehom PI. NE 

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T1Y 2J1 

Canada/British Columbia, Yukon 

Patricia Hethrington 
750 Egmont Ave. 

Coquitlam BC, CANADA V3J 4J8 


Mary Carroll 

202 Homewood Ave., Willowdale, Ontario, 

Canada/Quebec, Maritime Province, New 
Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova 
Scotia, Newfoundland 

Agnes Umali 

4961 Queen Mary Rd. #16 
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H3W 1 


Monie Eyler Buchter (Mrs. Robert A.) 

142 Garth Road Apt. 2D 
Scarsdale, NY 10583 

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Delta Sigma—Ball State 


Carol Straley Trimmer 
(Mrs. Joseph) 

409 Tyrone Drive 

Muncie, IN 47304 

Indiana: Chapters. Bloomington, Greencastle (Hon.), 
Indianapolis, Lafayette. Clubs, Anderson, Boone 

County, Columbus. Elkhart, Evansville, Ft. Wayne, 
Frankfort, Kokomo, Muncie, Richmond, South Bend. 

Terre Haute. 

Linda Berkey Herrick 

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Gail Kieffer Riggs 
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Michigan: Chapters. Birmingham. Lansing Area. Clubs. 
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Fernando Valley, Santa Barbara. Clubs. Bakersfield, 

Beach Cities, San Luis Obispo, Ventura County. 

Tricia Popovac Crean 
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Route #2, Box 1595 B 
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Susan Grieme Fitzgerald 
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Dayton, Toledo. Clubs. Akron, Canton, Cleveland. West 

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Epsilon Eta—Centre College, KY 


Julie Riney 

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Fairhope-Eastem Shore, Gadsden, Huntsville, 

Montgomery. Kentucky: Chapters. Lexington, Louisville. 

Clubs, Central Kentucky, Frankfort, Hopkinsville, 

Owensboro. Mississippi: Chapter. Jackson. Club. 

Hattiesburg. Tennessee: Chapters. Memphis, Nashville. 

Clubs, East Tennessee-SW Virginia, Knoxville. 

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Arlington-Mid Cities, Corpus Christi, Denton Area, 

Garland, Hill Country, Rio Grande Valley, Sherman- 
Denison Area, Temple-Belton Area, Vemon-Quanah, 

Wichita Falls. Arkansas: Clubs. Ft. Smith, Little Rock. 

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Paso. Houston, Houston Northwest, Lubbock, Midland. 

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Plainview, Port Arthur, San Angelo, Texarkana, Tyler. 

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(Kansas City is in District IV). Clubs. Columbia, 

Jefferson City, Springfield, St. Joseph. 

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Eugene. Salem, Southern Oregon. Washington: Chapters. 

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Vancouver. Alaska: Club. Anchorage. 


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T5T 3A7 

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XV Thea Williams Tidyman 
(Mrs. James A.) 

10358 Gibson Road 
Hayden Lake, ID 83835 

Idaho: Chapter. Boise. Clubs. Lewiston-Clarkston. 
Moscow. Montana: Clubs. Billings, Butte-Anaconda, 
Great Falls. Missoula. Washington: Chapters, Spokane. 
Yakima. Clubs. Pullman, Lewiston-Clarkston, Tri-Cities. 
Alberta: Club. Calgary. 

Lynn Jones Dexter 
(Mrs. Clarke) 

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Coast, Tallahassee, Tampa. Treasure Coast. 

Legacy Introduction Form 

Complete this form and send it to the Theta chapter on the campus your legacy plans to attend. Please send it as soon as possible 
after your legacy makes her college choice. (See Rush Directory for college chapter addresses.) 

Please remember that this introduction does not take the place of a recommendation. 

To-- Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at_ 

-(college). I wish to introduce you to my sister, daughter, 

granddaughter (circle one),-(name). She will be enrolling on your campus as a 

freshman, sophomore, junior, senior (circle one) beginning___(date). 

Her school address will be_ 


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Year Initiated: 


Since its first season in 1969, “Sesame Street" has been a positive force for education 
through television. While the show’s adult cast, like Susan (right), have grown up and its 
younger cast members have moved on, “Sesame Street" has continued to give valuable 
lessons in not only letters and numbers, but in kindness and acceptance. 

style for awhile in the late ’60s and 
some of the ’70s. But I think they 
are a good thing now because cam¬ 
puses tend to be huge, and unless 
you organize things in some way or 
another, you’re never going to have 
relationships. You can’t easily have 
relationships and friendships with 
people you want when there are so 
many people. For a while, I thought 
they were discriminatory with pref¬ 
erence cards and all, that hearts 
were broken unnecessarily. But I 
have come to the conclusion that 
they are not bad at all. I think now 
that most people who want to be, 
are in sororities and fraternities. 

Did any of your Beta Delta sisters in¬ 
fluence you , and are you still in con¬ 
tact with any of them today? 

I was drawn to the same kinds of 
people in the chapter, people who 
were, I guess, idealistic, and was 
very close to Ginny Grose (Virginia 
Grose Young). In fact, I lived with 
her and her family in Washington. I 
was very close to Pat Jackson, who 
was a class ahead of me. Pat was ex¬ 
tremely idealistic, and we all had a 
great love of literature and poetry. 
We very much felt one person could 
make a difference and that we ought 
to do good in life. Those friendships 
that were forged at Beta Delta had a 
very strong influence on me. I’m 
still in touch with Ginny and Pat, 
Susan Merriam Cohill and with Ann 
O’Malley Knowlton, who got mar¬ 
ried in my senior year. She was also 
very idealistic, very much that type. 

One of the issues Theta has been ad¬ 
dressing lately for both alumnae and 
collegiate members is the concept of 
the superwoman . How have you 
managed to balance career and mar¬ 
riage and family? 

With great difficulty! Anyone who 

‘'There is no secret to 
success. It’s not a secret. 
What you have to do is 
really work hard.” 

pretends it is not a juggling act is 
crazy. I had career and marriage 
without children. I’ve been married 
twice and acquired a number of 
stepchildren in my later career, my 
second marriage. I don’t know what 
I would have done if I had had chil¬ 
dren while in the process of becom¬ 
ing what I became. I’m not sure I 
would have had the same career be¬ 
cause mine entailed so much travel. 
If I had young children, I don’t 
know if I would have done it or not. 
I would certainly have had a career, 
but I’m not sure it would have been 
the one I had. 

I made the Children’s Television 
Workshop my baby precisely be¬ 
cause I didn’t have children. I 
wanted them, but that didn’t hap¬ 
pen, so my career became more and 
more my child. 

We have many young women in 
the company who are combining ca¬ 
reer and young children, and they 
are very stressed out. There’s no 
question about it. But it can be 
done where there’s a will to do it. 

It is infinitely easier to have a ca¬ 
reer if you have a good marriage 
than if you try to do it as a divorced 
woman. A lot of people do. I mean 
there are a lot of single women 
heading households now days, but it 
obviously helps if you have a hus¬ 
band who is understanding, a mod¬ 
ern, contemporary man who will 
help you carry some of the load. It 

certainly is not easy, and it’s not as 
if you are going to find those years 
terribly satisfying when you are try¬ 
ing to do it all. When I was married 
and had stepchildren and had a ca¬ 
reer, then I think there were periods 
when no one, including me, was to¬ 
tally satisfied. Everything was get¬ 
ting a little bit of me and not as 
much as I wanted to give to any one 
thing. It was pretty tough. But even¬ 
tually, I think it can be very satisfy¬ 
ing to try to do all three. 

Did you find that trying to start your 
company as a woman was difficult , 
or were your ideas so overwhelming 
that being a woman really wasn't a 

I think the latter is probably more 
true than not. If you are working 
with a great idea, and my idea was 
invented by more than me so I can 
call it a great idea, it is a whole lot 
easier for people to forget that you 
are a woman. I suppose there was 
some prejudice at various times, 
but it was also a period when the 
women’s movement was really com¬ 
ing on stream. I got many, many 
breaks because of being a woman. I 
don’t know if a male who had Chil¬ 
dren’s Television Workshop would 
have been asked to go on corporate 
boards for example. Whereas, I’ve 
been asked to be a member of a 
number of corporate boards and am 

SUMMER 1990 21 

a member of four. I’ve also been a 
trustee of interesting organizations. 
I’ve been asked into a lot of things 
precisely because I am a “successful 
woman,” and they “need a woman” 
to balance it or because they want 
more women on this or that com¬ 
mission or committee. The Council 
on Foreign Relations, for example, 
which is a very prestigious foreign 
policy think-tank, started letting 
women in, in the late ’60s or early 
’70s. I don’t know if 1 would have 
been asked had they not wanted 
women, because I wasn’t exactly up 
on foreign policy, although my com¬ 
pany was becoming international. 

So I got many, many, many things I 
wouldn’t have gotten because I was 
a woman. There are many side ben¬ 
efits from being a woman. There 
was much more good than bad. 

I don’t know if there was any bad. 
Right at the point you are starting 
to become the head of something, as 
I was with this little company, there 
are men backers who say, ‘Can it be 
a woman, can it be an inexperienced 
woman?’ I wasn’t experienced at 
running anything when I started 
this. I think there was a little preju¬ 
dice, but it was never overpowering, 
and 1 think also probably all women 
have learned what I learned: women 
have to be a little bit better than 
their male peers. We always laugh 
and say it will be wonderful when 

the day comes that a mediocre 
woman can succeed along with all 
the mediocre men who succeed. But 
that day is not here yet, and so 
women have to be a little better. If 
they are, then some of the walls, if 
you’re in the right industry, do 
come crumbling down. 

Do you feel that the women’s move¬ 
ment is at the same peak that it was 
when you started out, or do you see 
it starting to decline or level off? 

Well, I think it is different. To the 
degree that it seems to be leveling 

“We are always trying to 
teach children to be kind 
to one another and peo¬ 
ple to be kind to one an¬ 

off or declining, that’s just because 
it is the victim of its own success. I 
don’t think new, young women com¬ 
ing on stream understand what went 
before. There is no reason, if you 
are a woman lawyer and get into a 
good law firm, for you to join 
NOW, the National Organization 

for Women. You could really say, 
‘What’s all the shouting about?’ The 
movement has changed and has be¬ 
come far more child-centered. There 
is much more worry about getting 
good child care for women so that 
they can work because the work¬ 
place needs them. It’s not a question ! 
of helping them succeed; their bod¬ 
ies are needed. We have a shortage 
of labor in this country that is going 
to become more and more acute, 
which means child care will become 
a much bigger issue. I think the 
abortion issue is certainly going to 
become a big movement; it is a big 
movement. The pro-choice women 
are the new feminists, the feminists 
of this period. And well they should 
be, because there is nothing that 
puts women back in time more than 
men discussing their reproductive 

You seemed to have had a vision of 
helping disadvantaged children. Did 
you , and if so, what qualities do you 
think you possess that made it possi¬ 
ble for you to bring your vision to 

I certainly wanted to help disad¬ 
vantaged people when I started at 
Channel 13, the public television 
station here in 1962. I did a number 
of programs on learning deficits in 
the poverty community, both adults 
and children. I was deeply involved 
in presenting all kinds of programs 
on the anti-poverty program, which 
was the start of the Great Society 
program in Washington. And the 
civil rights movement was an enor¬ 
mous passion of mine. I did a lot of 
shows about civil rights. So when I 
was asked to do a study on the 
potential uses of television in pre¬ 
school education, I lunged at it, be¬ 
cause that was precisely the kind of 
thing that I had become obsessed 
with, in doing something to make a 
difference in the lives of the poor, 
and particularly poor children. It 
was perfect. « 

I did not suddenly have a vision 
that I was going to do something for 1 
preschool children. They liked the 
study, and everything started click¬ 
ing into place. We turned it into a 
grant proposal, and I became head 4 
of what we created, which was 
called the Children’s Television 
Workshop. Eighteen months from 
that time, we had “Sesame Street” 

The "Sesame Street" cast celebrates the show’s 20th anniversary in 1989. While many of 
the most famous characters are Muppets, humans play an important role in teaching about 
relationships, cultural sensitivity, birth and death. Children, elderly people, minorities and 
the disabled are all represented in the cast. 

on the air, and then the “Electric 
Company,” and then we turned the 
company into a money-producing 
company, that is we went into a 
number of businesses, licensing in¬ 
ternational sales, so that I eventually 
became a business person. But all 
the time, I was most interested in 
what we were doing in the program¬ 
ming area for children. We did 
“Electric Company” and then “3-2- 
1 Contact,” which is science for 8- 
to 12-year-olds. “Square One TV” is 
mathematics for 8- to 12-year-olds. 
We are now trying to raise money to 
do a literacy program teaching read¬ 
ing and writing to 6- to 9-year-olds. 

I stay involved in setting new curric¬ 
ulum aims. This particular year we 
are discussing how the show can 
deal with racism, whether there is 
something constructive we can do 
for little kids on that subject. 

Your shorn teach more than just 
reading and arithmetic. Do you see 
them as a way of teaching life issues, 
such as values and ethics? 

Yes. We don’t teach just reading 
and writing and pre-reading and 
writing. We teach lots of things. We 
are always trying to teach children 
to be kind to one another and peo¬ 
ple to be kind to one another. 

Colleges and universities are just be¬ 
ginning to come back to teaching 
values and ethics, having abandoned 
that for several years. There is an on- 

, going argument among faculty mem¬ 
bers as to whose values should be 

► taught. Can you speak to how you 
decide what values to address? 

, We’ve been through that here, and 
my answer is that there’s a consen¬ 
sus around certain values. There 
certainly is a consensus about peo¬ 
ple cooperating with one another to 
create something better. You have 
to give up something in order to co- 

* operate to do something. If no one 
does, you don’t have a society. We 

* don’t feel that there’s any argument 

, about treating all people in a kind, 

gentle way. You certainly have a 
right to self-defense, but we don’t 
have to get into that with our little 
kids. Aside from that, it seems to 

► me that it is a universal value to 
treat people with kindness and ac- 

* ceptance, especially those who are 
different, those who are disabled 

and those who have grown up as 
minorities. We certainly believe that 
it’s a value to tell the truth in most 
situations, to not steal, to do the 
right thing. You can usually figure 
out what the right thing is, and chil¬ 
dren are very interested in justice 
and fairness. We have no problem 
discussing justice and fairness. 

Your issues have kept up with chang¬ 
ing times. For example, you are 
planning to deal with racism this 
next year. Is this a planned thing, or 
does it just happen? 

Oh no, every year we decide what 
has changed in society, what the 
needs of the children are. Last year 
we were talking about ecology and 
geography and added a number of 
segments about those subjects. We 
add new things every year. We have 
always planned to keep right up 

with what the concerns and needs of 
children are, trying to stretch televi¬ 
sion to do more. 

We do a lot of research. Our re¬ 
searchers go out and talk to children 
and give them little tests, like show¬ 
ing them dolls and drawings to get 
their interpretations so that the ex¬ 
perts can tell us where children are 
developmentally. Then we have ex¬ 
perts come in and talk to the writers 
and producers of “Sesame Street.” 

So people are sitting around the ta¬ 
ble for two days, having read the re¬ 
search and listened to the experts. 
And then they talk among them¬ 
selves and decide what can be done, 
based on what they have heard and 
know, that would benefit our audi¬ 
ence. Then those things are tested so 

Although his tempera¬ 
ment tends to match his 
appearance, Oscar the 
Grouch has a charm all 
his own. Oscar often 
learns valuable lessons 
in human (and Muppet) 
relationships, lessons 
that are not lost on the 


that we know how to accomplish 
what we want to accomplish. 

Are most of your ideas successful, or 
sometimes do you have to go back to 
the drawing board? 

Well, we know so much now that 
quite often we learn that the 3-year- 
olds don’t get what we are doing. 
Four-year-olds get so much. Five- 
year-olds get much more, say on 
ecology or geography, but so many 
5-year-olds are in school. We want 
them to watch and learn, but we 
don’t want to lose our twos and 

Your shows have been aired on pub¬ 
lic television. Have you been disap¬ 
pointed that commercial television 
has not bought your shows? 

We have done some commercial 
things. We did an HBO series, called 
“Encyclopedia,” and we are proba¬ 
bly going to do some work with the 
Fox Network. But public television 
gives us the kind of air time we 
want. It’s not a second-rate situation 
for us. It’s the absolute network of 

It’s a big disappointment that 
commercial TV has not had an in¬ 
terest in educational programming, 

Ernie, of the inseparable Bert and Ernie duo, introduces children to the number 12. Early 
"Sesame Street" shows taught numbers up to ten, but as the level of learning has in¬ 
creased over the years, the program now teaches counting up to 20. 

threes, which is the larger part of 
our audience. We decide how to 
make adjustments to appeal to more 
of our audience. Sometimes the re¬ 
search will come back and say the 
children were bored, that virtually 
no one got it. 

How do you respond to the criticism 
that “Sesame Street” limits a child’s 
attention span? 

That’s just an assertion by some¬ 
one who has done no research. The 
research shows the opposite. The 
fact is, that “Sesame Street” viewers 
have longer attention spans that 
non-viewers, and that has been doc¬ 

but it’s not profitable. They’re not 
going to do it. We all let that hap¬ 
pen, we as citizens. But it happened, 
and it’s not going to change. 

Of all the honors you have received, 
which would you say is the one you 
value the most? 

There are two that meant the 
most to me. One was to be the Cen¬ 
tennial Alumna of the University of 
Arizona in May 1988. On the anni¬ 
versary of the Land Grant Act, a na¬ 
tional committee asked all land 
grant colleges and universities to 
submit a short list of alumni that 
they would recommend for the 
award. I was the one chosen for the 
University of Arizona. That was an 
immense honor and very satisfying 

to me. 

The second was to be inducted 
into the Television Academy Hall of 
Fame in January 1990. Those were 
the great thrills of my career. 

Do you plan to keep on working? Is 
retirement in your near future? 

I’ll always work. I will not stay as 
Chief Executive Officer of this com¬ 
pany forever. It’s time that I start 
preparing for succession, and I ex¬ 
pect to do that in the next year or 
so. But I will remain in some capac¬ 
ity at the company because there are 
certain things I like to do and want 
to do or. the creative and program¬ 
matic side. In fact, I’d rather spend 
my time in that rather than in ad¬ 

When you look back over everything 
you have done, do you feel good 
about what you have accomplished? 
Would you have done anything dif¬ 

Oh gosh, that’s not the kind of 
question I really feel I can answer. 
I’m not smug. I don’t know if 
there’s anything I’d do differently. 
I’ve made a lot of mistakes. You al¬ 
ways wish you had done more and 
could have ten different careers. I’m 
a complicated person who wishes I’d 
done a lot more. 

Is there anything you would like to 
say to young college women who are 
going to follow in your footsteps in 
television or education or in any ca¬ 

You want to say, ‘Aim high.’ 

Don’t accept that you can’t. If you 
want to go all the way in a career, 
then don’t accept that you can’t; 
don’t let anyone tell you that you 
can’t. But you have to be prepared 
to work very hard if you want a ma¬ 
jor career—to work very, very hard. 
There is no secret to success. It’s not 
a secret. What you have to do is re¬ 
ally work hard. I don’t say to 
women, ‘Do it! Go for it!’ Because a 
lot of them don’t want to, and they 
should do what they want to do. But 
for those who want to, I would say, 
‘Go for it.’ 

By Sue Farrell Supple 



m ,ae your Theta —h,p . one o f the hes, 

about your Theta experience:s. S of fraternity membership 

* ■*« s “ ,ha ' 

beyond the college years. 

SUMMER 1990 25 

To Know Your Candidates 

If you know of an outstanding young woman who might be 
considering rush, put her on the college chapter ticket by 
writing a recommendation on her behalf. 

The recommendation and legacy introduction forms in this 
issue are the best ways to call attention to your candidate. In 
submitting a recommendation, be as specific as possible 
about the young woman’s academic record, activities and in¬ 
terests, and include a photograph, if possible. Your com¬ 
ments provide a valuable rushing tool and can help the 
chapter members engage in meaningful conversations with 
each candidate. 

Send early, unsolicited recommendations to the rush rec¬ 
ommendation board in the rushee’s community or, if there is 
no board, directly to the college chapter (listed in this issue’s 
directory insert). Don’t wait for the chapter to request alum¬ 
nae assistance. Chapters with fall rush must have recommen¬ 
dations by July 15, and those with deferred rush need the 
forms by September 15. 

7° v °iu nfa 

f °r th~ ~ te &r 

tain its or ° a Urr >nap tS — c °l~ 


Sta ™" S c£> r °r ly in S a 

Al ‘"n„ a ? ndld *te. 0I “- 

tZ S and Chant board rn U: 

Theta \ n na Pter rush n,e nj- 

*Mo n O* <’%*''** 

Collar u ° ar ds ic _ ec Ol]lm a . 

co// e( 
in c 
a nd v 

° mrn CTn 


* for 


cha P ZVZ e » <ot»for: 

with chan? Ush adviJ r ° lle ge 

p, an/iJ P,er rush c hab W ° rk 
*° r ksho P s art,es - hold n men * 

U usb 

In addit - Section ® Srn °oth 

fhapt ers 4/°' m anv co n Cet,n Ss. 
'°cal ah , We >com e si. lle Se 

h °mes r,j " nac Wio SgP-t from 
hel t> hot!? and Wlo ,? a "d 

°™ Zl rush 

take coats e Afresh ’ Pr e- 

r° rk ^iot" d ^'P ZlS e " ,s ' 

t] ° n - 4 not ^ ^^bersh- Pa Per- 
a bat ch of ° r cncour h ‘ P Se/ ec- 
arran 8emem? k ' es °r a fi^^h 
‘° ns car, h For Party H nOWer 
Way of sun e a rr>u ch-a n dec ° ra ' 
* onh « 





(Last) (First) (Nickname) 

Instructions: Please type or write legibly. A picture of the rushee is valuable for identification. 

I recommend--- to___chapter of 

Kappa Alpha Theta at____ 


Age:- College class: □ Freshman □ Sophomore □ Junior □ Senior 

Name of Parents or Guardian___ 

(Give full name) (Mother's maiden name if known) 

Home Address:____ 

College Address (if known):_ 

Name of High School attended:___ 

Address of High School:__ 

Size of Class:- Exact scholastic standing in class:_ACT/SAT_ 

Scholastic Average (if known): Schools attended after high school: 

Kappa Alpha Theta Relatives (Give full name, relationship, chapter, and maiden name, if known): 

Other women’s fraternity connections:__ 

Source of information: □ Personal acquaintance with rushee: I have known her for_years. 

□ Personal acquaintance with her family: I have known them for_years. 

Other sources (please specify): 

I hereby sponsor this rushee for membership in Kappa Alpha Theta. 



(First) (Maiden) (Last) (Husband's Initials) 


(Street) (City) (State/Province) (Zip Code) 

Telephone Number: HOME: J_I_ WORK: _!_1_ 

College Chapter:_ College/University:_ 

Initiation Year:_ Signature:_ 

The college chapter must acknowledge all recommendations and within ten days send recommendations for all Theta 
pledges to the college district president to be kept on file. 

SUMMER 1990 2 7 



(lost) (Firstl (Nicknamel 


Activities: Please list school extra-curricular activities, community activities, employment experience. Be specific. Attach extra 
sheet if necessary. 

Hobbies, Interests, Talents, Special Honors: 

Your Personal Comments about the Rushee (Optional): Attach extra sheet if necessary. 

If there is a rush recommendation board in the rushee’s community, send this recommendation to that board. If 
there is no board, send it directly to the college chapter rush recommendation chairman. (See the summer issue 
insert of The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine for mailing addresses.) 

For Rush Recommendation Board use only: Please print or write legibly. 

Name of Board:_____ 

Signature of Chairman:_ If alternate, check here: □ 


(Street) (City) (State/Province) (Zip Code) 

Telephone Number: HOME: J_!_ WORK: J-1- 

For Authorized Rush Representative use only: Please print or write legibly. 

Signature of Authorized Rush Representative (if applicable):- 





(Zip Code) 

Telephone Number: HOME: ( 


WORK: ( 0 


Fraternity FYI 

Theta Continues to Grow 


The Fraternity will be establishing a 
colony at the Massachusetts Insti¬ 
tute of Technology in the fall of 
1990. Alumnae are encouraged to 
send recommendations for prospec¬ 
tive rushees at MIT to Central 
Office in care of Kathy Spicer, Di¬ 
rector of Alumnae Rush Personnel. 

University of Idaho 

Theta is also expanding in January 
1991, when the Beta Theta Chapter 
will be re-established at the Univer¬ 
sity of Idaho in Moscow. As part of 
the activities leading up to the recol¬ 
onization, Theta is co-sponsoring a 
seminar in August with the Bon 
Marche department store in Mos¬ 
cow. The seminar, titled “How to 
Get the Most Out of College,” will 
be targeted toward college-bound 
high school women and will feature 
a style show by Bon Marche. Rec¬ 
ommendations for women attending 
the University of Idaho may be sent 
to Central Office in care of Kathy 


The Alumnae Committee and Grand Vice 
President Alumnae Jane Hedges recognize 
the importance of keeping alumnae who 
are geographically apart from club or chap¬ 
ter activities apprised of Theta interaction. 

For this reason, Theta's program for 
"members at-large" has been developed 
by Wilma Arbuckle, director of chapters-at- 
large. The THETA TALK newsletter is issued 
at least twice each year, with information 
about Theta sisters who are living all 
around the world. This personal means of 
keeping in touch is available to you if you 
will complete and return the form provided. 

Central Office Staff 
Celebrates Earth Day 

The Theta staff at Central Office 
celebrated Earth Day on Friday, 
April 20. To draw attention to “the 
Decade of the Environment,” poli¬ 
cies already in place which conserve 
resources were acknowledged and 
new procedures initiated. Recycled 
paper is used in the office, and staff 
members are encouraged to use both 
sides of the page. Discarded paper is 
separated from other trash and col¬ 
lected for recycling. Ceramic coffee 
mugs and glasses replace disposable 
cups, and soft drink containers are 
collected and recirculated. On Fri¬ 
day, each staff member was given a 
tree to take home and plant, and 
employees of the other Greek offices 
in the College Park area were in¬ 
vited to a clean-up-the-neighbor- 
hood party. Notices will be placed 
in the Convention cloth tote bags 
encouraging members to use them 
as shopping bags instead of paper or 
plastic bags. Theta cares about the 
environment, and all Thetas are en¬ 
couraged to do their part in protect¬ 
ing our planet. 

Registration Form 


first lost 


street city 


Alpha Omega Chapter 
Schedules Anniversary 

Alumnae and collegians from Alpha 
Omega Chapter/Pittsburgh will be 
celebrating the chapter’s 75th anni¬ 
versary the weekend of November 
30-December 1, 1990. More infor¬ 
mation will be forthcoming from the 

Philadelphia Alumnae 
Panhellenic Offers 
$500 Scholarship 

The Philadelphia Alumnae Panhel¬ 
lenic will award a $500 scholarship 
to a fraternity woman doing gradu¬ 
ate work at a college or university in 
the five-county (Philadelphia, Dela¬ 
ware. Montgomery, Chester or 
Bucks) Philadelphia area during the 
1990-91 school year. Those inter¬ 
ested should request an application 
from Krista L. Killen, 1020 Beau¬ 
mont Road, Berwyn, PA 19312. Ap¬ 
plications must be postmarked 
before August 15, 1990. 

Correction: Initiation at convention 
will be Saturday, June 30. 

maiden husband's 

state/ctry zip 


Send to: Wilma Arbuckle, 21467 Waterford Place, West Linn, OR 97068 

SUMMER 1990 29 

In Memoriam 

Marjorie McCartney Bush (Mrs Frederic) 
Adelphi 1930; January 1990 
Alberta Schweickert Wahlers (Mrs John) 
Adelphi 1921; August 1989 
Lois McIntyre Bain 
Alberta 1947; March 1990 
Jessie Howell Glasse 
Allegheny 1915; December 1989 
Elizabet Burwell Goolden (Mrs George) 
Allegheny 1917; 

Norene Saxton Norton (Mrs Lewis) 
Allegheny 1915; 1989 
Caroline Carson Boice (Mrs Howard) 
Arizona 1937; February 1990 
Helen Bailard Hiller (Mrs H. B.) 

Arizona 1917; January 1990 
Martha Williams Stockton (Mrs Charles) 
Beloit 1955; 

Jean Rau Kelly (Mrs. Norman) 

Butler 1935; 

Mary Louise Mann 
Butler 1920; February 1989 
Doris Myers 
Carnegie-Mellon 1944; 

Hazel Beucus Mueller 
Cincinnati 1933; November 1989 
Jane Oridge Reemelin 
Cincinnati 1932; February 1990 
Fredda Dudley Balling (Mrs Edwin) 
Colorado 1925; February 1990 
Helen Bean Carpenter (Mrs E. G.) 

Colorado 1921; March 1990 
Martha Lepper Hays (Mrs Frank) 
Colorado 1936; July 1988 
Jean Holdeman Tyler (Mrs John) 
Colorado 1943; December 1989 
Gladys Bell 

Colorado College 1932; December 1989 
Caroline Albers Hilton (Mrs Harry) 
Colorado State 1921; December 1989 
Louise Thomasson Hughes (Mrs Rodney) 
Colorado State 1926; December 1989 
Frances Wylie Condit (Mrs Charles) 
Depauw 1929; January 1990 
Inez Richard 
Drake 1921; July 1989 
Anna Enkema Frizelle (Mrs T. N.) 

Duke 1935; January 1990 
Katherine Delongy O’Connor 
Duke 1979; February 1990 
Ruth Osborne Dowdall 
Fresno State 1960; July 1980 
Katherine Ing Bading (Mrs John) 

Goucher 1928; June 1989 
Ada Povey Jordan 
Idaho 1920; January 1990 
Helen Hamilton Hartz (Mrs George) 
Illinois 1924; February 1990 
Margaret McCulley Jarvis (Mrs. John) 
Iowa 1931; February 1990 
Kayrl Shaffer Laird 
Iowa 1942; December 1989 
Katherine Boiler McGuire 
Iowa 1934; March 1990 
Helen Collins Mears (Mrs Robert) 

Iowa 1930; November 1982 
Alice Wright Franzke (Mrs Charles) 
Kansas 1945; March 1990 

Mary Faulders Wise (Mrs Robert) 

Kansas 1945; 

Betty Johnson Hodges (Elizabeth) 

Lawrence 1937; February 1990 
Nancy Sayre Foerster (Mrs. Gilbert) 
Michigan 1946; September 1990 
Ruth Sangster Gezelius (Mrs R. A.) 

Michigan State 1928; March 1986 
Nancy Trabue Grayson (Mrs. Charles) 
Michigan State 1943; February 1986 
Helen Anderson Lawler (Mrs George) 
Michigan State 1926; February 1990 
Virginia Mahoney Adkins (Mrs J. F.) 

Minnesota 1914; November 1989 
Marion Bagley Losby (Mrs. Theodore) 
Minnesota 1920; 

Louise Carroll Dillender (Mrs Clyde) 
Missouri 1936; January 1990 
Julia Davis Stuart (Mrs Robert) 

Missouri 1929; January 1990 
Frances Jensen Blakeslee (Mrs Robert) 
Montana 1937; February 1990 
Patricia Brott 

Nebraska 1934; January 1990 
Mary Lancaster Hopkins (Mrs. Robert) 
Nebraska 1944; December 1989 
Helen Quinn 

Nebraska 1915; December 1989 
Mary Berthier Berther 
Newcomb/Tulane 1939; August 1989 
Martha Kampf 

Newcomb/Tulane 1978; February 1990 
Dixie Tharp Mayer (Mrs John) 
Newcomb/Tulane 1930; October 1989 
Helen Holden Arganbright (Mrs Marion) 
Ohio Wesleyan 1924; 1990 
Martha Huston Reiff (Mrs N. M.) 

Ohio Wesleyan 1925; March 1989 
Jennie Dougherty Warren (Mrs Robert) 
Ohio Wesleyan 1926; December 1989 
Mozelle Downing Harper (Mrs. James) 
Oklahoma 1922; 1990 
Betty Westfall Morgan (Mrs Max) 
Oklahoma 1935; February 1990 
Isabella Moore Penrod (Mrs John) 
Oklahoma 1927; October 1989 
Elizabeth Darling 
Oregon 1929; January 1990 
Cynthia Liljequist Eyre (Mrs David) 
Oregon 1932; January 1990 
Sue Maddock Sholian (Mrs Nicholas) 
Oregon 1949: 

Margaret Rogers Moore (Mrs Ralston) 
Oregon State 1918; December 1989 
Mary Rawlings Sullivan (Mrs. Frank) 
Oregon State 1920; January 1990 
Elizabeth Marshall Cadwell 
Purdue 1923; January 1990 
Evelyn Gullion Schricker (Mrs Henry) 
Purdue 1940; November 1989 
Nancy Pugh Newcome (Mrs R. B.) 

Randolph-Macon Woman’s College 1931 
Inge Jensen Curtis (Mrs J. E.) 

San Jose State 1951; 

Grace Beede 

South Dakota 1923; February 1990 
Helen Early Thorson (Mrs Russell) 

South Dakota 1924; February 1990 

Isabel Jenkins Booth (Mrs. Newlin) 
Swarthmore 1912; March 1990 
Therese Spackman Willits (Mrs Joseph) 
Swarthmore 1907; February 1990 
Dorothy Huedepohl Fly (Mrs James) 

Texas 1944; August 1989 
Susan Dyke Paulette 
Texas 1960; December 1989 
Oreta Smith (Mrs W. R.) 

Texas 1928; January 1990 
Margaret Lawther Warren (Mrs Charles) 
Texas 1921; December 1989 
Barbara Bauhaus Johnson (Mrs Fred) 

U C - Santa Barbara 1950; August 1989 
Katherine Loftus Conter 
USC 1940; 

Mary Dobson Armistead (Mrs Harrison) 
Vanderbilt 1919; February 1990 
Caroline Little McCary (Mrs Joseph) 
Vanderbilt 1924; June 1989 
Orra Williams Pitner (Mrs William) 
Vanderbilt 1937; January 1989 
Marjorie Shapard Polk (Mrs Lawrence) 
Vanderbilt 1914; December 1989 
Theta Baker 

Vermont 1908; January 1990 
Katharine Pease Carleton (Mrs Phillips) 
Vermont 1917; March 1990 
Elizabeth Beckvold Davis 
Vermont 1933; February 1989 
Ruth Blodgett Doolin (Mrs Lawrence) 
Vermont 1920; January 1990 
Nina Ryder Johnson (Mrs. Avery) 

Vermont 1921; April 1989 
Mary Flenniken Hope (Mrs John) 

Washburn 1945; March 1990 
Telline Evans Land (Mrs Everett) 

Washburn 1917; December 1989 
Marilyn Allen Flood 
Washington 1952; August 1989 
Betty McLauchlen Matheson (Mrs William) 
Washington 1933; February 1990 
Marcia Mcgifford Fuller 
Washington State 1948; December 1989 
Mary Turner Bull (Mrs Richard) 

Wisconsin 1921; July 1989 
Adelaide Payne Fishburn (Mrs Eugene) 
Wisconsin 1916; February 1990 
Virginia Skinner 

Wisconsin 1924; December 1989 


The names Anita Utt Muhs (Mrs. 
Frederick) Stanford, 1929, Martha 
Wilson Bailey (Mrs. Robert) Ran¬ 
dolph-Macon Women’s College, 
1939, and Dorothy Holcomb Hertel 
(Mrs. Edward) Michigan, 1937, were 
incorrectly included in the Spring 
1990 obituaries. We sincerely apolo¬ 
gize for these unfortunate errors. 




Keep It Alive With And, you'll get 


The Kappa Alpha Theta 
Classic Visa 

One of the most important qualities that makes 
this Fraternity great is the spirit and dedication 
of its members. We have a long tradition of 
sisterhood and service to the community 
of which we are justifiably proud 
Now, simply by taking 
advantage of a 
great credit card 
offer, you can help 
continue that 

The Card 
For You. 

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Please call 1-800-992-2196 
and ask for Julie Brown 



Grand President—Janet Paine Peters 
(Mrs. William) Beta Omega 245 West 
Wistaria. Arcadia, CA 91007 

Grand Vice-President College—Helen 
Edwards Woodward (Mrs. H. Jackson) 
Alpha Omicron 2425 Smoking Oak 
Road, Norman. OK 73072 

Grand Vice-President Alumnae—Jane 
Kent Hedges (Mrs. Bill B.) Beta Sigma 
3788 Westerman, Houston, TX 75783 

Grand Vice-President Development— 
Sue Blair-Sheets (Mrs. Carleton) Delta 
Theta 5/1-12/1: 158 Moorewood Cir¬ 
cle, Highlands, NC 28741; 12/2-4/30: 
5240 Burning Tree Circle, Stuart. FL 

Grand Vice-President Education— 
Louise Lev Geil (Mrs. Philip) Beta Iota 
5520 Racquet Lane, Boulder, CO 

Grand Vice-President Finance—Sue 
Shane Sautermeister (Mrs. Rainer) 

Beta 106 Cativo Drive, Jackson, MS 

Grand Vice-President Membership— 
Jennifer Sette Rova (Mrs. Robert) Al¬ 
pha Pi 437 Rosarita Drive, Fullerton, 
CA 92635 


Delegate—Lissa Luton Bradford (Mrs. 
William) Alpha Eta Box 50407, 
Nashville, TN 37205 

1st Alternate—Janet Paine Peters 
(Mrs. William) Beta Omega 245 West 
Wistaria, Arcadia. CA 91006 

2nd Alternate—Norma Anderson Jor¬ 
gensen (Mrs. Albert) Gamma Zeta 58 
Mountain Shadows East, Scottsdale, 
AZ 85253 

3rd Alternate—Carry! Wischmeyer 
Krohne (Mrs. Paul W.) Nu 98 Chest¬ 
nut Dr.. Gilford, NH 03246 


Fraternity Headquarters—8740 Foun¬ 
ders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268 

Executive Director—Marcia H. Bond, 
Gamma Delta 

Associate Executive Director—Nancy 
Milligan Frick (Mrs. Charles) Alpha 

Director of Chapter Services—Betsy 
Sierk, Beta Omicron 

Editor—Sue Farrell Supple (Mrs. Rob¬ 
ert) Alpha 

Chapter Consultants— 

LynnAnn Baldwin Delta Delta 

Tracy Bartels Alpha Mu 

Katie Bax Gamma Psi 

Allison Canniff 

Beta Chi 

Patrice Cowan 


Lynda Fairman 

Gamma Chi 

Kelly Gettles 

Alpha Sigma 

Jennifer Hans 

Gamma Chi 

Lindy Hardin 

Epsilon Eta 

Anne Humphries 

Beta Lambda 

Ann Katzenbach 

Beta Delta 

Kim Martin 

Gamma Rho 

Amy Mitchell 

Gamma Phi 

Marcie Schneeberger 

Beta Zeta 


8740 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 

An Indiana Not for Profit Corpora¬ 
tion established May 26. 1961 for the 
purpose of receiving and disbursing 
funds in order to continue and in¬ 
crease the philanthropic, scholastic and 
leadership programs of the Fraternity. 

President, Marjorie Crane Schnacke 
(Mrs. Donald P.) Kappa 1445 West- 
over Road, Topeka, KS 66604 

Vice-President, Annual Fund Drive 
Chairman—Gwynn Geiger Mannes 
(Mrs. Paul) Omicron 5801 Little Falls 
Road, Arlington, VA 22207 

Secretary, Graduate Scholarships 
Chairman—Anne Burr Saliers (Mrs. 
Richard) Gamma Pi 8661 Conserva¬ 
tion NE, Ada, MI 49301 

Treasurer, Community Involvement 
Program Chairman—Carryl 
Wischmeyer Krohne (Mrs. Paul W.) 

Nu 98 Chestnut Drive, Gilford, NH 

Trustee, Founders’ Memorial and ETF 
Scholarships Chairman—Genny Butz 
Adsit (Mrs. Andrew) Beta Pi 1424 
Ridge Road, Northbrook. IL 60062 

Trustee, Publicity and Public 
Relations Chairman—Laurie 
McGregor, Gamma deuteron P.O. 

Box 21877, Columbus, OH 43221 

Trustee—Janet Paine Peters (Mrs. Wil¬ 
liam) Beta Omega 245 West Wistaria. 
Arcadia, CA 91007 

Trustee—Jane Kent Hedges (Mrs. Bill 
B.) Beta Sigma 3788 Westerman, 
Houston, TX 75783 

Executive Director—Pamela Walker 
Ferree, Gamma 


Alumnae Regional Directors—Kathy 
Wallace Pieper (Mrs. Richard) Beta 
Kappa 14 E. St. Albans Rd., Hop¬ 
kins, MN 55343 - Mary Kaine Carter 
(Mrs. Bob) Alpha Theta 129 Ayles¬ 
bury Hill, San Antonio, TX 78209 ~ 
Katie Dittrich McMillin (Mrs. Dale) 
Alpha Chi 9732 S. 550 West, Lafa¬ 
yette, IN 47905 

Archivist—Mary Edith Estes Arnold 
(Mrs. Robert) Alpha Mu 625 S. New¬ 
berry Place. Arlington Heights. IL 

College Regional Directors—Carol 
Stenberg McPadden (Mrs. Arthur) 
Lambda 25881 Estacada Drive, Los 
Altos Hills. CA 94022 - Marilyn Ho- 
lappa Nicholls (Mrs. John) Phi 7028 
Bridgeport Circle, Stockton, CA 95207 
~ Peggy Ahrenhold Gallagher (Mrs. 
Kevin) Gamma Delta 533 Linwood 
Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306 

Computer Coordinator—Martha West 
Griffith (Mrs. L. Keith) Gamma Phi 
3400 Northwood Circle, Austin, TX 

Convention Manager—Pat Boynton 
Frey (Mrs. William) Alpha 1452 Baf¬ 
fin Road, Glenview, IL 60025 

Convention Assistant Manager—Susie 
Mueller Sladoje (Mrs. George) Alpha 
Gamma 1921 Ridgewood Lane East, 
Glenview, IL 60025 

Directory of Advisor) Boards—Nancy 
Cochran Abbey (Mrs. Joe) Alpha 
Theta 4341 Fairfax. Dallas. TX 

Director of Alumnae Chapter and Club 
Bylaws/Parliamentarian—Elynor Har¬ 
ter Moore (Mrs. Harry) Beta Omega 
3210 Cherry Park South #6. Grand 
Forks, ND 58201 

Director of Alumnae Development— 
Margie Miller Elster (Mrs. Frank) Beta 
Epsilon 9226 Swallow Dr., Los An¬ 
geles. CA 90069 

Director of Alumnae Rush Personnel— 
Kathy Callaway Spicer (Mrs. John) 
Gamma Phi 3858 Pelham Rd., Ft. 
Worth, TX 76116 

Director of Career Opportunities— 

Pam Bart Pasternak (Mrs. David) 
Gamma Theta 5826 Morrowfield Av¬ 
enue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 

Director of Chapters at Large—Wilma 
Walbridge Arbuckle (Mrs. Bryan) Al¬ 
pha Xi 21467 Waterford Place, West 
Linn, OR 97068 

Director of College Chapter Bylaws— 
Lisa Dennis, Delta Lambda 401 E. 
34th Street, # 13-P North, New York, 
NY 10016 

Director of College Chapter Finance— 
Jeannie Haines Livesay (Mrs. John) 
Gamma Iota 2021 Bainbridge Row 
Drive, Louisville. KY 40207 

Director of Fraternity Education—Su¬ 
zanne Luton Woodruff (Mrs. Forester) 
Gamma Psi 15626 SE Fairwood Bou¬ 
levard, Renton. WA 98058 

Director of House Corporations— 
Dianne Danford Treadwell (Mrs. 

Terry) Delta Eta 9229 Slater. Over¬ 
land Park. KS 66212 

Director of Colonizations and Installa¬ 
tions—Marilyn Chesher Lynch (Mrs. 
Joe) Gamma Phi 322 Vanderpool. 
Houston, TX 77024 

Director of Membership Selection— 
Marilyn Edmier Huseby (Mrs. 

Thomas) Alpha Chi 47 Lisa Drive, 
Chatham, NJ 07928 

Director of Officer Education—Mimi 
Davis Reid (Mrs. C.P.) Alpha Mu 
8303 SW 42nd Avenue, Gainesville, 

FL 32608 

Director of Personnel—Ann Davis 
Berner, Delta Delta 14225 75th Ave¬ 
nue, Bothell. WA 98011 

Director of Pledge Education—Mary 
Solberg Galloway (Mrs. H.) Alpha Pi 
14802 E. 5th Circle, Unit D, Aurora, 
CO 80011 

Director of Scholarship—Mary Over- 
ton Caldwell (Mrs. Geary) Omicron 
1636 Wicomico Lane, Virginia Beach. 
VA 23464 

Director of Service—Suzann Nowels 
(Mrs. ), Delta Lambda 2467 Skyline 
Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 

Director of State Chairmen and Perma¬ 
nent Alumnae Secretaries—Lou Wet- 
stein Simpson. Beta Tau 1190S. 
Bates, Birmingham. MI 48009 

Director of Student Loan Fund Com¬ 
mittee—Sally Cowan Reinhold (Mrs. 
Bruce) 8 Lebanon Hills Drive, Pitts¬ 
burgh, PA 15228 

Fraternity Counsel—Jenifer Lucas, Al¬ 
pha Upsilon 1916 17th Street NW, 
Apt. #513, Washington, D.C. 20009 

Historian—Judy Kubly Alexander 
(Mrs. Shelton) Gamma Lambda 1161 
Dorum Avenue, State College, PA 

Music Director—Joyce Anne Rogers 
Vitelli (Mrs. Raymond) Chi 21 Bette 
Drive, Manchester, CT 06040 

Supervisors of College Chapter By¬ 
laws—Kathleen A. Rittner, Beta Phi 
3701 Connecticut Avenue N.W., #522, 
Washington, D.C. 20008 — Kathleen 
Fetzer, 152 E. 22nd Street, #5C, New 
York, NY 10010 - Renee Bergenheier 
Underwood (Mrs. David) Gamma Phi 
9610 Toledo Avenue, Lubbock, TX 
79424 - Mary Moller Whitaker (Mrs. 
Warren) Delta Lambda 1535 Sun 
Valley Way, Pocatello, ID 83201 — 
Betsy Halvorsen Colburn (Mrs. John) 
Delta Lambda 7912 Hunter Lane, 
North Richland Hill, TX 76180 

Supervisor of Rush Development— 
Anne McWherter Payne, Beta Sigma 
4315 Overhill, Dallas, TX 75205 


Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation 

Letters Praise 
Foundation Projects 

1 would like to take this opportunity 
to express my gratitude for your 
sponsorship of Chapter Manager. 
The program has opened new hori¬ 
zons for me and the Alpha Nu 

The chapter’s financial status is 
healthy and organized due to the 
structure Chapter Manager has pro¬ 
vided. For the first time in many 
years, we had a surplus to transfer 
to the house corporation board. We 
are able to closely track our ex¬ 
penses and follow our delinquencies 
(much to the dismay of a few mem¬ 

The skills I have acquired through 
Chapter Manager have enabled me 
to gain new employment. I have re¬ 
cently changed careers from banking 
to accounting and am now em¬ 
ployed as the accountant for a ma¬ 
jor travel company in Missoula, 
Mont. My experience as financial 
adviser impressed my new em¬ 
ployer. She looked favorably upon 
my abilities to not only manage 
the chapter budget and learn the 
software, but also to supervise 

Again, thank you for enriching Al¬ 
pha Nu Chapter and influencing my 

Jorrun Kalian Liston 

Alpha Nu/Montana 
Alpha Nu Financial Adviser 

On Saturday, January 27, 1990, I 
had a wonderful experience. I was 
invited to attend the Founders Day 
Luncheon in Tulsa, Okla. 

In addition to being a part of an 
inspirational celebration of our 
founding, I was able to share with 
other Thetas my own experience as 
a CASA volunteer and the state co¬ 
ordinator of the Oklahoma CASA 
Association. It means so much to 

me as a Theta that my own national 
Fraternity selected a philanthropy 
with which I am quite familiar, as I 
started a CASA program in my own 
community of Shawnee, Okla. in 
1985. CASA is an organization that 
merits the financial support of 
Kappa Alpha Theta. I also applaud 
the choice because I believe it en¬ 
courages the idea of volunteerism in 
Thetas of all ages. As you may de¬ 
tect, I am thrilled about the partner¬ 
ship between Kappa Alpha Theta 
and CASA! 

Thanks for the opportunity to 
brag about Theta and express my 
support for CASA. 

Nance Langden Diamond 

Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma 

As president of the Toledo Alumnae 
Chapter, I was so impressed with 
the recent mailing from the Frater¬ 
nity containing the alumnae chapter 

I really enjoyed the Balanced 
Woman Series — excellent topics. 
The Foundation should be ap¬ 
plauded for underwriting Fraternity 
programs that focus on teaching 
skills and knowledge that meet 
Kappa Alpha Theta’s purpose of 
promoting social, moral and intel¬ 
lectual growth. It’s reassuring to me 
to know that our college Thetas are 
being exposed to important health 
topics and are discussing moral is¬ 
sues. So much education happens 
outside the classroom! 

I’m especially appreciative of the 
Foundation’s fine work since my 
daughter, Megan, just pledged 
Kappa Alpha Theta at Indiana Uni¬ 
versity! (I’m higher than a kite!) I 
know she will benefit, as I have, 
from our sisterhood. 

I’m proud to be a Theta! 

Bonnie Bearss Coyle 
Alpha Gamma/Ohio State 

Foundation Offers 
Brochure on Trusts, 

Estate Planning 

Any member or relative of a Theta 
may request brochures on a few se¬ 
lected estate and financial planning 
topics from the Foundation. Cur¬ 
rently available from the Founda¬ 
tion office is a brochure on the use 
of trusts to achieve one’s personal 
financial goals. 

Especially important to women is 
the ability of a trust to add signifi¬ 
cantly to the practical financial se¬ 
curity for families and other 
beneficiaries. Trusts can save estate 
taxes and probate costs, produce 
meaningful income tax savings and 
permit control over the use and dis¬ 
position of property. 

A carefully designed charitable 
trust can often increase personal in¬ 
come as well as provide immediate 
tax benefits. 

Even though many people per¬ 
ceive trusts as vague and mysteri¬ 
ous, the basic concept of a trust is 
very simple. It is a relationship 
whereby one person or institution 
owns, manages, invests and uses 
property for the benefit of other 

A trust agreement is a specific 
plan for the management, invest¬ 
ment and use of the trust property. 
Each trust agreement is written to 
accomplish the specific objectives of 
the person creating it. Taking the 
time to plan and draft the agree¬ 
ment, to choose the right person to 
serve as trustee and to provide flexi¬ 
bility to meet changing conditions 
and circumstances are keys to a suc¬ 
cessful trust plan. 

For more information or to re¬ 
ceive a copy of the brochure about 
trusts, please call or write Pam Fer- 
ree. Foundation Executive Director. 

SUMMER 1990 3 3 

Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation 

California Thetas Seek 
Bettie Locke Society 

Alumnae in Pasadena organized a 
Special Gifts Committee on behalf 
of the Foundation’s Annual Fund in 
April, making it the third city to 
join this effort. Chairmen of the 
Pasadena Special Gifts Committee 
are Patricia Williams Finley, Beta 
Xi/UCLA and Victoria Laughlin 
McCluggage, Omicron/USC. The 
Bettie Locke Society recognizes 
members for their unrestricted an¬ 
nual gifts of $1,000 or more. 

Increased contributions to the An¬ 
nual Fund are being sought in an ef¬ 
fort to strengthen the educational 
programs of Kappa Alpha Theta. 
Revenue generated through this ef¬ 
fort will be applied to four of 
Theta's most important educational 
programs, which are underwritten 
by the Foundation: the Balanced 
Woman Series, Chapter Consultant 
program. Chapter Manager (com¬ 
puterization) and attendance at the 
LeaderShape Institute. 

Special Gifts Committees were or¬ 
ganized in Chicago and Indianapolis 
late last year. In addition. Founda¬ 
tion Trustees have contacted mem¬ 
bers across the United States who 
would not be reached by a com¬ 

Additional information about the 
Bettie Locke Society or the pro¬ 
grams funded by the Foundation 
can be obtained by contacting Pam 

Recognition pin tor Bettie Locke Society 
gifts of $1,000 or more. 

Foundation Grants Start 
New CASA Programs 

Thanks to Startup Grants made pos¬ 
sible by a $50,000 gift from the 
Foundation, abused and neglected 
children in six communities will 
have a voice in court through new 
CASA programs. Twenty-one agen¬ 
cies applied for the grants awarded 
to CASA organizations assigning 
volunteers for one year or less. Pri¬ 
ority was given to programs in ur¬ 
ban areas and states not having 
CASA programs. 

The National CASA Association 
selected organizations in Atlanta, 
Ga.; Washington, D.C.; Milwaukee, 
Wis.; Olympia, Wash.; Springfield, 
Mass, and Kerrville, Texas to re¬ 
ceive startup funds for a period of 
18 months. 

Thetas in Kerrville celebrated the 
announcement of the Hill Country 
CASA grant of $10,000 in conjunc¬ 
tion with Founders Day. Project ad¬ 
ministrator Dorothy (MiMi) Brinker 
McGrover, Beta Sigma/SMU, told 
Thetas in attendance about the 
value of the Kerr County program. 


8740 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268 

Please send me information about: 

_The scholarship and educational programs sponsored by the Foundation. 

_How to name the Foundation in my will. 

_How to receive an income for life through a charitable gift annuity. 

_How to use trusts to my best benefit in estate planning. 

_How to make a significant gift to Theta through life insurance. 

I have already named the Foundation in my will. 


College chapter: 

Address: _ 


Honorary and Memorial 
Gifts For December 16, 
1989-March 15, 1990 

Given in honor of: 

1965 Pledge Class, Beta Zeta 
By Frances Shipley-Brown, Ph.D. 

Beta Nu Chapter 

By Carol Parkes WoodrofTe 

Jean Hamilton Aldrich, Beta Delta 

By El Camino Real, CA Alumnae Club 

Salli MacSwords Chamberlin. Beta Tau 

By Helen MacSwords Wismar 

Ruby Hale Field. Phi 

By Ora Coats Irwin 

Marie Anderson Fitz, Rho 

By Nancy Mason Keith 

Patricia Boynton Frey, Alpha 

By Dr. and Mrs. Jack H. Sloan 

Phyllis Furniss 

By Connie Furniss Frisch 

Ellen Bowers Hofstead 

By The Centennial Club 

Carol Johnson 

By Donna Jones Meyer 

Norma Anderson Jorgensen. Gamma Zeta 

By Hartford, CT Alumnae Chapter and Barbara 

Cooper Merrill 

Virginia Kingsbury. Gamma 

By Ora Coats Irwin 

Ann Shull Lauterbach. Alpha Eta 

By Delia Hattendorf Fine 

Nancy Leverette, Gamma Rho 

By El Camino Real, CA Alumnae Club 

Neen Lyon 

By Donna Jones Meyer 

Gail Magargee. Gamma Upsilon 

By Philadelphia. PA Alumnae Chapter 

Catherine Tillotson McCord. Alpha 

By Ora Coats Irwin 

I-ee Miller. Gamma Rho 

By El Camino Real, CA Alumnae Club 

Susan Foss Pheley. Delta Lambda 

By Connie Furniss Frisch 

Jennifer Randlett. Omicron 

By Kathleen A. Randlett 

Jean Canada) Reedy. Alpha Theta 

By Julie Milam Champion 

Elizabeth Spickard Schumann. Alpha Eta 

By Elizabeth Spickard Wildman 

Janet Schiller Smith. Alpha Iota 

By Jackson. MS Alumnae Chapter 

Irene Selby Wiehl. Kappa 

By Ora Coats Irwin 

Suzanne Luton Woodruff, Gamma Psi 

By Sue Farrell Supple 

Given in memory of: 

Sandra Pickreil Alexander. Alpha Lambda 

By Olympia, WA Alumnae Club 

Jane Murphy Andre. Alpha Xi 

By Jean Burgess Durkee 

Theta Baker. Lambda 

By Burlington, VT Alumnae Club 

Elizabeth Sherman Baker. Tau 

By Judy Battles Dowd and Lillian Davis Nichol 

Annie Snow Beck. Beta Theta 

By Mildred Axtell Hensley 

Gladys C. Bell. Beta Omega 

By JoAnn Crites Thompson 

Helen Williams Bowen. Alpha Upsilon 

By Pamela Bowen Conroy 

Mary E. Wheeler Brewster. Alpha 

By Doris Secor Hopkins 

Betty Ronal Buesser. Eta 

By Birmingham, MI Alumnae Chapter 

Sandra Skowen Burr, Gamma Zeta 

By Margot Bayley Wharton 

Ardelle Brett Campbell 

By Betty Hauck Goolsbee 

Ethel Mclntrye Cannon 

By Joyce Johnson Hansell 

Louise I/Engle Cassell. Alpha Delta 

By Jean Bangs Krusi 

Sarah Mills Chapman. Beta Lambda 

By Nancy Chapman Anderson 

Jane Cheadle, Alpha Nu 

By Katharine Lloyd Cloud 

Reba Rich Collins 

By Martha Taylor Jones 

Frances Wylie Condit. Alpha 

By Madge & Waldo Harrison, Susanna Hughes 

Jones and Martha Glessner Morrill 

Katherine Loftus Conter. Omicron 

By Barbara Winston Bovee. Joan Worthington 

Bradley. Kathryn Ferguson Evans. Roberta Miller 

and Irene Taenzer Moore 

B.R. Ross Cordon 

By Carolyn Mattison Allison 

Dorothy Cottrell, Lambda 

By Burlington, VT Alumnae Club 

Louise latum Craven. Alpha Mu 

By Louise Dallmeyer Prettyman 

Dorothy Blaylock Creech, Beta Omicron 

By Rebecca Scholes Walsworth 

Beulah Davis 

By Ruth Derbyshire Larkin 

Frances Glascock Demaree. Epsilon Omicron 

By Jane Houston Peterson 

Louise Carroll Dillender. Alpha Mu 

By Ruth Cutino Peery 

Ruth Blodgett Doolin. Lambda 

By Burlington, VT Alumnae Club 

Charles Dosskey 

By Joyce Johnson Hansell 

Janet Feenaughty Duerden. Alpha Xi 

By Martha Feenaughty Harris 

Diane Dusthimer 

By Lois Young Dusthimer 

Frank Elster 

By Patricia Popovac Crean. Andrea and Martin 
Fischer, Annette Levey, Sandra Wuest Luce. Jeanne 
and Malcolm Miller. Sarah and Ed Roth, Susan 
Shane Sautermeister. Nicholas N. Shammas and 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Weiser 

June Anderson Esteve. Beta Zeta 

By Kathryn Shimer Miller 

Cynthia Liljequist Eyre. Alpha Xi 

By Alice-Ann Thomas Morden 

Mary W. Faaet 

By Grace Faaet Lockard 

Jean St. John Fink. Alpha Upsilon 

By Miriam Du Mars McPherson 

Mary Holden Finnegan 

By Dorothy Whitehurst Heard 

Jean Utt Frazee. Phi 

By Anita Utt Muhs 

Virginia Dakin Fredericks. Omicron 

By Meri Arms Swafford 

Nina Shepardson Fries, Lambda 

By Burlington, VT Alumnae Club 

Louise Shepherd Frost. Tau 

By Wylma TerBush Barnhill 

Jane Brokaw Gallup. Alpha Lambda 

By Spokane, WA Alumnae Chapter, Jane VanSickle 

Clemons, Ellomae Holden Demond, Charles and 

Jean Duffy, Jr., Jean Ross Graham, Eleanor Conly 

Hunt, Ingrid Flakstad King, Margaret Lindley 

LeClerc, Jane Cannon Meyers, Susan Meeker Naeny 

and Eleanor White Youngs 

Gertrude Bryan Gannon. Alpha Sigma 

By Joyce Johnson Hansell 

Ruth Rigby Gardner. Beta Nu 

By Ruth Derbyshire Larkin 

Dana Loomis Gere. Rho 

By Margaret Gere McCandless 

Elizabeth Blackwood Graham. Eta 

By Barbara Graham Anderson 

Ruth Marshall Hagen. Beta Theta 

By Mildred Axtell Hensley 

Gladys Kempf Hager. Gamma Eta 

By Katherine Kempf Hager 

Jane Hodges Hall. Gamma 

By Dayton, OH Alumnae Chapter. Mary Ann 

Davis. Sara Spradling LeBien, Jacqueline Bryant 

Lomax. Cynthia Spradling Mendenhall and Helen 

Hodges Spradling 

Agnes Husband Hall. Kappa 

By Marjorie Crane Schnacke 

Melissa Kate Hanner. Alpha Omicron 

By Alpha Omicron Chapter 

Marie Harding 

By Marian Cannon Taylor 

Barbara Fletcher Hartman. Beta Gamma 

By Carol Tingley Sconyers 

Mr. Frank Harvey 

By Milwaukee. WI Alumnae Chapter 
Sally Moore Haxton. Beta Gamma 
By Miriam Davis Reid 
Alice Porter Hedlund 
By Helen Newman Porter 
Karen Higbee 

By Vivian Stevenson Delbrook 
Helen Bailard Hiller. Beta Delta 
By Monterey County, CA Alumnae Club and 
Maggie D. Drury 

Margery Fulton Holbert. Alpha Sigma 

By Patricia De Soucy Boyd and Marian Cannon 


Anne Lock head Holmes 
By Birmingham. MI Alumnae Chapter 
Barbara J. 1 hie. Rho 
By Janet Skaro Seidell 

SUMMER 1990 35 

Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation 

Melanie Anne Jarrell, Delta Kappa 
By Monica E. Wegmann 
Margaret McCulley Jarvis, Beta Omicron 
By Mrs. C.V. Adams, Dr. and Mrs. William R. 

Bliss, Ellen Hasse Buchanan, Nancy Kuethe Chace. 
Genevieve Cronk. Sandra Blymyer Cross, Mr. 

Chuck Elder, The Chuck Tighe Family. The Dan 
Phillips Family, The Reynoldson Law Firm. Marie 
Anderson Fitz, Ruth G. Gammack, Phyllis Love 
Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Blake Johnson, Norma 
Anderson Jorgensen, Omah Albaugh Klopfenstein, 
Jean Bangs Krusi. Marjorie Campbell Larson, Dr. 
and Mrs. C.D. Lee, Ann L. McCormack, Barbara 
Hull Miller. Mary Jane Monaghan. Mary Jo 
Plummer. Elizabeth Poletti, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. 
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sprowell, The Charles 
E. Tighe Family, Margaret Wilcox Waechter and 
Mary T. Watkins 
Dr. Jenkins 

By Gadsden, AL Alumnae Club 

Nina Ryder Johnson. Lambda 

By Burlington, VT Alumnae Club 

Louise Parmelee Johnson. Alpha Theta 

By Mary Frances Johnson Driscoll 

Albert Jorgensen 

By Sue Farrell Supple 

Martha Nan kampf. Alpha Phi 

By Margaret Banta Humleker, Barbara Murray 

Keating. Renata von Stoephasius and Polly 

Sherwood Sullivan 

Kathryn Martin Kellogg. Beta Epsilon 

By Marian Cannon Taylor 

Jane Moore Kelly. Beta Beta 

By Sherry Lurting Hewett 

Lura Roberson Kennedy. Alpha Chi 

By Marion Johnson Cobb 

Clinton L. Knox, M.D. 

By Joyce Johnson Hansell 
Kathleen Brody Kohl. Alpha Chi 
By Mary E. Kohl, M.D. 

Mabel Freemann Lagerlof. Lambda 
By Karl G. Lagerlof 
Kayrl Shaffer Laird. Beta Omicron 
By Marrie Laird 

Virginia Wilson Laurie. Beta Beta 

By Margaret Wilson Cammerer 

Dorothy Bethurum Loomis, Alpha Eta 

By Edith Hayes Kitchens 

Ellen Mather Louth. Alpha 

By Barbara Sward Graves and Sally Mitchell 


Doris M. Luellen. Alpha Upsilon 

By C. W. Cooke and Myrtle R. Stanton 

Betty McLauchlen Matheson. Alpha Lambda 

By Omah Albaugh Klopfenstein 

Gail Lund Mattison. Beta Omega 

By Emily Howe Kooken 

Dixie Tharp Mayer. Alpha Phi 

By John K. Mayer 

Donald McIntyre, M.D. 

By Joyce Johnson Hansell 
Margery Dick Miller. Alpha 
By Jenny Dick Greenwalt 
Jennifer Modlin. Delta Xi 
By Lucy D. Milks 

Betty Lou Westfall Morgan. Alpha Omicron 

By Alice Douglass Coleman 

Marion Hackedom Neill. Alpha Sigma 

By Joyce Johnson Hansell 

Ermyne Goodin Nimocks. Beta Mu 

By Nancy Badley Zantiny 

James H. O'Banion, M.D. 

Bv Harriet Bakewell Fitzgerald, Joyce Johnson 

Hansell and Shirley Ingram Holland 

Carol Fugate Olson. Beta Theta 

By Ellomae Holden Demond and Editha Warren 


Dorothy Coburn Orear, Omega 
By Marion S. Serumgard 
Janice Paige. Gamma Zeta 
By Helen Symons Paige 
Eleanor Hubert Powell. Lambda 
By Burlington. VT Alumnae Club 
Deborah Chamberlain Price 
By Martha Taylor Jones 
Joyce Pearson Prock, Alpha Xi 
By Sally Heym Morris 

Margery Huber Robinson. Iota 

By Janis Wheeler Pinelli and Marcia Nelson Rogers 

Leta Strong Safrin. Beta Iota 

By Wilmington. DE Alumnae Club 

Ann Scammon 

By Janet & Wally Voskuil 

Betty Horne Schoeller. Beta Sigma 

By Houston Northwest, TX Alumnae Chapter, 

Byron E. Johnson, Treasurer and Wilma Baker 


Lynn Overlees Searcy. Alpha Omicron 

By Dorthlynn Dent Gaddis 

Elsie Rogers Smith, Beta Tau 

By Chicago NW Suburban. IL Alumnae Chapter 

Ruth Sleicher Smith. Alpha Lambda 

By Jeanne Smith Thayer 

John S. Spencer 

By Waco, TX Alumnae Chapter 

Bernice Wheeler Suttle. Beta Iota 

By Ft. Myers, FL Alumnae Club 

Ruth Burch Thompson. Beta Zeta 

By Helen Blue McGee 

Joyce Drew Toombs. Delta 

By Colette Johnston Hedien and Constance Talbot 

Lorena Vernon 

By Almeta Haggard Gold 

Dorothe Hagge Vincent. Alpha Xi 

By Virginia Conrad Grant 

Helene Delano Vosper, Alpha Xi 

By Pamela J. Roberts 

Catherine Hartley Waymack. Kappa 

By Louise Hinds Myers 

Frances Hines Welch, Alpha Lambda 

By Margaret Beardsley Willard 

Amy W right. Alpha Sigma 

By Elke P. Roemer 

Barbara Pease Wroth, Lambda 

By Burlington, VT Alumnae Club 

Jeanne Bradley Yale. Beta Pi 

By Marian Radcliffe Nitsche 

Frances Daniels Zierott. Rho 

By Marian Cannon Taylor 


Tax deductible donation of $_from: 

Name: last/first/husband/chapter 


Chapter or Club 

Donation made: □ in memory of □ in honor of: 

Please Notify: name/address 

Make checks payable to: 
Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation 
8740 Founders Road 
Indianapolis, IN 46268 


Diking* Note 

Theta Authors 

Bonnie N. Vaughn, Delta Theta/ 
Florida, Cooking With Class , (Cook¬ 
book Publishers, Inc. 1987). A cook¬ 
book for teachers and parents of 
young children. 

Ann Gostyn Serow, Gamma Zeta I 
Connecticut, W. Wayne Shannon 
and Everett C. Ladd, The American 
Polity Reader , (W. W. Norton, 

1990). A book of readings in Ameri¬ 
can government topics. 

Melanie Barnard, Alpha Omega/ 
Pittsburgh, Let's Eat In, with 
Brooke Dojny, (Prentice Hall Press, 

1990) and Sunday Suppers, with 
Brooke Dojny, (Prentice Hall Press, 
1988). Cookbooks featuring quick 
weekday meals and informal Ameri¬ 
can cooking. 

Jeanne E. Jones, Gamma/Butler, 
Historical Sketch of St. Andrew's 
United Methodist Church, Syracuse, 
Ind., (1976-77). A history of Meth¬ 
odism in Syracuse, Ind. 

Grace Boggs Service, Omega/ 
California-Berkeley, ed. John S. 
Service, Golden Inches, The China 
Memoir of Grace Service, (Univer¬ 
sity of California Press, 1989). 
Memoirs of the Services’ 30-year life 
in China during the first part of the 
20th century. 


Ten 50-year Thetas were honored at 
the Columbus Alumnae Chapter’s 
Founders Day luncheon in January. 
Alpha Gamma/Ohio State alumnae 
Wanda May Ray, Kay Wead Jones, 
Betty Jean Rounsevel, Mary Hole 
Suler, Geraldine Weider McDonald, 
Jo Wright Kennedy, Margaret Pow¬ 
ell Greiser and Marjorie Garvin Say¬ 
ers; Gay Hull Gruber, Alpha Delta/ 
Goucher and Jean Zimmerman 
Guerin, Beta Tau/Denison partici¬ 
pated in the event. 

Three 50-year-plus Thetas were the 
guests of honor at a Rockford Alum¬ 
nae Chapter meeting in November 
at the Wesley Willows Retirement 
Home. Alice Stevens, Tau/North- 
westem, Faith Armstrong, Eta/Mich¬ 
igan, and Dr. Frances Johnson, 
Upsilon/Minnesota, shared memo¬ 
ries of their Theta experiences at 
Big Ten schools in the early 1900s. 

Alumnae and collegians from 
Lambda/Vermont gathered at the 
chapter house in January for a 
Founders Day celebration. Alumnae 
from the 1920s through the ’80s 
braved a snowstorm to participate 
in the festivities, which included 
speakers, a slide show and a house 

Beta Tau Chapter/Denison and 
Denison’s BACCHUS chapter co¬ 
sponsored a lecture in conjunction 
with the campus Alcohol Awareness 
Week. The chapter asked Pat 
Cramer to speak about alcohol and 
the Greek system. Cramer spoke on 
the topic at Theta’s 1989 Leadership 
Conference at Ohio State. 

Pat Cramer, center, pauses with two col¬ 
legians from Beta Tau Chapter/Denison, 
after she presented a seminar on alcohol. 
Beta Tau co-sponsored the lecture with 

Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma collegi¬ 
ans sponsored a “Bowl-A-Thon” 
with Kappa Alpha Fraternity in No¬ 
vember, which raised $3,000 for 
CASA and the Muscular Dystrophy 
Association. The local CASA pro¬ 
gram recognized the chapter’s ef¬ 
forts with a plaque in February. The 
chapter is currently planning a con¬ 
cession booth at Oklahoma home 
football games to raise more money 
next fall. 

Alice Stevens, Tau/Northwestern; Faith Armstrong, Eta/Michigan; and Dr. Frances Johnson, 
Upsilon/Minnesota, share memories of Theta in the early 1900s with Rockford alumnae. 

Service chairmen Heather Bryant, Alpha 
Omicron/Oklahoma, and Jeff Lee, Kappa 
Alpha Fraternity, discuss plans for their 
chapters' Bowl-a-Thon philanthropy project 
with representatives from CASA and the 
Muscular Dystrophy Association, which 
benefited from the event. 

SUMMER 1990 37 

Theta Profile 

Zara Rolfes 

Zara Rolfes: On The Fast Track 
to Success at GM 

n or most of us, the words 
“Just Do It” are nothing 
more than a ’90s catch 
phrase that sells athletic shoes. 

For Zara Rolfes, Alpha Chi/Pur¬ 
due, they’re words to live by. 

At 33, Rolfes has done remarkable 
things with her life. This dynamic, 
motivated and extremely personable 
young woman is an upper-level engi¬ 
neer with the Chevrolet-Pontiac- 
Canada Group just outside Detroit, 
part of a team that engineers and 
develops General Motors’ line of 
high-performance sportscars., 

Rolfes’ career is indeed enviable, 
but her motivation and drive are 
more so. She is thrilled by taking on 
new challenges, particularly in unfa¬ 
miliar waters. “You don’t necessar¬ 
ily have to be an expert to make the 
most of the growth process,” she 
says. “The most progress comes out 
of throwing yourself into an envi¬ 
ronment where you’re not comforta¬ 
ble.” What motivates her? “The 

meeting the drivers and car owners 
she admired years ago. 

When she wasn’t sneaking off to 
the track, Rolfes compiled an im¬ 
pressive academic record at Pike 
High School. When she graduated 
in 1975, she was named Marion 
County Pupil of the Year by the 
Indianapolis Star. 

Rolfes admits that when she went 
off to Purdue, she was afraid she 
wouldn’t be able to maintain her 
outstanding record. But in the Al¬ 
pha Chi Chapter, she found “an 
environment of highly-charged, ded¬ 
icated women,” she says. Particu¬ 
larly drawn to the older women in 
the chapter, Rolfes says that there 
were three or four seniors who gave 
her encouragement, support and 
motivation to achieve. 

At the same time, she made some 
close friends and enjoyed herself. “I 
was one of the first engineering ma¬ 
jors the chapter had pledged, and 
that made me realize that there was 
more to life than engineering,” she 

“I am a car enthusiast, but there are other things 
that make me do what I do — the leadership, the 
coaching. What keeps me here is the chance to make 
a difference.” 

determination to make the most of 
the gifts I’ve been given,” she says. 
“It really is a driver to say, ‘Am I 
pushing myself to the maximum?’ ” 
Rolfes grew up in Indianapolis, a 
city where all conversation during 
May tends to revolve around the In¬ 
dianapolis 500. A car enthusiast, 
Rolfes laughingly recalls getting into 
a bit of trouble in high school for 
skipping class to go to the Indianap¬ 
olis Motor Speedway. Now, she de¬ 
lights in attending the race every 
year as a representative of GM, 

Rolfes originally wanted to go to 
art school, but quickly realized that 
a career in art was not a choice that 
would lead to financial stability. 
Through a summer internship as 
a General Motors Corporation 
Scholar in 1976, she discovered 
CAD, a computer-aided drafting 
system, as a way to combine her in¬ 
terest in art and her desire for a 
solid career. At the end of the pro¬ 
gram, she decided that CAD was 
definitely not in her future, but the 
connections with engineering and 
GM stuck. 

Rolfes graduated summa cum 
laude from Purdue in 1979, received 
her master’s degree in mechanical 
engineering from the University of 
Michigan in 1980, and went to work 
with GM. In the next several years, 
she held positions as product plan¬ 
ner, development engineer at GM’s 
Milford Proving Grounds and engi¬ 
neer for GM’s 1990 Sportscar Pro- 



gram. She takes a great deal of pride 
in being part of the team that de¬ 
signed and developed the airbag 
driver and passenger restraint sys¬ 
tem for the 1990 Corvette, an inter¬ 
national effort with design and 
engineering partners in Germany. 

In her current capacity as assis¬ 
tant chief engineer for the Camaro/ 
Firebird Program, Rolfes is among 
the managers of a team of 300, 
which oversees the entire concept- 
to-finished-product process for the 
1993 models. It is a job that she 
clearly loves, calling it her “Toys ’R’ 
Us.” “I am a car enthusiast, but 
there are other things that make me 
do what I do—the leadership, the 
coaching. What keeps me here is the 
chance to make a difference,” she 

In describing what she does, 

Rolfes talks repeatedly about team¬ 
work. She says she is fortunate to 
work in an environment where the 
people she works with empower her 
to push herself. In an industry that 
is traditionally very conservative, 
Rolfes has had opportunities at GM 
to take risks and go beyond her own 
limits. And she has influenced oth¬ 
ers to do so, as well. She feels a 
great accomplishment has been 
watching five people who have 
worked for her receive promotions. 
“Your feeling of gratification comes 
from watching others succeed,” she 

While Rolfes has established her¬ 
self as an outstanding engineer, she 
is equally as intent on making the 
most of her free time. She depends 
on a rigorous exercise program for 
the energy necessary for a hectic 
workday, and she enjoys music, art, 
cultural reading and foreign lan¬ 
guages and, of course, automobile 
racing. She notes that it is difficult 
to balance a career with a life away 
from the office. But she isn’t 
weighed down with trying to juggle 
a full life; she steps back and evalu¬ 
ates her priorities. While there are 
days when she is in the office until 
10 p.m. or later, she admits to 
hoarding vacation time so she can 
disappear for a month of well- 

deserved rest. “People anguish over 
balance,” she says, “but you have to 
deal with it. If you make something 
an issue, it will be an issue.” 

While many would find an amus¬ 
ing irony in the fact that Rolfes is a 
woman in the “man’s world” of per¬ 
formance sportscars, she’s never 
seen it that way. The oldest and 

“So much of who I am I 
can trace to my college 
years and Theta.” 

only girl in a family of four chil¬ 
dren, she says, “I grew up in a fam¬ 
ily of boys, and I never was made to 
think that I was any different. What 
I proceeded to do in college and in 
my career was an extension of that.” 

Rolfes has been featured in a 
number of magazine articles dealing 
with women in business, although 
she feels her gender has never been 
a big issue. “I don’t view it as a 
man’s world at all. When I was first 
asked what it was like to be a 
woman in business, I drew a blank,” 
she says. “If you choose not to carry 
the baggage of ‘I’m different,’ there’s 
nothing to stop you but yourself.” 

While Rolfes may consider herself 
“one of the boys,” she’s very much 
a lady. And she enthusiastically 
points out that Theta has had an 
important role in her life. “So much 
of who I am I can trace to my col¬ 
lege years and Theta,” she says. 

Rolfes feels that the Greek experi¬ 
ence has given her, and others, an 
edge in the business world. Being a 
member of a Greek chapter has 
taught her about, as she says, “the 
WS,LS—win some, lose some. It’s 
like living in the Theta house; 
there’s a lot of give and take.” 

Rolfes says she often encounters 
people in the course of doing busi¬ 
ness who belong to Greek organi¬ 
zations and to whom she can in¬ 
stantly relate. She finds that many 

business people who belonged to 
Greek chapters are particularly suc¬ 
cessful. “It’s because they were in a 
special society that won’t allow you 
to be anything but motivated,” she 

Rolfes’ personal motivation is 
contagious, and she is quick to offer 
encouragement to young women en¬ 
tering the business world. She urges 
women to continually push them¬ 
selves, to periodically break out of 
their comfort zone and pursue chal¬ 
lenges where they don’t have exper¬ 
tise. “Early on, get into a situation 
where you get the trench warfare 
jobs, you get the bumps and 
bruises—and you get the experi¬ 
ence,” she says. She acknowledges 
the importance of having “deliver¬ 
ables,” solid results to show for your 
work—a new product, an improved 
way of getting the job done, a 
sphere of influence. “Get deliver¬ 
ables associated with your name,” 
she says. “That’s how you build 
your network.” 

For Rolfes, the true bottom line is 
enjoying what she does, something 
she wholeheartedly recommends. 
“Go into a career where you will al¬ 
ways be around something you 
love,” she advises. “So many people 
fight between the heart and the head 
and are often guilty of listening to 
the head. There’s nothing wrong 
with listening to the heart—that 
most often leads you the right way.” 

Rolfes’ seemingly unlimited en¬ 
ergy, her contagious motivation and 
her positive outlook lead her to 
measure success by surpassing her 
personal limits and watching others 
do the same. And she is quick to 
recognize the foundation of her 
achievements, something she en¬ 
courages young women to do as 
well. “Just do it!,” she says. “Al¬ 
most all of us have been given such 
a fortunate experience—college, 
Theta, supportive families. The op¬ 
portunities for you to make a differ¬ 
ence are unlimited.” 

By Bryn Millholland 

Associate Editor 

SUMMER 1990 39 

Betsy Beaver, right, is the first Epsil 
Lambda/Dickinson legacy to pledge 
chapter, here with her sister Meg. 

From left, Linda 
Lastinger Zollar, 

Beta Nu/Florida 
State; Lauren Miller 
Koslosky, Beta lota/ 
Colorado; Kim Miller 
and Kay Zollar 
Miller, Gamma deu- 
teron/Ohio Wes¬ 
leyan, share Kim's 
initiation in January 


Mhen Tracy Nelson, left, was initiated into Delta lota Chapter/Puget Sound in 1989, 
Tiree generations of Thetas shared the occasion. From left, Tracy Nelson, Dianne Nelson 
and Doris Dreher, Beta Gamma/Colorado State; and Tami Nelson, Delta lota. 

From left, Joan McMahon Jordan, Alpha Chi/Purdue; Cecile 
Ann Jennings, Gamma/Butler; Diane McMahon Jennings and 
Catherine Horan McMahon, both Alpha Chi/Purdue, celebrate 
Cecile's initiation at the Gamma Chapter house in 1989. 

For four generations and more than 100 
years. Theta has been a part of this 
family, including, from left, (photo below) 
Dorothy Lawrence Bosworth, Miriam Law¬ 
rence Perry and Lee Williams Perry, all 
Lambda/Vermont; Miriam Perry Lane, 
Beta/Indiana and Kimberly Doll Lane, 
Gamma Sigma/San Diego State. Phoebe 
Marsh Bosworth, in the photo to the 
right, third from left, began the Theta 

"We are more than 
just sisters, we are 
part of each other/' 
says Sandra Morgan 
with identical twin 
sisters Shauna and 
Sherri. The three are 
members of Delta lota 
Chapter/Puget Sound. 

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